Monday, April 06, 2009

Yes, Ignore Him (Dr M)

I was asked by a few reporters for my reaction on the possible return of Dr Mahathir to the Najib administration. My initial reaction was why bother about Mahathir. If we choose to ignore him long enough, he will soon realise that his era is over.

Mahathir is a Machiavellian. A realist who hides a personal agenda in his every move. Mahathir will speak about unity, multiracialism and good governance when the message suits his agenda. On the same breath, this man can turn into a racist and a bigot.

At 84, he still harbour a hope to returning as an "an unofficial advisor to the government." Najib should know better. For Mahathir, there is no such thing as "unofficial". During the Abdullah administration, he had refused to allow his successor a free reign of the government. He had insisted on the continuation of several controversial projects, his choice of deputy premier and access to decision making process at the PM's department.

Before Najib took over, he had warned the new PM of the consequences of not obtaining his endorsement for his cabinet lineup, threatening to bring him down the same way he did to Abdullah.

It is ridiculous for UMNO and BN to treat this man as a political pop star. It will be difficult for Najib to sell his reform agenda to us if he appoints Mahathir as an advisor. Malaysians who loved democracy and despise racism do not want to have anything to do with Mahathir.

Najib is taking a ticking time bomb into his administration if he accepts Mahathir as his advisor. This bomb might blow on his face anytime and destroy his own legacy. He should really learn from Abdullah's lesson.

Mahathir's involvement is a solid reason for me to root for PR's victory in both Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang.


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Anonymous said...

mamak kutty is the biggest bigot of this century! he will even deny his Kerala ancestry!

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amoker said...

Yeah, he is a smart man who knows how to hide his real self.

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Anonymous said...

Era Mahathir ia lah era Nepotisma,Kronisma,Racisma,Korapsi.
Majoriti Rakyat Malaysia berbilang kaum TAK NAK,TAK MAHU lagi politik pemainan kaum Mahathir.
Kami semua tahu bila Anwar (Mentri kewangan ) tak tolong anak Mahathir beribu juta ( wang Rakyat !) apa yg berlaku Anwar Ibrahim.
NO NO NO......we dont want anymore of the racist /corrupt 'ketuanan melayu policies & medicines of Opportunist Mahathir >
Hidup Keadilan-Pas-Dap !
Hidup Nizar & Anwar
Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat !

Anonymous said...

DR M- Racist

rasupal said...

You are absolutely right. TDM as far as I could remember is an opportunist who will do and say anything to achieve his goals. The best and most sensible thing we could is to ignore him.
Giving him attention would motivate him to do more harm than good for us. Enough of him.

Anonymous said...

I was in Bkt Gantang from Ipoh last Friday, Saturday and Tuesday to volunteer my effort for the rakyat's cause. I regret to note that I can't be there on voting day due to work commitment. I hope my little effort can help sway some votes to PR side. Of course I be rooting for a PR victory and of course I'll ignore mahathir.

iskandar said...

true enough! this old man is selfish. I cant find any rational reason for him to be an advisor and i am still saddened that AAB was infact forced out of office by this selfish man. he doesnt practice what he preach, the way he destroyed AAB speaks for itself. he should infact stay out of the governing adminstration. yes, he did a great lot for malaysia in the past, but he is not right all the time. enough is enough, stay out.

Anonymous said...

Sickening how Malaysian politics can get. Maybe he got some serious advise from his arch nemesis - Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

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Anonymous said...

TDM is a broken record going on and off. He's trying to relive his old glory days but he's just a say old man who keep forgetting things...aiya forget Lingam-lah

Anonymous said...

Mahathir adalah punca kejatuhan orang Melayu di tanahair sendiri. Pencapaian beliau selama 22 tahun sudah mendahului zaman sehingga orang Melayu hilang arah dan terus ketinggalan di belakang.

if there is any one to celebrate here ... it is my poor little dog, Blackie, who loves to take shelter under the old Proton Saga.

Merdekablog said...

This guy already admitted that Anwar did nothing wrong in 1998 but still charged with sodomy.

Please vote for Pakatan Rakyat!

BareSheen said...

Kay Peng,

Well said, well said indeed. This man has some respect from me because of some good that he has done for the country and because, well, he is simply much older than I am. But that's about it. Beyond that some respect, this man has my utmost contempt for having a forked tongue. For saying the most vile and sickening racist remarks I have ever heard coming from a supposed leader. A leader who should know better than to further divide an already divided nation. For fanning racial sentiments in a country where racial unity is perhaps at the breaking point of no return.

