Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wee Needs to Call a Spade a Spade

MCA Youth Chief Wee Ka Siong got his analysis right. He said national issues like Barisan Nasional’s takeover of the state government in Perak from Pakatan Rakyat contributed to the loss of most of the Chinese votes in the Bukit Selambau by-election. He said many Chinese voters sympathised with Pakatan on the Perak issue and thus supported PKR.

If BN's takeover of Perak is accepted and supported by Perakians, as claimed by BN appointed Menteri Besar Zambry, it would not have triggered the defeats of BN candidates in both by-elections.

Despite his analysis, Wee was not ready to call for the right remedy. Wee said the party needed to study the grievances of the Chinese in Bukit Selambau to be better prepared for the next general election. He should really stop beating around the bushes.

The most important remedy is to call for fresh snap elections in Perak.

MCA must be willing to grab the bull by its horn. The party's request for an additional Deputy Prime Minister position, if given by UMNO, will not automatically swing back Chinese voters to the party.

What makes MCA think that it deserves the Deputy Prime Minister position? The party should not be asking for more positions if it cannot play a part to influence national policies. The party has spoken against the ISA, the buy back of privatised highways from PLUS, the IPCMC, the revsion of NEP, the Chinese vernacular education etc.

What has the party achieved in speaking up on these issues? Not much to show.

MCA should not merely act like a loose cannon. Speaking up alone is not enough. It must start to act like a partner in the federal government. Otherwise, the party should just focus on its business investment.


I would like to thank Mr SC Ong and Mr PC Cheong for their kind contribution to my legal fund.


Malaysians of all races must start to reclaim our nation from unscrupulous politicians who are playing a divisive political game to divide us using both race and religion for their own interest. UMNO has paid a heavy prive for trying to play up 3R - Race, Religion & Royalty.


Air Hitam said...

Mr Khoo,

U should know by now that our Mr Wee Wee is really just that - wee, wee only. No "Big Poo Poo". WKS has always been a person who is all talk and no guts like the rest in MCA......

He likes to draw attention to himself, likes publicity and likes to impress the chinese in malaysia i.e. likes to be seen as someone doing something for the chinese in reality just doing something for himself loh ....

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

Then why did MCA support the illegal takeover of Perak and why did MCA agree to be in the Ex-co.
If it was wrong, the party should have said so then, not after having lost the by-elections.
Wrong you say but why not also state the remedy.
MCA is a eunuch in an UMNO court. Period.

Anonymous said...

What makes MCA think that it deserves the Deputy Prime Minister position?

Good question! If ever there will be one created, it will and should go to an East Malaysian representative. They deserve more monitoring and assistance as they are almost always left out of the main development policies. Let's hope the rep will be an intelligent, responsible and accountable character, if one is ever appointed!


doinkers said...


Hope you plan to do a write-up on Koh Tsu Koon. How in the world did he manage to become a minister in pm dept???

chong said...

How can we pay the respect to this type of politician??? vomit, man.

amoker said...

yeah man.. no balls..

Anonymous said...

MCA always said they need to analyse this and that why BN-MCA lost every time. Pls don't buy time and seek publicity,there ain't nothing to analyse really.Most chinese don't want to be represented by mca/gerakan anymore except those who stay for a business reason.The leaders of mca,umno,gerakn,mic better listen and start purging those business-seeking guys in your parties who did nothing but to look for monetary opportunities, and show the public a clean balance sheet first before we come back. All these smart-talking will only charm the very old folks but not us the working-class.