Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Explain 1Malaysia

How many people are willing to give Prime Minister Najib Razak the benefit of doubt? Probably, many Malaysians are still hoping for him to do well. The success of his administration is very important for the country facing multifarious global challenges.

However, I am not sure if the prime minister is aware that he needs to keep his ship on a tighter control. As the prime minister, he will have to shoulder the responsibility for the infamous actions and outbursts of his subordinates.

His predecessor, Abdulllah Badawi, had suffered from similar repercussions when his subordinates made several costly decisions or took wrong actions which were unpopular to the people. Abdullah's popularity took a nose dive since his debut victory at the 2004 general election. He was ousted by UMNO after an unprecedented electoral losses suffered by the BN coalition in the 2008 general election.

Najib must learn quickly to stop the erosion of public support for his administration. It is important for him to stop the spiral decline before it consumes his premiership.

One way to do so is to make sure that he get better people to assist him to run the country. Not a bunch of comedians, racists or arrogant and irrational people. He must ensure that there is no more arbitrary interference by the police in the political process.

There must not be any more arbitrary and unconstitutional arrests. At present, the police are still detaining peaceful demonstrators. A healthy democracy should respect the freedom of expression and assembly. That is why Najib must explain his 1Malaysia motive. Can 1Malaysia help to improve the respect for democratic rights in the country?

What is Najib's stand on racial equality and racism in the country? Is his 1Malaysia committed to transform the social and political landscape in the country? The coalition and party he heads are racially centric organisations. Can 1Malaysia be achieved if Malaysia continues to be besieged by racial politics? Rhetoric is saying one thing but doing something else. Is Najib ready to create history by ending BN racial politics?

If Najib is serious about national unity, then he should discourage a movement such as the '1Sekolah Untuk Semua' which is a hollow concept aimed at flaming the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools. Blaming primary school students for causing disunity is both silly and irresponsible.

If he is serious to end racial blame game, he must carefully select the right people to helm the state-owned media organisations and those controlled indirectly by his party. If he put those who believe in the trampling of democracy, the promotion of race supremacy and the use of hurtful and seditious language then his vision is as good as blind. Are there not other Malaysians who can run these media organisations better? Must his administration use recycled personalities?

Similarly, we would like the prime minister to state his stand on the NEP, a true economic liberalisation to strengthen industrial development, the ISA, the current education policy, a better deal for workers, a fairer treatment of indigenous people and those who are marginalised, racism and others.

It is time to get serious about change. Mouthing change alone will not stop BN continuous slide into oblivion. As a proponent of a two-party system, I would like to see the two coalitions compete in a healthy manner.

Hence, Straight Talk would like to remind him that his time and that of his coalition is fast running out.

Get the right people. Do not fear your own shadow. Do the things right so that your actions will not come back to haunt you.

Mr Prime Minister, you really ought to pull up your socks!


Anonymous said...

All of us can come up with beautiful slogans. Unfortunately slogans are just that, slogans, without substance, proper study, short term and long term plans on how to carry it out.

Are we going to give 1Malaysia the benefit of doubt? Yes, but show us why we should.

What is 1Malaysia exactly? How are we going to achieve that? What are the short term and long term benchmarks? Is it going to benefit everyone? In other words, what is the plan?

Please don't push out yet another half cooked idea, or one of those op-this, op-that type of operation. We want well substance, not just some beautiful slogans.

ajoyly said...

I agree totally with your views. 1Malaysia should be the window of opportunity to revamp everything that was wrong in this country. Not merely through lip service but through real action and practice. Malaysians are fade up of rhetoric.They want reality.

Ashleigh said...

Unfortunately all the things above that you asked to be corrected are exactly what Najib stands for and upholds till today...

I don't think Najib can control the police any longer. With so many scandals bugging him, who knows what kind of evidence is the PDRM holding against him (ransom?). PDRM is busy buidling a police state and Najib can't do shit about it because he is at their mercy... We need a clean PM! One who is not only clean but is seen to be clean!

kopitelp16 said...

This is Sloganland. A land full of beautiful slogan coined to con the Rakyat. Explain 1Malaysia? I'm afraid the one who came up with this don't even know what it really means. How to explain.

To me, it means that Malaysia is 1, whole and completely owned by 1. For the rest, you can take the crumbs.

AliG said...

When it comes from that guy I just don't bother to know what it means. I'll never bother to stop to listen to a con man. If you are a good guy, you dont have to come with anything. Your heart shows it. To me their slogan has always been "Protect our race above all and at all cost". It is still going on. What has changed? Please don't hoodwink the Malaysians

marcus63 said...

The malaysia of today is not a democracy but a feudal warlord system. the country is run by the 2nd generation of warlords named razak, hussein, mahathir each carving out their fiefdom, each untouchable by the other. and as the chinese saying goes, the 1st generation builds, the 2nd gets comfy and eats off the 1st generation's fruits, then the 3rd bankrupts it. another comparable fate that will befall malaysia is how bush sr passes the baton to bush jr and like they say, the rest is history.
najib is the 2nd generation. he was born with a silver spoon. so why does he need to work hard? everything is so comfy cushy to him so why change? just throw around some slogans to the barking masses to keep them quiet and not rock the boat. he just wants to have fun while under the immunity protection of the pmship. change is too risky as it pushes him out of the box and instead of paradise he may end up in mongolia ha.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia is defined as a form of sarcasm. For instance, when the PM said "People 1st, Performance Now", you won't really get it. 90 over percent voted for a by-election in Perak, and if it's really people 1st, then PM would have listen. If performance now, we should have a by-election by now.

There you have it. 1Malaysia! :)

Anonymous said...

hey..can i need ur help??
acttually...what are the motive for 1 malaysia??
i could not understand the government do it for wad??
hope can u explain for me...thx =)