Monday, May 18, 2009

1 Sekolah Untuk Semua: Another Racial Bigot

I feel compelled to respond to an initiative by a group of 'pro-unity' bloggers to campaign for a common education system for all. The proponents are a group of Malay bloggers. I am not sure if they are really 'pro-unity' as claimed by Rocky Bru. We will talk about this in a while.

It is a good proposal to integrate our school systems. A common education system is a foundation of national unity if students of various ethnicity would be allowed to learn the language of their choice.

Education system in US, Belgium, France and other developed countries provide an opportunity for high school and undergraduates to pursue exchange programmes with various institutions from other countries. This is what globalisation of education is about.

Back to this Najib flavoured, 1Sekolah initiative, I have a creepy feeling reading the tagline of this campaign: Satu Sekolah untuk Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

I have question for the proponents of this initiative, which bahasa (language)? These language purists are not consistent with their stand. In the age of globalisation, it is suicidal and stupid to suggest that Malaysian children should only be taught the mastery of a language.

Rockybru is trying to link this initiative to the Singaporean model. I don't have a problem with the Singaporean model which is merit-based and learning focused. If we can take out both politics and religion from the schools, a good integrated education system focusing on knowledge and skills acquisition would be proper for our country.

But Rockybru is definitely pushing his luck trying to equate 1Sekolah to the Singaporean system.

This campaign has started on the wrong footing: Blaming disunity on vernacular schools.

"Sekolah Vernakular (SJKC dan SJKT) adalah punca utama ketidakserasian dan ketegangan kaum di negara kita tercinta."

The proponents of 1Sekolah cannot even be truthful about the main problem of disunity and racial disharmony. Why blame the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools when it was obvious that some UMNO politicians had started the racial blame game? Did you hear any students or teachers from the vernacular schools doing the same? Why is Rockybru keeping his golden silence when a vernacular newspaper, Utusan Melayu, from his media group is keeping up with the tradition of racial flaming?

It is disappointing to see a group of 'pro-unity' bloggers parotting the same rhetoric to cause even more disunity.

Calling the vernacular schools as a cancer and a cause of our society's destruction is both shameful and dishonest. These schools had produced some of the finest leaders for the country. Many of MIC, MCA and UMNO leaders came from vernacular schools.

Yes, the definition of vernacular schools should include both Malay and religious schools too. I wonder why these 'pro-unity' bloggers had limited the term 'vernacular' to only both Chinese and Tamil schools. How can unity be achieved through this kind of stereotyping?

This campaign is politically driven and filled with inflamatory statements:

"Pengkajian semula sistem pelajaran negara ini haruslah dilakukan memandangkan fenomena perpecahan kaum yang semakin meruncing di masa kini. Gejala ini amatlah jelas sekali di alam siber dimana segelintir masyarakat kini mempamirkan sikap anti-negara yang semakin ketara dan berleluasa.

Jelas sekali, anasir-anasir ini tidak menghormati asas dan prinsip perlembagaan negara Malaysia, tiada rasa cinta kepada tanah air dan juga menonjolkan penulisan hasutan yang mencetuskan sentimen perkauman yang begitu ketara sekali. Secara lantangnya, puak ini mempertikaikan segala unsur yang melambangkan kedaulatan dan intipati negara kita tercinta. Kami menyeru agar gejala Sekolah Vernakular ini di hapuskan secara total."

Bloggers who are part of BUM 2009 should take note of their pro-tem president's endorsement of this type of campaign. The 1Sekolah proponents should just make their intention clear and stop using a scapegoat to drive through their threat and intention.

It is the bloggers who are critical of the UMNO leadership that you wanted to take on. Not the ignorant and naive primary school students who are still learning their ABC in the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools.

If it is the bloggers that you wanted to take on, we have a message for you too: Just Bring It On!

For goodness sake, stop flaming the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools. These schools are funded and kept running mostly with public's money and support.

I have a message for the blogging community. Lets start our own movement: a truly non-racial movement.



Anonymous said...

I say that you come after the Chinese and Indians the moment all the Malay parents pull the Malay kids out of Chinese schools. Chinese schools funded by Chinese money is no one elses business.

Singapore has Chinese medium schools (such as Chinese High). The US has schools in other language mediums (heck go to Dearborn and you will even see madrasahs). I don't know about France, then again they're not very educated. I am quite sure Belgium does not have one language used throughout Wallonia and Flanders.

These arses are speaking from ignorance. Seems like someones IQ has dropped even further since rejoining the MSM

donplaypuks® said...

Although a non-Malay and non-Muslim, my firm opinion is vernacular schools should go provided:-

1. Religious teaching including Islam is EXCLUDED from Govt and Govt assisted schools. Why should taxpayers fund it a all? You want to learn about religion, you pay your own way!

2. Peoples' Own Language and Culture classes are made mandatory and at least 2 lessons a week are included in the time-table.

Meiyen said...

I am with you on this. Stupid, stupid.

casper c said...

Please go dig up Keris Boy's @Hishamudin's RM$400 allocation for year 2008 for the teaching of Jawi KP.

I first chance upon this 'obscure' fact and number in the MSM, hidden is between pages at the bottom of a page. It's been awhile (if memory serves) but the shocking amount cited was what made me take a second look.

It is unfortunate education is politicised and taxpayers, taken for a ride with the students themselves, victims.

Regards KP

nckeat88 said...

I believe we should not continue to have the vernacular schools. This should apply as well to the MARA, Malay only schools especially the borading schools and religion schools. We should have only one school which use Malay as national language and English as 2nd language medium. The chinese and Tamil should be optional. We do not need to continue to bear the resposibility of continuing the chinese and Indian culture through vernacular schools as these culture and language WILL NOT extinct in this world. However, the religion element should not be overemphasized in this 1sekolah concept. ALL malaysian should learn Malay as natinal language and Elnglish as academic language. Like it or not, the fact is the vernacular schools system AS WELL as the MARA and religion schools are the breeding ground for racism. This should be stopped.

Steve Yeoh said...

yes Khoo! Rocky has been getting a little restless lately and slowly showing his true color as UMNO mouthpiece.

you've unveiled the ulterior motive of Rocky and his 1Sekolah campaign. why blame the chinese and indian schools on the country's failure to achieve true racial harmony? why not take the first step by making all malaysians equal? only then can we take about national unity.

if Rocky wants to equate 1Sekolah with the Singaporean system, he shd first advocate for the merit-based system that Singapore has benefited so much from.

when you Malay Malaysians still consider Chinese and Indian malaysians as the second-class citizens, national unity is just a purely Malaysian dream.

