Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Are Wrong, Dr Syed Husin Ali

I hold Dr Syed Husin Ali in high regards. I had read some of his critically acclaimed publications. Syed Husin, if my memory does not fail me, had advocated a freedom of information for all citizens.

In the recent Fairus' saga, he has asked the chief minister of Penang to keep mum. He said, "Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng should stop discussing the matter of his former deputy in public as it would only benefit Pakatan Rakyat’s enemies."

Dr Syed Husin said de facto PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Lim had a chance to talk and he believed that all the confusion between the two had been solved.

I have some issues with the statement made by Syed Husin:

  1. He is sounding so much like the BN leaders he used to criticize. BN leaders were criticized for their backroom discussions on important public issues including the NEP, privatisation and all other sensitive public policies and issues. Dr Syed is speaking for his own party's interest. However, politics is about the people and their right to good and accountable governance. Without making a clear and open explanation to the public, it will not help PR's enemies to capitalize on this issue.
  2. The confusion is not limited to only Anwar and Lim Guan Eng. The people are confused and kept in the dark over the real reason of Fairus' resignation. Political parties must ensure that their candidates should be able and committed to serve a full term. If Fairus' reason to quit is to focus on his postgraduate studies, it confirms his irresponsibility. With talks and murmurs of his alleged involvement in the quarry case in Penang, the people deserved to know the truth. Public office is a position held in trust of the people. If any Tom, Dick and Harry can come and go as they please, the parliament and state assemblies will turn into a half-way house. What if more elected politicians start to quit for all sort of reasons? Lost interest, getting married, having babies etc.?
  3. Some analysts said, I was told, the by-election is necessary for PR to do some house cleaning. Goodness sake, this is the flimsiest excuse I have ever heard if it is true. Political parties doing house cleaning and we have to pay for their inability to choose better candidates, groom and train them even if they are not the brightest, or just want to reprimand bad apples. Why do the public have to pick up the tab for political parties? This sounds like the same situation in Pahang (RM63 million for breach of contract), Johor (abandoned crooked bridge project) and others.

Why can't the chief minister feel slighted and pissed off? Why wouldn't he? I am glad that Lim has voiced his dissatisfaction over this incident. The bottom line is you cannot just treat a deputy chief minister or an assemblyman position like a temp job in McDonald's. Maybe Fairus should have applied for a job in a fast food outlet while waiting to pursue his postgraduate programme.


Anonymous said...

This is the problem with people like you who always think you are all the smart man around and ignorance of the beauty of the wisdom of people like Syed Hussein.
Nobody is confused but your spin is subversive.

Anonymous said...

My advice to all you guys is talk out of the press, until you have a final solution in hand. You don't find companies' staff talking bad about each other in the press, what more a political organisation who aims to rule.Not very smart,ain't it?

True-Leaders.com said...

Once again, you have hit the nail right on the head. Again and again your comments and pieces have been spot on. I salute you for speaking it as it is. You always put into words what many of us are thinking.

Anonymous said...

Well said. PR parties should not be afraid to tell the truth. If they hide the truth as what beeend does, then people will loose trust and start looking for a third alternative !!

Aaron The Martyr said...

In all fairness and honesty, Dr. Ali has a justified fear in that the forked tongues of UMNO would spin this into sensation; picture an article titled "PR Semakin Berpecah" in the toilet paper, Utusan.

In that aspect, Dr. Ali has a premise; however such a premise isn't watertight enough for a gag order on the CM. Like you said, CM Lim has every right to get upset. Instead of making a prompt hiring of either Abdul Malik or Maktar as DCM1, DSAI and Dr. Ali have committed the sin of time-buying and politicking; in other words, buying time to find someone that merely appeases the grassroots, not someone that can do the job well for the people.

Have they forgotten that there's work to be done, rather than clucking off like mother hens on who should be this and that? I think that all of this could have been avoided had PKR chosen someone with higher morals; that said, however, one must be grateful that he resigned rather than defect.

Anonymous said...

What the shit are you guys talking about after so long ? I just don't understand smart guys like you people, still do not know the reason for Fairus resignation. let me tell you and the public "oleyli"know and stop the crab after that, No. 1 He is not performing.DSAI need someone who can work for the rakyat. No. 2 He has a corruption case. OK? stu....
get these into your coconut head

kopitelp16 said...

I think it's actually healthy in the long run; if handled properly by the PR members issues that are sensitive are brought out and talked like grown ups. Don't need to hide and have close door meetings.

Show others that PR is capable to disagree and yet govern with integrity rather than have 1 Taiko and all Yes-men!

Their political enemy will use this episode to attack them and portrays the PR as crumbling. Let them know PR can indeed overcome personal differences for the betterment of all.

