Monday, May 04, 2009

Check Out Studio V!

A local newspaper, The Star, has been organising very useful programmes at their newly created Studio V to help retrenched workers to get back on track. Apart from organising talks and forums on career development and interview tips, there are also recruiters.

A total of 200 vacancies – including for bartenders, waiters, telemarketers, and line cooks – are being offered mainly by companies in the food & beverage, fast food, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Visit or email: for details.

I hope its management can consider extending these programmes to other states hit by severe retrenchment too. This is a good example of proactive participation to help alleviate the country's current economic woes.

NGOs and the state governments can do their bit for the workers who lost their jobs and those who are joining the job market this year.


Rajan said...

KP = have you visited I suggest you do and pay them a visit.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the millions & millions of ringgit that they had dispense to so-call "help the retrench" ...??????????

Where did the money "actually" go....???????????????????????????

What has been done so far..???

We don't see & hear how the money has been used....!!

Accounts for it...??????????????