Rocky, your blog is obviously turning into an UMNO propaganda machinery. I wonder what's your good friend Jeff Ooi's take on your recent postings...

Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Kay Peng,

Rockybru is a racialist in his own right. Anyway, vernacular schools have NEVER been a bane for nation-building. I don't speak Mandarin, nor write a word of my mother-tongue. But I'll defend the necessity and right of vernacular schools. The problem is BTN, MCKK, racist/ bigoted Malay teachers, racist/ bigoted Umno politicians.

That's the problem and will always be.

The Penquin said...

Yes, I surely agree with your points. The slogan sure sounds great. But the mechanism involved to achieve the spirit of the slogan must be studied in detail. The Education system must not be used as a playground for politics !

vasantarao appalasamy said...

hello Mr Khoo Kay Peng..
I'm ur blog loyal reader..
initially, i agree with the 1 sekolah untuk semua concept.. when it first to be posted in rocky's blog...

actually i wish the concept and the plan success... but don't know that there r hidden agendas and racial remarks behind it... now after your explanation its clear that its another racial bigot's work...

but my stand always for one-school system..

can you give your own plan n idea for the one-school system that you wish to build up for a better Malaysia?

jayenjr said...

Dear Khoo

We all now know what's the pattern of Rocky's DNA code - that of a background UMNO man. The fact that he's been "rewarded" with an appointment at Malay Mail is proof, right...??

This BUM pro-unity bloggers are going to remain just that;


Don't worry bout em.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Say NO to UMNO RACISM!!!

Anonymous said...

The Thais have a single educational system for all. Are they racists?

The Filipinos have a single educational system for all. Are they racists?

The French have a single educational system for all. Are they racists?

The Italians have a single educational system for all. Are they racists?

An exception must be made for Chinese in Malaysia. Now that is racist.

Anti rocky said...

Rocky Bru is one of the most despicable journalist I have ever come across. This man has no principles, a chameleon, an opportunist and racist.
He needed bloggers when he was cornered by Kalimullah. Now he is showing his true colours.

romerz said...

Yes KKP, Just bring it on! I'm with you on this one.

Naif said...

Aiyaah...what ur saying has been debated over and over again in blogs like Deminegara and JebatMustDie. This 1school for all movement was initiated by Kijangmas who runs the ever popular blog- I suggest you go read all his articles first before you crticise anything.

You can first start by reading this article:

This is a non-partisan movement. Some of us are even pakatan supporters.

Yeap Cheng Liang said...

race-based political parties should be banned first before talk about 1 sekolah.

Anonymous said...

plse allow me to say what many dare not utter,or refuse to admit(cos in constant denial)-it is not the school system that sows the seeds of racism,disunity,biasness among our children and certainly they do not originate from our children.Its the parents,then teachers and narrow- minded politicians who practise communal politics that plant these seeds in them.They watch,listen and learn from adults!
kids are born innocent,unbiased and colour blind!

yatim said...

People like Rocky are a bunch nuts with their brain gone grey. The only thing these dumbs cld think at anytime how to put down the vernacular schools. I send my three kids to these so called Sekolah Kebangsaan. What did I see. These schools are the number one racist, they practice the races diferrence among the kids. The kind of double standard shown between malay and non-malay kids, the kind of double standard shown between the muslim and non-muslim students, my god. Thank god. My kids were brave enough to come out these bunch of racist, ethnic centred teachers and school adminstrative staff. They cheat and they lie and still these racist teachers and staff get away with it because they from a particular race. ROcky is another example of this racist bunch. As it is the standard of the so called sekolah kebangsaan is at bottom of the pit. It is the vernacular schools are the one producing the top students in this country. just look at the top SPM and STPM students. The so called Sekolah Kebangsaan has nothing to prove. All their students are hiding in the sekoalah asrama, MSRM and matriculation schools so that they do not have to compete, yet they still get scholarships and a guaranteed place in Universities. F O to Rocky and his bunch of fools.

Anonymous said...

I believe vernacular school rights are in our constitution.

Let me add "Satu Sekolah untuk Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara tapi Dua Sistem (untuk selainya)"

Cruzeiro said...

Hang the Bums who paid good money to listen to racists talk!

Can you imagine paying to hear one big father of Bums, who actually blamed the Police for Ops Lalang!!

Truly amazing these "bloggers" are....

Ashleigh said...

Very well said!

Racist policies and Ketuanan Melayu are the true culprits of racial unity in this country. Try close down all vernacular schools and burn all books except those in Malays and see if we can achieve unity... Hell NO!! Just look next door to Indonesia of the past few decades compared to how it fares in the last 10 years after political reform...

tharieq dhiyauddin said...

if u don't want unite malaysia, please go away..

Anonymous said...

This group of Malay 'pro-unity' bloggers are nothing but racist bigot !!

What do they know about education ?
What most parents are concern is the quality of education and not the medium of education.

and if you want unity, then start treating all Rakyat as Malaysian,equal right and no more UMNO discrimination policy !!

In conclusion, these so called 'Malay bloggers' are in fact 'katak di bawah Tempurung'.

As for Rockybru, a great "spin doctor" for UMNO, his employer.

Anti Racist UMNO

Anonymous said...

some 30 years ago, vernacular schools were so under enrolled and were out of favour.

questions - 1. what caused the parents to begin to send their kids to vernacular schools, favouring them vehemently over national schools?

2. who caused the race divide and then blame the polarisation on these vernacular schools?

i for one believe that national integration begins in primary schools but until the root cause is addressed, there can be no outcome.

Anonymous said...


The fact that they are not taking on the anti umno bloggers shows that this initiative is not about politcs but genuinely concern about the polarisation among our kids.

How malicious can u be to keep our children separated?

U r the racist here kkp. U should whole heartedly endorse this effort.

If there r weaknesses, then suggest sumthing (like the national schools must have elective classes to learn vernacular languages or less islamisation in the school).

But u criticised it b4 even begin to be discussed.

Say no to kkp the racist. Say yes to the open minded kkp.

I am truly concerned abt ur leanings these days. U beginning to sound even more bigotic everyday.

Wasn't u the one who want an anak bangsa malaysia? Vernacular schools only produce anak cina, anak india n anak ustaz.

-Kay pochi.

toolan said...

That is why I was not even interested in the recent BUM gathering as it was just like you said, thay are all fakes!
I think Rocky Bru is writing without using the noodles in his head these days. Has he personally been to this vernacular school lately, Chinese especially? If he did he won;t write such BS. These days, even the non-chinese parents are sending their kids to vernacular schools! I think RPK is right, Rocky and his goons do need alot of growing up to do.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

stop reading rocky

Anonymous said...

