Thursday, April 02, 2009

Simplify Your Search With 'Mudah'

This is the first time I was contacted by Nuffnang to review an online classifieds which has been operational since November 2007. Like its URL name,, the website is an easy-to-use marketplace for both buyers and sellers. The good thing is users can post an advertisement for free. Each advertisement will be displayed for 2 months.

But there are reminders everywhere to remind users not to abuse this service. It means this site is out-of-bound for illegal items. I tried to search for sex toys (hehe…) but the search engine displayed “no ads were found”. Apart from this, users can find almost anything (legal) on the website.

I tried to help a friend to look for a house to buy in Tangjung Bungah, Penang. Viola! There were actually several attractive properties listed on the website. It shows the popularity of the website.

However, the search engine may be too ‘mudah’ (simple) and can still be improved. For some reasons, the places listed are quite limited e.g. Malacca, entire Malaysia and neighbouring regions. It should include other states and important cities. Meanwhile, product and service categories are well listed.

The listed advertisement is clear and clean. Advertisers can even add a photo of their products. Users can choose to email or call the advertiser if a contact number is listed on the advertisement.

However, there is a slight privacy concern. Since the website provides free service, anyone can obtain your contact details easily. It may be a good idea for the operators of to compel users to register and sign-in to use the website. This way, it will be easier to track user information and report fraud or abuses.

The website also educates users on the right way to purchase online. does not provide payment information. It warns “NEVER pay in advance to a seller you don't know.” Quite rightly put unless you want to kiss goodbye to your hard earn money.

Is this website trustworthy? Yes it is. is a brainchild of 701Search Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings and Schibsted ASA. The former does not need any more explanation. The latter is a huge Scandinavian media group with operations in 21 countries and hire 9,000 people.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking into your cupboard, garage, storeroom et cetera now. Put your unused personal items on sale. Who knows? It might fetch you some money during the economic downturn.
Sick of your pet that keeps wetting your carpet? You know what to do.


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SinlessTouch said...

You can find sex toys!!! It's not a difficult search!

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with this blog - no Malay bashing and no anti Sultan rhetorics ! Anyway you are still an ISA candidate

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i hope you're not seriously suggesting abandoning the pet that has not been toilet-trained by the stupid/irresponsible/selfish parent!

even if you meant it as a joke, it is in poor taste. ask the spca and paws for tales of hundreds of abandoned pets come the holidays and how many had to be put down because these centres cannot afford to accommodate them.

will donate to your defence fund as soon as i'm in the black.

- siew eng