வே. இளஞ்செழியன் said...

PKR is filled with all sorts of weirdos, who was there at the right time, and were therefore propelled to power. That said, I wonder whether the replacements would be any better... If Manikumar is the kind of new candidate DSAI puts forward, one is forced but to question his judgement.

We are still in dark as to why Fairus resigned his seat, but I wish it had been handled differently. Perhaps he could've been made to give up his DCM position first, and asked to resign the seat at a later point. Well ... I could only speculate. And, it appears, Syed Husin, too, is conspiring to keep the public in darkness. The thing is the more PKR says shut-up, the more the matter is going to remain relevant. Just get together with DAP/LGE and sort this out, instead of having it out in the open and expect us not to mind.

Anonymous said...

PKR should have given LGE more respect and told him the truth, no matter how shameful it is. When you are on the same boat, you better let the other guy knows so that the boat will not sink. And in return both PKR and LGE can explain the truth (maybe not the whole truth as politics are never straight!!) to the people. Hiding there and here is very sneaky, thus makes it looks like a sandiwara. We had enough of sandiwara in Perak and in Bukit Selambau. It's OK if DSAI don know everything, just tell the people that he will find out from Fairus and he will explain. But don try to cover up for the guy, it looks like there's really something to hide.

I would even go so far to advise PKR to take some time out to settle it's own internal politics and sit this one out. Let PAS field a capable Malay candidate, and appoint him/her as the next DCM. Don hog public positions like BN-goons. We are all very fed-up putting up with half past six cabinets, and a certain MB who spent public funds to Disneyland while the poor and sick are left homeless and hungry.

Anonymous said...

I think you are missing the messages from Syed Husin.The messages are

1)I am saying this on behalf of Anwar

2)DAP must understand that Anwar is the Boss and never dare to question the Boss

3)Don't act so tough because we gave you Penang and we can take it back

4)Now,we will tell Uncle Kit to tell you to shut up.Just like when Karpal makes noise about Anwar being a trouble maker.

DR SURESH said...

With due deference to Dr Syed Husin,I beg to disagree with his approach here.I say this premised on the support PR has been getting since the 12th GE as well as in all the past 4 by-elections that they won in the recent past.

My arguement is,there is no need to worry about UMNO or their propaganda machinery spinning and twisting facts.Isn't this is what precisely UMNO/BN and the MSM have been doing for the past 51 years?Didnt the people ultimately wake up and rejected them which culminated in a historical win for PR in the 12th GE and then the subsequent successes in the recent by-elections?Didn't we all criticize the UMNO led BN,for not being transparent?As a matter of fact discussing issues openly will only lend PR more credence in line with the aspirations of the rakyat.

What PR is doing now is exactly similar to what UMNO is practising.Till today,the people have not been told what actually transpired that led to the resignation of the Penang DCM1 and in the case of YB Arumugam too,explicit reasons were not given.All the reasons given so far were rather vague and disingenous.The people claim that UMNO/BN was belittling their intelligence,which I dont disagree,now what PR or to be specific PKR is doing is akin to the same.

This to me is not in line with PR's philosophy of good governance,accountability,transparency etc.In the same breath I am also not too pleased with Tony Pua's call to stop the attack on LGE.This again points to patronage politicks,which will not be accepted by most of the people including me.PR suppose to drift away from trends that are being practised in BN.PR must evince,the goings-on and not resort to backroom discussions as they must remember they are answerable to the rakyat and the rakyat are the main stake holders and no one else.When you do your job honestly and sincerely and bring prosperity to the people as promised in your election manifesto,then what is there to be worried of UMNO spinning and twisting facts?The people are the judge not UMNO.

So, PR please do your job that you have promised the people,you are yet to show real performance since the 12th GE,stop all your politickings and vitriolic criticism of each other.The most important thing is,the next time when you choose a candidate to represent me or the rakyat,that person will have to launder his image if he or she wants to run for office.Last but not least,enggage the people and be inclusive in your decision making,otherwise I am sorry to say that many of us will have to give up on you.Choose credible individuals as candidates as I dont wish to see any more by-elections.

rasupal said...

I view things a bit differently from you. Of course we public ought to know the real reason. But wouldn't you agree when we extend our hands for partnership or friendship we need be tolerant? I think instead of issuing statements to the press, Lim could have spoken to Anwar first, even if he was not the first one to know of Fairuz’s resignation. Being a consultant I'm sure you will promote interpersonal communication instead of publicly criticizing your partners especially when issues are unclear that could be due to miscommunication or others.
I find Lim Guan Eng sometimes carried away with his too much talking. He could do better than talking.

giam2020 said...

At the rate PR are calling for
by-elections, the people will get
fed up and decide not to vote at all
ie ABSTAIN.The Rakyat voted for you
to WORK and not to quarrel.