Fact is: No use talking about school system when you have rotten heads in charge.

Questions: Will there be equal opportunities for students? Will they correct all lies about the nation's history being taught?

Anonymous said...

what i dream of Malaysia education system in primary and secondary schools is bahasa melayu, bahasa mandarin, bahasa tamil and bahasa english teach to all student, its means it got same learning hours. and student could choose their alternative bahasa like france,spanish,etc (even tagalog and indonesia, bangladesh,etc) do we realize this population in this country. i'm totally not against it.
and choose 1 bahasa to teach other subject..
its just an example, it could be different in east malaysia. we need to moderate it, yes.. no religion subject in school, its their parent duty to provided their children with thier religion ground,etc

Augustinian Successor said...

Unless and until kurang ajar Umno Malays are 'de-racified,' national unity will be elusive. This is the truth, which is why law-abiding, patriotic, sane, reasonable, etc. Malaysians can see this. The rest are hardened in their 2+2=5 mentality. Bunch of bloody bastards, they are ...

Anonymous said...

Let's cut the politics crap out and bare the facts gentlemen:
1.1School System should be given a chance if we all wish to call ourselves Malaysians and not chinese,malays,indians etc anymore.
2.De-racialise the national schools image.Keep jawi and islamic prayers to malay students only.Other races could learn their mother tongue and religion of their choice.
3.Have a good mix of teachers of all races.Promote teachers purely on merits,never on skin color or connections.
4.Offer a great variety of food at canteen with all races employed as canteen operators.Teachers should not get better food than students.
5.Form a racially-balanced commitee to oversee students/teachers' problems-sack or transfer troublemakers out without any fear.
6.No one class should have overwhelming majority of one race-spread evenly if possible.Also,don't put all the clever ones in class A and the nuts in class F.They will become nuts forever!
7.All the panglima,hang tuahs,kung fu masters,indian warriors politicians, PLEASE for God's sake shut up and stop scoring points over this subject.Let the academicians lead the proposal.
8.BM should be the medium of instruction followed by English as the second most important subject.
9.Have more multiracial programmes/activities in schools to unite all.NO politics whatsoever.
10.When the new national schools begin to shine,the parents will send the kids over.No need to be so emotional to shut down vernacular schools immediately.

Anonymous said...

As usual a very catchy term this school thingummy and as usual all noise and self adulation. disguised.Coming from others it maybe believable but them fellas..anyway if it ever takes off and the thing is run by the likes of those who created and staff our education system good luck to you all!

WanT to believe.

Anonymous said...

1Sekolah untuk semua - Does that mean my sons can go to MCKK and my daughter to Tunku Kursiah?
I suppose they are also going to open up all their Sekolah Asrama Penuh, Mara hostels and UiTM to everyone?

nur mohd nidzam said...

Many of MIC, MCA and UMNO leaders came from vernacular schools.

leekh said...

Well said Mr Khoo! Keep good watch on these guys. What they want is for the nons to kowtow to their ketuanan Melayu! These racists are masquerading as nationalists! They have succeeded with the MCA types who are content to accept inferior status for a share of robbing the people, who they claim are not mature and not ready for thinking. They want to think for them.
Just think if you are the you want bums and ass holes to be your citizens? DO you want "citizens' who will stand quietly by, while you abuse them? You treat them like shit and they smile? Is this the type of Malaysians you want?
Or do you want someone who is proud? Who is not afraid to speak up? Who is not afraid to think? Who is unafraid to act to support what he believes in?
Do you want people like Sami Velu or do you want someone like Uthaya?
The reason why we have become backward and lag behind a small rock of a country is because we have people who want to dominate others! Perhaps dominating women folk at home has become a habit for them. These people have the habit of telling people who are thinkers and workers to go back to where they come from! The result many of them had gone to the little rock and some have gone to the very huge rock down under.
Let a hundred flowers bloom!

BrightEyes said...

Sounds good on the surface, this proposal. Catchy logo too.

But as they say... always read the fine print before you sign.

Anonymous said...

all I can say he cannot be trusted. his agenda is in the open now;no, he is not independent though he tried to potray as one and he is all for racial dominance.

Anonymous said...

I think the issue is to have good education system, not a 1 seckolah concept. If schools taught the students well, they will behave well (beside society influence and parents input). I must said that Singapore does put alot of efforts in setting up the best educational systems. Look at the grading of the schools and you know they are serious in achieving excellency in teaching. My child happen to be in the gifted educational program, and they have even foreign students in the program , all gaining the places through merits. Language is not the main issue for racism or disunity, the quality content, and the teaching delivery have more influence.

pandaktukan said...

Dear Mr Khoo Kay Peng and other posters,
Please be careful on how you reply or respond to this "Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua' thingy. A couple of things about it which some, if not many, people may have noticed already:
1. It's adopted and promoted by pro-umno bloggers and websites.
2. It started out of the blue - which has to make you wonder: of all the problems besetting the country right now, is this the issue that should be focus of everyone's attention?

I think the agenda behind this campaign is rather clear: just as religion is the 'magic' button that will make 'besieged' Malays/Muslims react by reflex, vernacular education is the 'magic' button that will make 'besieged' non-Malays react in the same way. They, and by 'they' I mean these pro-umno/bn elements, are hoping that the reaction of non-Malays towards this campaign will turn emotional, angry and furious so much so that it can be described as racist and chauvinistic and anti-Malay. If that happened, they will turn with glee to Malays and say, "See how much hatred these people harbour towards you? Are you still going to support those treacherous Malays who are in cahoots with these chauvinists?".

It's the same old 'divide-and-rule' tactic, folks. One that they have constantly resorted to since March 2008. And if we fell for it, we don't have anyone but ourselves to blame.

Those scumbags are not in the least interested in the quality of education at the Sekolah Kebangsaan or the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. They are just interested in keeping their grip on power. That grip is being threatened by the strong multiracial opposition that we have right now. This 'Satu Sekolah Campaign' thus is but a ploy to sow racial discord and weaken the multiracial opposition and drive the electorate to its respective racial silos. When that happens, umno/bn will be the one reaping the dividends. Prying PAS away from Pakatan Rakyat using racial and religious sentiments is another trick that they have been trying. Thank goodness, it appears that the PAS membership is clear-eyed enough and is rebuffing any such move and is keeping its eye on the prize which is 'Kick umno/bn out!". And so should all of us irrespective of ethnicity or religion.