This man must be rejected at all costs and be told in no uncertain terms "your time is up and please shut up."

Anonymous said...

KUKUPIG u r more than a racist you want to terminate a Maly race. No way man we'll shove u to the pit first

Anonymous said...

TDM will be a liability to UMNO,a party infested with money politics, instead of an asset.He is a man of no integrity,character and honesty.The best we can do is total disregard for him. Sorry Najib,"your days as PM is limited with TDM as advisor for UMNO'.

Anonymous said...

every thing are going according to their plan...poor pak lah.
mahathir presence will definitely make PR win

Anonymous said...

listen to his rhetoric and this country is damned.

he is the most divisive man on earth and frankly i wont shed a tear when he kicks the bucket. We all have to, Mahatir and its just a matter of timing.

i love this country but this man is tearing it apart so that there will be more kechanas and opcoms and konsortiums (tongkah is wasted sorry). you dont called that CRONYISM?

anti-hypocrite said...

you cannot fight him, embrace him.

no one is perfect, but it is our choice to focus on his strength or weakneses.

ruling for 22 years certainly there are many thing we can seek advise from him. We can always choose the good experiene and avoid the bad ones!

look at singapore, Lee Kuan Yew is the Mentor Minister. Goh Chok Tong is Senior Minister.

If people possess immense experience, why shouldn't we tap on it? Why waste it? Or this not apply to Malaysia but to any other country?

Hyprocrite isn't if this is the case.

And why the intense hatred?

Anonymous said...

Madey is the scrap of earth!

Anonymous said...

A man of many faces with many hidden agenda and steely knife behind him.

He can survive anytime ,anywhere in the land which is full of goons.

A pop star OR star dust ?
Voters are not teenagers anymore so IGNORE HIM.


Anonymous said...

Just ignor him. 22 years is too long and we suffered enough.

His contribution to the country?
well, repression,repression and repression.

Anonymous said...

He is too big to be ignored.
All his detractors are just plain jealous of him.

- orang Taiping

SetiaSelalu said...

Mahathir a mamak out to prove he is more malay than the malays.A man who deny his own father is from Kerala ,India is not to be trusted.
If EVIL and CORRUPT with a smiling face can be touched, Mahathir is the One.
A man who ENRICH himself and his family fabulously...a multi million bakery, an Island,his sons multi billion businesses,Porsche franchise,Formula One Racing,Lands and endless flow of Cash -all stolen from the Rakyat !
Mahathir will steal and at the same time talk like a holy saint about the evil of a Murderer condemning murder.....this Old Man is Dangerous & self serving.
He framed Anwar & divided the people.Bapak Rasuah !
REFORMASI Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat !
Hidup Anwar & Nizar & Pakatan !

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite of the highest order. Also, a back stabber. Happened to TAR and Badawi. What else is new?

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is a racist who has destroyed the fabric of racial harmony in many aspects of Malaysian life during his tenure. The only times when he cooperates with non-Malays is when it concerns money making for himself e.g. his projects with certain Chinese tycoons. His jealousy of Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore's success has led him to bash Singapore to the extend that he is willing to waste public funds on a crooked bridge against Singapore's interest, in fact also against the interest of Malaysians. He has not admitted that the political fiascos in Malaysia are due to his own wrong decisions. Mahathir is not an honourable person as he changes his story to his personal benefit.

Anonymous said...

Pariah Mahathir wants to be the unofficial adviser so that he can continue the right to his corruption.
Remember pariah Mahathir you came to this world with nothing and you will surely leave this world with NOTHING !

Do not go to London so often for your transit to another part of the world to check on your ill gotten gains investment.
At your age and with your many heart problem.
Just remember to wait for your indictment before your final heart attack. Only the good dies young-not you
bigot old pariah Indian ! How come President Obama is still African American when his mother is a white American ? He eats, dresses, behaves in every way like a white American ? Except he did not have to sell his heritage, his culture,his soul to become a white American - just like you 'to become a Malay' !

Anonymous said...

Today you people may villify Dr. M but this old M has a ready audience of equally minded people who thinks like he does and lives for every word that comes out from his mouth.

Some Malaysian actually want to go back to the Mahathir era because things were clear cut and easier to understand for those with simple mind.

He does have a talent to appeal to those who are going for the simple things in life like being racist and dealing with the world in a racist manner.