Kenny Gan said...

Dear Khoo,

I'm sure you're aware that the real reason for Fairus resignation is his corruption investigation. Fairus issued a statement which I quote form malaysiakini: [http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/102482]

"After giving due consideration and in the interest of the people, I have decided for the sake of protecting PKR to resign as the Penanti state representative effective today," he said in a statement.

He added that he was planning to pursue his education and wanted to spend more time with his family.

"The resignation will also allow me the space to clear my name from the various allegations hurled against me," he said."

Unfortunately, Gerakan which only criticizes for the sake of criticizing, picked on the pursuing his education and spending more time with his family reasons and slam Fairus while ignoring the rest of his statement.

In this instance, you seem to have fallen into Gerakan's out of context trap without doing your own research.

When a public officer is under suspicion and unable to discharge his duty, isn't it an honourable thing to resign rather than cling on BN style?

The other factor is of course after what happened with the 2 frogs who turned 'BN friendly independent', you can't blame PKR for being cautious to avoid the same thing happening again.

Khoo, with your high standard of accountability, you should be lauding Fairus' resignation rather than slamming him like Gerakan.

Omarusen said...

Why gaduh-gaduh, what's the problem, the leaders of Pakatan are working together, otherwise people like us would'nt be able to know nothing from them except for some impromptu remarks from political analysts like you. perhap, we just wait for the by-election, how many more independent candidates to chart the ballot paper??. Fairus got his own reasons to resign, not a big issue afterall. The big thing is, what going to be next, sodeska???.

Anonymous said...

i think DAP should just take the whole state with PAS la. No point with working with the PKR reps they don't seem like a very capable bunch. The whole team in Perak is not qualified and caused the downfall of the Perak PR state govt. The PKR exco in Selangor like to model part time and looks like going to go professional anytime.
Finally one PKR joker in Penang is into mining rocks. So much so he's quitting the DCM post and also his seat.
All the problems with PKR. I think DAP and PAS should just go at it together. Forget about the PKR baggage. DSAI is also under scrutiny for his extra-curicular activities.
What does LGE want to wait for? Till he lose the state? We already lost Perak.

Anonymous said...

Baca ini cerita - dari blog 'Malaysian Story', pro-UMNO blog tau.


UMNO Scumbags In Penang

We have a bunch of shamed and mortified Umno leaders in Penang who are lazier than donkeys but power craze like monkeys.

They have ganged up and issued a threat to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to appoint the state new Umno chairman of their choose or risked being boycotted if Najib selects a candidate of his choice.

They had held unofficial meetings to pick their own candidate for the post. I was informed that they want Bukit Mertajam Umno division chief Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir who is also the Aseania Group chairman.

We know whom Musa is aligned to. Non other than our failed and disgraced ex-Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who carried the image of ulamak but a scoundrel in reality.

I will elaborate to you later why I called him a scoundrel.

Musa has most Umno division chairmen in Penang to support him. Among the culprits who came up with the idea to issue the threat and boycott are Permatang Pauh Umno head Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid, Azhar Ibrahim (Opposition leader who is also Penang Umno secretary), Shahbudin Yahaya (Tasek Gelugor chief), Omar Fuadzar (Bukit Gelugor and Musa”s cousin), Datuk Rahim Saibo (Bayan Lepas), Datuk Nordin Kassim (Batu Kawan) and Datuk Ahmad Ibni Hajar (Tanjung).

These Umno blokes did not even lift their fingers to do anything after Penang was seized by Pakatan-Rakyat in the last general election.

In fact, none of them, except Seberang Jaya and Sungai Bakap state assemblymen, had done anything until today to plot or draw up strategies to re-coup Penang from PR.

They are acting as warlords in their own divisions. They even pressured Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop to appoint them as committee members in the state MTEN and for that, they now received RM500,000 annual grant each from the PM’s Department to organise their own programmes.

While Najib is making relentless efforts to WALK his TALK, this bunch of Umno scumbags are merely talking on how to plot strategy to enrich themselves and cling on to power as long as they live.

They deserve nothing but a boot out from Najib. Najib has to be tough and firm with these scumbags. He has to discipline them or the people will discipline him.

Anonymous said...

We need to think carefully before we talk here. Politics behind the scene can mean many things. LGE was wrong to say publicly that he gives Anwar 48 hours. This is no lelong to give time scale. A DCM1 should be fully capable. Even LGE hasn't proven his capability as a CM. We can only judge him after the full term.

Those jokers who want to patch up DAP and PAS. There will never be a Pakatan without PKR. The 3 parties are inter dependant. Dont get too big headed with the current Pakatan success . We need to work and expand it not argue about it.