Let me just end with another observation: the govt can't even resolve the 'Teaching Maths and Science in English' controversy. With that fact in mind, you will realise that the elements behind the 'Satu Sekolah' campaign have no serious intent in it becoming an added pressure to an already malfunctioning govt. They just want to manipulate racial sentiments and get the various ethnic groups to play into their hands. So, people, please be careful. Just don't take this campaign at face value. It has nothing to do with our children's education. It has everything to do with whipping up racial sentiments.

Eyes Wide Open said...

While I suppport 1 official school system, I will not support DemiNegara's platform for it.

His version of unity is where every non-Malay is converted into a 2nd-class Melayu Celup.

Read my treatise here.

I quoted Kijangmas verbatim to demonstrate what kind of person he is and why I will not support his platform, even though I agree with the 1 school for all concept.

Please help spread the word so that this racist trojan horse is not sneaked into public consciousness unchecked.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to sound polite, but I'm finding quite difficult. FUCK OFF, everyone!!! Seriously, Fuck Off!!! Same goes to Malays, Chinese, Indian and what-not! Stop screwing with the damn education system. we as student are suffering quite enough in this god-dammed education system, and we do not need more crap thrown at us for whatever reason or agenda.

Yes, I am talking about SK, SRJK and whatever shit is out there in Malaysia. The simple fact is, all education systems in Malaysia is utterly pure-gold crap!! Racist, rapist, sociopath come from all walks of life, not from certain school, for god's sake. When will you people open your eyes and see that? I'm studying abroad now and I am so ashamed of our narrow-minded, religion-driven and racist education...and yes, I speak for everyone when I say the same goes on in every school, so stop pointing fingers.

You idiots don't have the best of interests of the younger generations in your minds, so stop coming up with ideas that you THINK can or might work. You all ought to be ashamed of yourself, especially those with their racial remarks.

Open your eyes, try spending 2 years in SK, 2 years in any 'non-malays' school, as so many of you like to address it as, and spend 2 more abroad, then tell me which is better. If none of you ever done that, you have no right commenting.

As for you, Mr. ROcky and other 'pro-unity' blogger, education is not a toy or a tool. Stop fucking with us! Go campaign about something else, I'm your narrow political-driven minds will be able to come up with something 'good' in no time.


Anonymous said...

Just great ! Now the Malaysian Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Iban etc could finally study at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar ( MCKK ) which should be changed to Malaysia College Kuala Kangsar.

Anonymous said...

The so call "sekolah kebangsaan" is the "place " where your children "learn" what is " bumi" & "non bumi" , what is "1st class" & "2nd class".

Anonymous said...

It is too simplistic to say that 1school will fix all the problems we have right now of people against the government. People regardless of what school they come from will go against any government whom they think is not doing their job. I think the problem lies with the goverment and not the people. Forget about 1school. Just like all the previous hairbrain initiative, it is another politically motivated idea. We should unite against racism. The time will eventually come when this is a reality. This is inevitable. Thanks to globalisation and the internet Malaysia cannot survive in isolation. The sooner the government realise this the better it is for everybody.

clearwater said...

Yes, this '1 thingy ' smells too much of najis. Anything associated with '1' now automatically becomes suspect through association with hype, hypocrisy and lies unless proven otherwise.

As for vernacular schools, it is not the reason for disunity. One real reason lie in a disastrously politicized and unfair education system. Vernacular schools thrive because national schools have failed to provide a decent practical education for the young. Start solving problems by identifying the truth first.

Anonymous said...

i've been following deminegara blog for a long time. the fact that deminegara supplement every of his argument based on 'ketuanan melayu' tells me that he is just a plain racist. to him and his followers it seems every single problem in this country is caused by either the 'pendatangs' chinese or indians.

he writes incredibly well and i guess that's how he has managed to attract a whole bunch of followers who called themselves DN knights. but just take a look at the sort of language used by these so called educated DN knights to taunt and attack others u will know we can't let these people dictate our education system, or any other nation building agendas. u don't even have to look into their radical points yet. just look at the language and u'll see the angst and hatred some of them have on another race. basically they are just a bunch of deprived big boys letting it out in an orgy of mutual 'intellectual' masturbation to inflate their balls and make them feel good.

if u study deminegara's ideas in his posts u'll find that he is both passionate and impatient.coupled with some intelligence these people attracts attention and is easily idolized. but unfortunately we can say the same thing about hitler too.


mak jun yeen said...

I came from a Chinese primary school.

I was counting the days from day one when will I leave this citadel of Chinkidom.

My mom wanted me to go to sekolah kebangsaan but my China insired dad put his foot down.

1st dad wanted to put me up in Kuan Cheng Primary a sought after place, but my mother was aghast when the school admin ask my dad to give a donation to the school in order to put me ahead of the quegue for a place( the culture of paying your way into priviledges comes early for the Chinese).

He had to settle with the less famous almost unknown La Salle (Chinese)in Bfileds which at least made my mom a little happier it being a mission school.

It was only a mission school in name but ran like a communist instituion. This was a school where I was humiliated for being different for 6 years.

I had to worry about spies for the class teacher amonst my classmates whom she had appointed to report any one who talked in class while she was away in the toilet.

She would appoint group leaders amongst smarter students where we lesser mortals had to regugitate synonyms and antonyms. If we failed to get all correct in front of our fellw student leader he would report to the teacher and we would get punished.

I got a good education alright, I learned how bribe my group leader with goodies.

And this werent the worst. Come std 5 we had an English teacher whose English was the best amongst the teachers in the school. She asked us to write down all the English words which we know to gauge our vocabulary.

I was surprised that she circled the word " badger" and "vulture" on my paper and marked them with a cross. I asked her about it and she didnt know what the words meant.

That's not all, this same teacher used to tell us that there are 3 races in M'sia.

The Chinese were hard working but disunited.

The Malays were very united but lazy.

THe Indians were just damn dirty.

WI learned how to stereotype races from vernacular school even though I had one Malay and one Punjabi classmate in class. And this is back in the so call race relation heaven of the 70s.

I was so glad to enter mainstream school system in secondary school where I made my 1st so called dirty and lazy Indian and Malays.

Today I see from my Chinese hawker and farmer clients suffer when they had to negotiate BM speaking officialdom. My clients couldnt string Bm words together when they have to seek justice in Court when the Bangla and Myamarese could do without an interpreter.

I became am advocate against vernacular schools amonst my friends who think I am a heretic for choosing SK schools for my children.

But then I finally saw the light, I have a epiphany moment on the road to Damascus.

