Friday, May 15, 2009

Ball is in BN's Court

It is utterly irresponsible for PM Najib to drop the responsibility on the Perak Sultan's lap. Logically and legally, what choice does the Sultan have if both coalitions agreed to give the mandate back to the people to choose the next government?

If the Sultan of Perak claims that his palace is above politics, there should be no reason for him to hold back on giving his consent for dissolution. By law, the monarch cannot refuse a request by a legitimate chief minister to call for a dissolution of the assembly and to force snap elections. This is an option often used by governments around the world.

Hence, the ball is not in the palace's court as claimed by PM Najib. He has this to say when only a day ago he had promised to become the people's leader:

Najib pointed out that the BN did not seize power in Perak because the change in government was made according to regulations and the law, which, if accepted by everyone, would clearly show that the present BN government could administer Perak as it had received a sufficient majority.

“Don’t forget that on Sept 16 last year, who had wanted to steal 21 of our members of parliament. But when he failed, and we succeeded in Perak, we were then said to be undemocratic. We have been accused of seizing power.

“It was the opposition who first tried to seize power but without success... we (the BN) did not start it,” Najib stressed.

The prime minister does not appear to fully understand what does it take to become a truly people's leader. If PR had failed in its bid to steal power through defections, it does not mean that it is acceptable to the voters for BN to engineer the same. I had said that Anwar's PR was to be blamed for his intention to grab power through defections.

Najib should understand that a truly people's leader/government should listen to the people. Not all angry voters are naturally PR supporters. Many of them are fence sitters who occupy the middle ground. This middle ground is what BN needed to stay in power and to restore its political influence.

By continuing to justify the power grab and to use the public institutions to help it to do so, BN is slowly but surely losing its support amongst Malaysians. The next time, it is only possible for the BN to hold on to power by using repressive force.

It is penny wise but pound foolish for Najib to continue governing Perak without first securing the people's mandate. The decision is going to cost his party, his leadership and the coalition a great deal of lost goodwill.

He should form a high level committee to audit the impact and implication of the power grab. Some of the actions taken to quash dissidents and critics are costly. The Bar Council has taken a vote to sue the government, the home ministry and the police. The judiciary has been compromised, putting a quick end to Abdullah's initiated reform. The police is worse tainted in the whole episode. The IGP is speaking like a politician or the chief bodyguard of the BN than a police chief.

BN should have realised that its opposition is formidable because it is facing the people, not just the PR coalition or Anwar Ibrahim. PR is put together by the people as a platform to voice out their grouses democratically that there must be a change of governance style in the country.

The directive to order Uthayakumar back to Kamunting is a bad one. It came after MIC had openly try to court, albeit unsuccessfully, the Hindraf chief leader to back the party. Samy was critical of the leader when it was clear that the movement would not want to have anything to do with MIC.

The decision to reverse the decision to release Uthayakumar will not be taken lightly by the people especially his supporters. It is clearly a political decision. The government is spooked that an uncooperative Uthayakumar can wield a strong force against the ruling regime. It is too late and too risky for the BN to detain him under ISA again. But, on what ground?

Najib's administration is slowly showing its nerve and insecurity. This is a dangerous attitude and this attitude may generate more errors which may eventually break the coalition. How much longer can the other parties tolerate their own destruction?


giam2020 said...

This is all talk and no action.
BN is a party, who wants to clink to
power at whatever cost even to the
extend of intimidation and threat of
arrest to cow the citizen into submission.But it will surely fail
at a certain point in time.

Anonymous said...

He is only fit to be PM for UMNO. A man who rely so much on his father's legacy and has nothing to show in as far as his credibility as a leader.
It is disgusting when he passed the bulk to Zambrie Mandela Gandhi and then to the Sultan.
What type of person we have running this nation?
His only interest is to safeguard his position but not realizing that he is fast becoming the most hated PM ever and the one that Malaysians will not trust-never.
Tan Sri Abdullah during the last forum in PJ said that it is not easy to crack Najib and he is not like the former lame duck sleeping PM!!! Well, well, well let see whether he can go against the will of the masses. If not now sooner or later he will stumble and GOD willing he will see the end of BN/UMNO hegemony.
Poor Zambrie GanDela when his dream will soon disappear.

Anonymous said...

BN consists of a bunch of corrupted cowards. They only know how to hide behind their brutal police force.

Anonymous said...

Zambry has suffered enough,more than ganhi,mandela and ang suki combined.He shd be made the PM

People said...

He thought all the Malaysians are IDIOT or STUPID?!

flyer168 said...

Syabas to our neighbours Singapore & now Indonesia whose Governments have the Maturity, Intelligence & Wisdom to LISTEN, LOOK, LEARN & APPLY the LESSONS learnt to enable them to MOVE FORWARD to tackle the Financial, Economic Mitigation Plan & Management of their nation.

If our Najib & his Haprak Goons cannot LISTEN, ACKNOWLEDGE & LEARN from our neighbours, then they should all step down enbloc....

Or are they still in Denial Mode awaiting to be "Booted Out Unceremoniously" by the rayaat soon!

Every new day will be another “New Revelation” to reveal another “Truth” in its Self Destruct motion towards its “Demise”.

Just give them enough rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn in their “Final” chapter.


Anonymous said...

he wanna be the people's princess kot...

Perakian said...

Looks like Najib is back-tracking and will avoid fresh state elections.
UMNO will win all the court cases. The verdicts are decided by UMNO and the judges just read them out.
The hearings are just for show.

ng said...

DSAI failed on September 16 because he ain't got any money to pay. The Perak frogs were paid millions to defect. On top of that Babi Negara's threat to charge the two a**holes on corruption has got the two think twice not to obey.

This is democracy ala Babi Negara.

C4 can said anything to try to cover his ass but we Perak voters are not idiots as he think!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When writings are already on the wall
Who still needs writings on paper
When everyone knows how bounces the ball
What else do we need to know about the caper

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160509
Sat. 16th May 2009.

marcus63 said...

kkp, another insightful analysis.
if i may add, what najib is doing is driving voters to the opposition camp. the proverbial losing 1 voter by the minute is most appropriate. the longer he drags out the saga, ie not hold fresh elections in perak to get a mandate, no matter whether he "kow-tim" the judiciary and use brutal police action, and rule perak until the next election, voters are going to get turned off at the rate of 1 voter per minute. assuming the next elections is 3 years from now, ie approx 1000 days, the math is exponentially damaging to bn. this puts 1.5million votes in the hands of pakatan, and with an electorate base of 20million come ge2013, this is 7.5% of the total voter count. and if today the split is 50/50, then ge2013 will be 57.5/42.5 in favor of pakatan, a 15% margin that will surely ensure bn wont rule at the federal level.
i totally agree with your penny wise pound foolish analogy.
i also liked someone else's comment about a silver lining out of the perak crisis. but that is for another time.

kopitelp16 said...

I think your heading is erroneous. The ball should be in PR's court. Why? Because BN's ball dropped there!
Too afraid to go over to pick it up; now became pondan Feds that's unwilling to face the Rakyat in Penanti which is only a by-election.

So snap poll in Perak? Hahahaha!