Tuesday, May 05, 2009

1Malaysia the 'Malaysia Boleh' Way

This latest news is truly hilarious and a cause for concern. Ex-premier Abdullah Badawi has been appointed the advisor to Malaysia Airlines by the Najib administration. His mentor Dr Mahathir Mohamad has remained as the Petronas advisor.

Goodness sake, this should not be the way we continue to reward retired leaders and ex-ministers. They are already given quite a generous pension.

Advisory positions in the GLCs should be reserved for those who can really add value to these companies. GLCs are companies managed in trust for the people. They are public institutions capitalised by public funds.

These companies do not belong to the current prime minister. They are not UMNO owned companies too.

1Malaysia should not be mere sloganism. I am going to tell you later why I doubt it can ever be achieved if the political culture and structure remained the same.


Anonymous said...

Datuk Idris, I should say did his best to bring MAS out of the brink. And it has improved...!!!

Now they want to put Mr. Zzzz in just for "formality" sake is gonna screw up big...... time!

Mahatir till today has a very "sharp" mind & "worth" his time in Petronas...!!!

MAS...? I pity U....!

Do I need to say more...???

madashell said...

That means he and his family can fly MAS 1st class at our expense. @$#*&!

Oil Gun said...

that's the problem with UMNO - after ruling for so long in this country, they think they OWN everything, especially the GLC, completely forget that it is the tax payer money that they meddle with. The only way to remind them is to politely vote them out in the general election.

The idea of putting someone who failed as a prime minister as an advisor for failing airline company is baffling to say the least, if you put aside the fact of all the money he will get from "advising".

Anonymous said...

Until and unless the Malay ruling party is rid of the elite Malay politicians whose families run the country, their cronies and friends-there will be no upward mobility in relation to national or corporate transparency.These elite have highjacked the country for their own purpose.The Malay population must be aware by now that the policies of UMNO are not for the malay poor but for the elite malay population who have given themselves jobs and opportunities.
No country can succeed if it continues to have two sets of citizens.The term bumiputra has been extended to the elite non-Malays like Vincent Tan and Ananda Krishnan.It is a special club and so are in it together with Mahathir Mohamed and now Badawi-corruption is bringing Malaysia down towards Zaimbabwe.In the end when all is gone-the race card will appear and blame will shift to the Chinese!!

Indonesia is no longer with OPEC, Malaysia will follow suit.

tony C said...

I said it before and I say it again....these UMNO morons know how to mouth cliches and slogans but have no idea what they mean, what it takes for them to work, or they are just simply insincere.

I said it before and I say it again, UMNO will eventually destroy Malaysia.

James Khoo said...

This is the reason why RM1 in Bolehland which is blessed with natural resources, is less than 40 cents in Singapore which has only its multiracial people who call themselves Singaporeans, and a port.

Those Singaporeans practise meritocracy while the leaders in Bolehland talk about meritocracy but then do something else, in accordance to race and cronies. Talk is cheap in Bolehland.

James Khoo.

clearwater said...

The political culture and structure will remain the same. So what, Khoo KP? You really expect anything different? Ex-ministers and other retirees nudged aside have often been put to graze in green pastures in the past. Each succeeding BN-UMNO administration looks after its old boys. This also ensures it will in turn be looked after when their time comes, irrespective of performance. A real cosy arrangement. After all, the emasculated taxpayer had little say in the matter in the past. Contribution to the GLC? Ha! Extra passenger, definitely. What can we do as taxpaying voters? Change the government come next election.

Anonymous said...

For goodness' sakes, please let the guy have some rest!

marcus63 said...

after 1 full month of being the 6th pm, i have no more doubt that his 1malaysia is 100% sloganeering only. after becoming pm, he appointed a cabinet full of recycled old folks, and even added some losers to boot. strike 1.
then he appointed to umno mt those losers and convicted corrupt members whose only claim to fame is they are warlords of a sizeable faction of umno. strike 2. he quietly left the perak umno/bn head position after creating the biggest constitutional crisis in the country's history. and he has never talked about this mess since he became pm. a good leader tackles crises head on, not run away like a coward. strike 3.
game, set, match.
so talk about change? talk, yes.
change, not in his vocabulary.

Dr. Rozieta Shaary said...

I can see how angry many of the commenters regarding the government in particular the party that is ruling it, UMNO. I am not commenting on what were said, some could be right on target. However, I humbly like to suggest, if you feel strongly about what you believe in, then go to the right channel. Write to the PM himself. He has a blogspot that you can vent your heart out. Let him know your frustrations. You might be heard. He already give us the space, then why not use that. And it will be good, if we want our ideas to be heard, sign our name in full, not nick name. So that it reflects that we take ownership of what we said.Otherwise, it will look to the readers of our comments that the words 'Talk is cheap' also apply to us. They will say,we only know how to comment but what positive things have we done to the country lately? May be not talk, ours will be,"comment is cheap, take ownership." :)If they think of us that way, we will never be heard. If we are truly concern with what is going on and want good change; do good deeds and spread good words. Correct the wrong in our eyes with compassion. We might think they are definitely wrong and bad but are we so sure we are so right by spreading anger and hatred.
Of course we can rise higher then condemning others. Two bad things can never make one good thing.
If sincerely we do not believe that 1Malaysia is a genuine call for unity, what is a better suggestion and suggest that.Or perhaps, take a moment and interpret that words to us and our role as a citizen of Malaysia, What can we contribute to help this country achieve unity? Definitely hatred need to be ruled out, so can we think of other wonderful and good things that we can be proud of once it materialise?

What we do and what we say make a difference in this world. The thing is, it can be a positive and a negative difference.What is our choice?

Best Regards,

Dr.Rozieta Shaary
Human Capital Development Specialist

kopitelp16 said...

Again, the Rakyat of Bolehland are made to pay for expensive Advisors. Aren't we getting rape enough?

genesispassion said...

this country u get paid to sleep..snore the longer u sleep..u get more..while the other cari lubang...dig lubang...i am definately waiting to slap this sleepy hollow head.!

tonyboneka said...

It is because they know Pak Lah good in auto-pilot.