I now support vernacular schools and become convert to the cause of the Dong Jiao.

if any one of my hawker and farmer clients ask me I will ask them to send their children to Chinese schools.

You see that is the only way to guarantee a livelihood for my two SK going chlidren when they grow up.

Less competition for Multi national companies from the sons and daughters of hawkers who cant string a sentence of English and BM properly and these Chinese speaking people will need the assistence of my English and BM speaking sons to help them through in M'sia just like I am benefiting from their parents' handicap.


Anonymous said...

How about MARA collegues. Are they considered vernacular schools?

Still remember what happened in UiTM just few months ago? Who's playing with fire purposely breaking the racial card. Who's behind the scene? Toyo aka UMNO?

Break and rule, name of the game. Everyone knows lah Rocky the Cocky!

Just ignore the Cocky and gangs. They will die in silence death.

Rockybru = Cockystink

kopitelp16 said...

Another racist attempt to divide the nation even more! Why must these people always draw schools and education system to score points for their political careers?

By just going through the writings in the petition; the Police will have more than enough of evidence to charge them with their trusted Sedition Act!... Oh, I forgot.... the police won't coz it ain't coming from the anti-UMNO people!


sambal muncha said...

"Yes, the definition of vernacular schools should include both Malay and religious schools too"

I do agree, from the point of view of a muslim.

satD said...

hi there

have a look at this and look at yourself in the mirror first...

Lets see if u can straight talk

Walski69 said...

This campaign is a non-starter from the get-go, in my opinion, because it is based on 2 very flawed premises:

1. That there is no polarization in national (i.e. non-vernacular) schools, and

2. That vernacular schools are the source of polarization.

In principal, I do support a single school system, but not the way "1Sekolah Untuk Semua" has been conceptualized. While the intention is good, the simplistic blame-game analysis isn't.

I agree that polarization has become a complex problem, but the initiative doesn't address the root cause(s). I can safely say that it is alive and well in many of the national schools, and some (not many or all) teachers are even guilty of perpetuating it. It has become, I dare say, institutionalized, to a certain extent.

In a way, this does look very much like an anti-PPSMI initiative restated.

giam2020 said...

This is all bullshit.As a democratic
country, her citizens should be at liberty to study whatever system of
education they think fit.If the
authority think that the national
system is so good, why do the VIP and rich send their children overseas
to have a different educational
system. Justify your action, then we
will believe in you, and stop the
downgrading of our educational standards so that your children
who can have an overseas education
can come back and dominate the
ones who have no choice and are left behind.You have cheated us for the past 50 years, stop before
you are voted out.

Tiger said...

Blogs like JebatMustDie, Demi Negara are Rocky's cohorts, and pro-BN.
They have a hidden political agenda. They may appear to have a good grasp of English, but you'll soon see that they are closet racists and downright uneducated.
They have threatened violence to "pro-PR" bloggers, although I did give my full name and address but no one came to my place.
Also another cowardly fact about them is that they do not reveal their real names. Neither are they interested in a frank open discussion about what steps WE can take TOGETHER to improve our country as a whole.
My suggestion is to ignore them, as they are merely ranting and raving without any real effect at all, in the process alienating more Malaysians and pushing them towards a changing of federal government in 2013.

ajoyly said...

Globalisation is the game! So English should be given equal importance as Bahasa Malaysia. It is the language of scholarship, economics, commerce and diplomacy. The language of globalism. If English is treated as just a third class language, then Malaysia will suffer the ill effect whereby her
future generations will not have good economic standing.Due to not being competitive enough in the international market place. Vernacular schools should be permitted to continue. And eventually it will die a natural death as the knowledge and mastery of the English language become more
and more the factor that will determine Malaysia's ability to acquire wealth. At the same time also, determining her status internationally.

justmy2SEN said...

Tiada negara di dunia yg mengamalkan sistem sekolah vernakular untuk keturunan imigran selain dari MALAYSIA. Ini adalah salah satu sebab kenapa asimilasi dan integrasi kaum pendatang dgn penduduk asal GAGAL di MALAYSIA. Di England sendiri yg kononnya bebas dan liberal, imigran India tiada pula sibuk nak ada sekolah vernakular kerana mereka HARUS asimilasi.

I think there is no hope for Malaysia if a call for unity through a streamlined education for childrens to mix around at young age is met by racist comments as I have read from this blog.

If nobody willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of our children, let us just stay status more questioning of Malay right (let us have our special rights on permits, scholarships, etc etc as in Article 153) and you guys can live as a separate entity, refusing to assimilate, like you have been living all these years.

In future, if your children couldn't get JPA/PSD scholarship due to bad/deplorable command of BM, don't go around telling people you are being marginalised as PSD scholarhip holders are expected to work with government upon completing studies. How do you expect to work in a MALAYsia govt if you speak rubbish Malay. You might as well use your immaculate Mandarin to get jobs with Republic of CHINA

ps: If you believe in one school system but don't agree to deminegara's choices of words in the memorandum, you can give your feedback nicely to him so that he can amend the memorandum. But please do not let your ego banish the chances for our children to have a better unity and understanding about living in a REAL multicultural country

gangeticus said...

"gejala ini...dihapuskan secara total..."

"Secara total"? Sounds like plain old vanilla fascism to me.

Anonymous said...

that stone-head is full of himself. his opinion counts for naught. a year's supply of dulcolax might get rid of whatever he's full of.


Unique Entity said...

I used to read your writings Sir/Madam. I should say that I enjoyed them. But this time round, I find that you propagate something that I don't expect from an intelligentsia like you. As a learned person, you should be able to know that children should be encouraged to mingle, respect and to feel "Malaysian" at an early age. It is good for the unity of the country....diverse races feeling as one .....What I can see in your writing is that you encourage segregation at an early age. Yes, I agree that the SK schools should be overhauled in terms of the quality of the teachers, textbooks etc ..the government needs to do something to upgrade the facilities in these schools to make them more interesting for all Malaysians to go.

Btw, why are you promoting SEGREGATION in your blog? What do your perceive as a good thing for Malaysia ie. on how to make Malaysians feel and behave like true Malaysians apart from spewing out illogical rhetorics? Do you have any suggestions apart from not abolishing the vernacular schools? Do you think it is good for malaysians not to be able to speak and write fluent and in proper BM ie. the National Language of Malaysia? Seeing what I'm seeing right now on the products of vernacular schools, I feel anxious for my country ....I don't find any love gain amongst Malaysians at the moment, only hatred and selfishness and that sadden me....

ps a hindsight, what do u think if the govt decides to use Mandarin only as the medium of instruction in SK schools?

NJ said...

Dear PPK and all,

To start anything, we must fix our reference point, I ask myself this:-

"Am I Malaysian? Am I a true Malaysian?"

What is the definition of a Malaysian?

There is no two-way about it, the answer is the Rukun Negara & the Perlembagaan.

We live our lives by these two to have this identity called "Malaysian".

I dont want to take much space, but to me, this SSS resulted from the efforts to build this beloved nation so that one day the dream of ONE UNITED BANGSA MALAYSIA will be achieved.

So, where and when best to start achieving this dream? The place is the school, when they are still young with fertile minds. Yes, this dream may not be achieved during our time but later we dont do something about it, the later this dream will come about. Think about our future generations. I hope our kids will no longer identify themselves as "I am Malay", "I am Chinese", "I am Indian" etc. They will identify themselves as "I am Malaysian". Neither you or me chose our skin color, but I am sure we can choose to be Malaysian or not to be, right?

Language is the cornerstone of a nation building and COMMON language is the key to Unity.

Please put yourselves in my shoes for a moment. When someone speaks a language which you dont understand in this land called Malaysia, what is likely to happen? Remember by Constitution of Malaysia, our language is Bahasa Kebangsaan. How would you feel when you dont understand soemeone who spoke non-National language?

If I wanted to tolerate on something, how am I able to tolerate when I dont even understand? We are not "on speaking term". When we are not on speaking term, which one you think will likely to arise next? "Trust" or "Suspicion"? This is where I cannot appreciate our PM's concept of 1Malaysia when he said, tolerance alone is not enough, there must be trust among us. How in the world are we going to achieve that when even at the first level we dont understand each other by not having common language?

If at all I am racist, I am a Malaysian who is racist against non-Malaysians, who keep on clinging tight to their mother lands, with no regards whatsoever towards the Rukun Negara and the Perlembagaan!

...continued next post...

NJ said...

..continued from above...

Now the SSS thingy. Or is it Rocky Bru, UMNOs, proponent of SSS etc you guys are bashing calling them racists, facists whatever? The general feeling I got from reading your post and comments here is that you support SSS but spend a great deal accusing others.

Now do you support SSS or not? Yes? No? I see that SSS campaign calls for the revision of our education system even though there are many references towards vernacular school. I support because it calls for revision of the system toward nation building, so that one day ONE UNITED BANGSA MALAYSIA can be realised.

There are quite a few petitioners at the petition site who lent their support but say their piece of mind. Can you do the same if you truly support SSS instead of accusing people to be racists here?

Now let's say the government see the need to revise the system. Do you think the government just take this proposal an implement it fully? Hell no! The government will be decent enough to appoint a committee consisting of experts in relevant areas to come up with the newly proposed education system.
If we all here are for SSS as we claim, then our energy is better spent to come up with ideas to contribute to this cause instead of spewing racist remark against others creating more discomfort among Malaysia.

And also please, do not prejudge people about their political inclinations in this issue. I see this at a meeting point whereby pro-government, oppositions and independent can sit together and discuss this SSS for the sake of the Rakyat Malaysia.

I am Malaysian and I have signed this petition. I said my piece at the petition site.


Are you Malaysian, or are you not? Are you with me on this SSS or are you not?

Salam sejahtera,



p/s: I am not a regular visitor here. I feel compelled to drop by upon hearing the HU HA here. And it is disheartening to me when people claimed themselves to be Malaysian but having total disregard toward the Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan. If you want to spew your racist remarks against me, you know where to go and say your piece. I have to move on and honestly, I dont like the racism demonstrated here.

NJ said...

and one more thing...

When we are all ONE BANGSA MALAYSIA, would there be anymore Melayu, China, India, Sikh, Kadazan, Iban etc?

My guess is NO! eventhough we may still practice our own cultures in a "private" sense not on "National" sense.

Now go and have your orgasm about MARA, bumiputera, bla bla and bla when this ONE BANGSA MALAYSIA is realised.

Thanks for the space and time. I need to move on from here.

Salam sejahtera,



4942 Jalan Bangau said...

Dear Mr Khoo,

As I expected, you will respond negatively to this campaign... hehehe...

So...what is your take on Manoharan proposition on Bumiputra status for all Malaysian born after the independence?? hehehe...

Be sincere in what you say...

SOUL SEARCHING is what you need bro Kay Peng right now...

CONSISTENCY is the key word!!

Anonymous said...

u said:
"If you believe in one school system but don't agree to deminegara's choices of words in the memorandum, you can give your feedback nicely to him so that he can amend the memorandum."

u should take a look at how he and his DN knights respond to different opinions.


justmy2SEN said...

Anonymous 11:23 said

u should take a look at how he and his DN knights respond to different opinions.

I'll say

The petition site allows petition signatories to give their comments/reservations on the Satu Sekolah Satu Semua. Have a read and there's chinese supporting Satu Sekolah but permitted to display their issues on the memorandum..The facebook group also permits people to voices out their particular reservation on the idea

So STOP GIVING EXCUSES..Its either you lot want to part of this beloved Malaysia with the IMPROVED STREAMLINED EDU or not!!!however i'd say the true colour and true racist in Malaysia is being unravelled right here, in this post as well as the comments

HeeHee said...

Hey Mak, do you know that you are contradicting yourself? Are you saying that just because your clients went to Chinese schools they end up as hawkers or farmers who can't speak BM? But yet you went to one but end up as a lawyer who can speak BM? BTW many hawkers , farmers and traders earn more than lawyers that's why they can afford to pay lawyers. Also, if you hate chinkidom so much why are you still using that chinky name?

Anonymous said...

i must say that i agree with 1-school system, all races can mix up and they can speak BM fluently, i'm sursprised that those banglas speak BM better than most non-bumis...and then we can abolish the bumiputra status and start the meritocracy

We have to give something to get something aren't we?

All Malaysians Are Born Equal said...

@ justmy2sen,

These are kijangmas own words to Non-Malay Malaysians: "Anyway, suffice to say that you and your kind are NOTHING. Just the dust, the debu that powders my feet, the habuk, the "duli" yang mencemarkan my tapak kaki.

And nowadays these debus have the audacity to talk up to the Melayu Tuan Tanah on level terms, as if we are on par, makan sepinggan, duduk semeja, tidur sekatil. And these debus now even have the nerve to question the very symbols of our nationhood -- the keris, songkok, jawi, ... even fatwas! -- on a land that MY ancestors forged through centuries of battles and conquests and where countless died defending against foreign invaders. And now these products of the unwashed rejects that rolled off the plank of the rickety tongkang now see it fit to question the fundamental tenets of this land that was created from the blood and sweat of MY ancestors?"
Do you seriously expect us to "give your feedback nicely to him"? His writings show to all that he is a kurang ajar chauvinist. We disagree with a lot more than just his choice of words in the memorandum. We object to his Malay supremacist agenda that pervades his entire project.

We will work together with genuine Malaysian patriots of all races to create an education system & a Malaysia that is integrated, fair and just. This will be done on the basis of equality, mutual respect and recognition of the roles we all have played in creating our Tanah Air Tercinta. We will not work with racists like kijangmas, or racists of any type. People like him have harmed the struggle for an integrated school system and nation by offending Malaysians of all races with his hate & megalomania.

So 2sen, are you prepared to work with us towards a genuine 1 school for all? If you are, leave your ketuanan behind & come work shoulder to shoulder with us as equals, duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi. Having the attitude that some Malaysians are more or less worthy based on their origin & skin color cannot be the foundation for a strong & truly united Malaysia.

Working together as equals, we can make Malaysia a better place for all. On the other hand, if your main aim is to belittle, disparage & derogate the culture & contributions of your fellow Malaysians (as you have done in your memorandum), just because they are not the same as yourself, then at least have the decency to admit who the ones with the racist agenda really are.

Done with TIDAK APA! said...

All you the Fake-so-called Malaysians!,

So what if there is only one in 10,000 who has the guts to tell it straight to your face without beating around the bush?

That's what KijangMas did to me with his no-nonsense writings. I was one, of those many Malays who had been so too long with his "budi bahasa Melayu" and mostly "tidak apa" attitude. The reason why people like KijangMas emerges, because these fake-so-called-Malaysians have gone overboard and far too long with their ancestrals values which are totally foreign to Malaysia!

So yes, if you are talking "sama rata, duduk sama tinggi, sama rendah" i.e. One United Bangsa, then let us start with COMMON LANGUAGE first! Can we all have some balls from today speaks, breath and live with Bahasa Kebangsaan while putting English next to it? Other languages, just use them "privately" among the same private group, never at all in the presence of any Malaysian who is not that group member. Do you have the gut?!!

No need to list all those so called 'racist remarks' by KijangMas, you too are racist bigot. If you want to work together, then work together! Period. Your accusations of KijangMas are just excuses, but deep within you, you dont want to be Malaysians as you still hold tightly to your ancestral values after so many years in this Tanah Melayu!

No more "Budi Bahasa" until you fakes "tau mengenang budi"

Anonymous said...

To those who rejects Satu Sekolah for our generation,

Pls come out with your own version of Satu Sekolah's campaign and let see the result. Don't worry, I'll give my full support. But, 1st of all, I dare you to come out with One School campaign- the version of yours.

Got the guts?

All Malaysians are Born Equal said...

@ Tidak Apa,

Your first words, "Fake-so-called Malaysians" are where your problems start. No Malaysian has the right to tell his fellows that they are fake just because of their ancestral origin. Those people you accuse of being fakes have been Malaysians since the day they were born, living, working & contributing to Malaysia every day. They are an inseparable part of what makes Malaysia Malaysia. Do you want to deny their Malaysianness just because they can speak other languages or don't agree with you on everything? If you start off on the wrong foot like this, how on earth are you going to persuade anyone other than your dyed-in-the-wool supporters who already believe you anyway?

I have no problem with anyone telling me truth to my face. If you want to believe that by being kurang ajar, people will be convinced by you, that is your human right. As I have said before, my issue with kijangmas & co. goes way beyond their poor choice of words. They have been disparaging fellow Malaysians & spreading racial hate among Malaysians using half-truths & faulty logic. He has appealed emotionally to the racist in all of us by presenting a skewed picture of race in Malaysia. The end result of it is people like you have developed a prejudice & bias against your own fellow Malaysians, as seen by the insults you heap on those who disagree with you.

Let me point out where you have erred in fact & logic.

1. Languages, cultures & values from elsewhere are not foreign to Malaysia. Don't you know that people from all over the world have been coming to the Malay Archipelago for ages, living here & practicing their culture & language freely? This was a source of strength, wealth & advantage to our country, not a "cancer". As we head towards a globalized world, having a sense of identity as well being open to influences from other cultures will make us strong. Leading organizations around the world have realized that teams that are diverse & respect diversity perform the best. This is what is meant by strength through diversity. Why do you want to kill off such a source of strength? Why are you following him in the opposite direction towards monoculture & groupthink?

2. We already have a common language, BM. It is taught in all Malaysian schools. having other languages in Malaysia does not cause polarization per se.

3. The causes of racial polarization in Malaysia are many. Race based policies, race based political parties, hysterical media, the list is long. Scapegoating vernacular schools as the only factor in polarization is the same as scapegoating Pak Lah for BN's weaknesses, it ignores the deeper issues. Forcing school integration using insensitive language & questionable motives will not solve anything, only exacerbate the problem.

4. Tau mengenang budi - As I see it, your definition of this means to fall in line & agree with whatever kijangmas says, even if what he says is illogicall.No alternative viewpoints allowed. The name for that is Fascism my friend.

All Malaysians are Born Equal said...

Continued -

I note that you are not convinced that kijangmas statements such as the examples I gave are racist. Let's look at the definition of racist. By definition racism is:

a. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
b. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
c. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

kijangmas & co. qualify on not just one, but all three criteria. I believe that in your heart you already know that. You do not need me to provide you with a dictionary definition. Is that why you wrote, "No need to list all those so called 'racist remarks' by KijangMas..."? I believe that it is good that all Malaysians read it for themselves & see kijangmas & co. for what they really are.

You have also called me a racist. You have every right to do so, but if you expect to be believed, you need to provide evidence (just as I have done above) of why I or KKP or any of the other people who oppose your project are racists. Can you show that we have done even one of the three things that constitute racism? If you can show that anyone has been racist towards you or yours, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to call them out on it. I meant it when I said that we would not tolerate racism of any kind.

My parting words to you as a fellow Malaysian are this: you & others like you have been taken in by kijangmas & worked into a frenzy by his propaganda. When the economy is bad & our Nation is undergoing massive change, it is natural that some of us are afraid. In that state, it is easy for us to be swayed by demagogues. This was exactly what happened in Germany in 1930's. You need to calm down & reevaluate your facts & arguments. Don't blindly accept my words or anyone else's, but please think for yourself. Remember that none of us chose to be born in a particular race & that God made us in different races so that we may know each other better.

I say to you again: I will not support your "1 school for all" but I support a genuine school integration that will make Malaysia strong in the world, that must be based on equality, mutual respect and recognition of the roles we all have played in creating our Tanah Air Tercinta. Anything else will cause our Nation to be more deeply divided along racial lines. Perhaps that is exactly what BN wants.

Finally, may I humbly suggest that you & your friends see this movie: Gadoh. It's a wonderful movie about race relations in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

So this is what Chinese think? To be Malaysian with different community segregated from young? I'll remember what you said when thinking of giving out my right of 30%, or 7% discount, heck, reading what have you written, I'll might ask for more! I mean, you yourself want to be segregated, what I can do?

Thank god, our number is increasing day by day. Our number now is 65%, in few years will be 70%, I'll hope you continue with your attitude for that day, your children will begging to be assimilated with the majority. It just like in school, there one kid at the corner, crying, why? Because other kids just scold them, "we don't friend you anymore!"


Ikan Masin said...

I went to both local and abroad for tertiary education. But I dare not publish my MSc at my blog coz it's an act to show off.

While in local uni, when it comes to school project a group must consist of students from different races to promote unity. But the kind of effort to promote unity during college years is too late coz the students have been segregated since early childhood.

So I wonder why a british MA holder didn't see that as a factor. Perhaps your tiny brain is located in your pants.

And what's the account number for? Are you also a beggar?

Anonymous said...

Those who are against the idea of 1 school are damm racist. Then don't imagine that Malaysia will be satu bangsa. Damm to all racist.

anon-e-mouse said...

Amat lucu melihat penyokong kempen tak dapat menilai bahawa kebanyakan pembantah menentang kempen mereka, bukan kerana menentang integrasi dan perpaduan.

Pembantah berbuat demikian kerana tau kempen ini sebenarnya bertujuan melenyapkan suara rakyat & suara alternatif, dengan anggapan rakyat takkan mengkritik kerajaan yang berkuasa, dan bukannya memupuk integrasi sebenar.

Adakah penyokong ni orang yang cepat mendail nombor bila ternampak sticker "Pinjaman Wang Mudah 3%" pada tiang lampu?

Malaysian Heart said...

While the SSUS memorandum claims to promote unity & integration, it does more than just propose a single school stream. It contains some very disturbing premises & key elements, just 2 of which are:

a) that it seeks to institutionalize intolerance against the so-called "foreign" cultures & languages of some Malaysians, by proposing that these be ghettoized, i.e. set apart from & denied its role in the public life of Malaysia, and
b) that it espouses assimilation rather than integration.

Neither of the 2 elements above is in any way necessary for true integration & unity. On the contrary, they will work against "comradeship and goodwill for us tiny rakyat". Elements like these (as well as the intolerant language used in the memorandum) hardly make for a "struggle of all Malaysians irrespective of their colour, origin, creed or breed".

Added to that is the attitude of some promoters of SSUS. While they are quite happy to repeat over and over again the professed objectives of the project and the fact that 1 school for all will promote integration, they seem to want to ignore the fact that Malaysians have concerns & reservations over some elements & aspects of the SSUS. There seems to be an effort to deem people with such concerns as unpatriotic or even racist; and to paint anyone who tries to delve below the surface of SSUS & its promoters (& tries to share it with others), as, a, "provocateur with malice and hidden vicious agenda”. Why this unwillingness to address those concerns? Why this hurry to railroad the SSUS without due diligence & deliberation? If this idea is as good as you say it is, won't it sail through scrutiny & criticism with colours flying?

Anonymous said...

Sekarang kita sudah nampak warna sebenar golongan-golongan bukan bumi, mereka tidak mahu berintegrasi dan bersatu dalam satu negara, sebaliknya mereka hanya mahu mengambil sahaja dari kekayaan negara Malaysia ini. Sila keluar dari Malaysia pengkhiat negara dan rasis total seperti anda.


Anonymous said...

"Malaysian Heart",

Why are you sooooo obsessed with this Kijangmas character? When I said "obsessed" I mean OBSESSED.

You seem to stalk all blogs and jump in with the SAME copy-paste lines again and again to attack and denigrade Kijangmas behind his back.


If you are infatuated with him, say so lah! send him a love note or something. Maybe he will "layan" you.

But in the meantime, puhrleaze lah, stop your slanders and lies. It's sickening to see a fellow woman stoop this low to gain someone's affection. Malu lah.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have read Demi Negara's point-by-point reply to your writing, in

I support every word he said in there.

I tried to post a comment in here in May but it did not appear. I'm not sure whether you would publish this one, too, but as an educated person that you claim to be in your "About Me", I challenge you to do so. Your readers should be given the benefit of seeing the other side of the coin.

It's very well written, I can assure you.


Anonymous said...

dalam case ni... mmg nampak sgt sape sebenrnya racism n who is actually the spin doctor. blom ape2 lg dah kaitkan dgn hak bumiputera n org islam. they should know y both mara n smka exist. in this case, there's nothing wrong with one school as we still can provide mandarin n tamil classes. are u the teachers??? do u kno how it feel to teach bm n sejarah with people who don't able to speak n don't even understand bm although there're already in SMK-secondary school???

Anonymous said...

Aiyaa Ah Beng Ah!!1

What? Bring it on?... and some more asked for money ahh?? evelyting is abot money ah? for what.. to support yr racism campaign ahhh! Niamakahai !!

Get it over lah Ahbeng. Yr species is like virus. evely time and evelywhere cozed olang susuah loh!

Ralfie said...

wonder why whoever posted these racists comments always masks behind being anonymous. These people have no balls yet they spew hatred like there's no tomorrow. I know these people must be the UMNO paratroopers. Must be nice to be doing something that's totally opposite your religious teachings but at the same time claiming to be the defender of it. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Chinese school is not independant. Yes, they do get money from public fund BUT they also TAKE GOVERNMENT FUND! We skipped that part.

If a blogger lean towards government policy, you accuse the writer of being Maly bigot or UMNO linked writer, writing with an agenda. But for a chinese blogger, who happens to write stuff which imo is a complete racially infused content, the writer is deemed as being politically correct. Loads of b***!

Vernacular school was seem relevant then, 50 years ago. The exact claim ur making on Malay right and all those 153 acts.

If you say you are being Malaysian when you want equality by abolishing 'malay rights' then I say I want racial harmony and I cant see a better move than abolishing vernacular school.

Tit for tat I say. And by the way, no educated person in his or her right mind will say that vernacular school is good for racial unity.

Talk about being racist!!