Friday, May 22, 2009

It's the Police, Stupid!

What can I say about the police? Ignorant? Stubborn? Doing their job? Stupid? Or introspectively wise and smart? What is their real motive to continue arresting a number of people wearing all black and holding lighted candles?

I am leaving it to Straight Talk readers to reflect on yet another arrest made by the police. Sixteen people, including Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee, were arrested by the police just outside her service centre at about 8.45pm last night for allegedly holding an illegal assembly.

The arrest sounded like a mock exercise organised by the police. Sixteen people were detained by about 40 police personnel, along with members from the light strike force unit. Where is the de facto KPI minister Koh Tsu Koon? 40 police officers needed to detain sixteen harmless people is totally unproductive. Koh needs to investigate this blatant wastage of productive resource.

Most of the detainees were DAP workers and members. A member was 72 years old.

Is the police stupid or what? It was obvious that these DAP members led by their young elected representatives needed the police to complete their political drama. They had courted detention and harsh action by the police and got what they wanted. The police officers who had nothing better to do were only too happy to fulfill their demand.

It is best for the police to spend their valuable time (and paid by the public too) to combat crime.

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lucia said...

it so happened that i also posted about this topic early this morning on this nonsensical arresting spreeby the police.

ya it is really silly the way the police go on arresting peaceful people who only wants to exercise their freedom of expression. what are are they afraid of?

btw, your title should be "it's the stupid police!" and not "it's the police, stupid!"

KULO said...

You are damn wrong !!

Its about instilling fear to fellow Malaysians .. Its about creating some difficulties and lots of uneasiness to everybody ..

The government and police thinks that these arresting dramas will discourage people from grouping together, voicing their anger & dissatisfaction and what not

Police wants to assert that they are the king in Malaysia (PRDM - Polis Raja Di-Malaysia).

Well you know what, they are damn wrong !!!

Anonymous said...

The police is doing everything they can to help the public demonise and hate them. It is sad to see a great institution with a great history turned into one that is becoming intensely disliked. Where the friendly neighbourhood mata-mata anymore? They have become the Tonton Macoutes.

We the citizens expect a fair and politically neutral police force. It is indeed sad that this is not so. When once police officers walk with their heads high. This is no longer true. No police officer would admit to his profession. Yes. A police officer should be an honourable profession.

This degeneration of the police force is a very sad thing to see.

Anonymous said...

Failing to the combat ever rising crimes on the streets, the police must have felt that they need do something to show their bosses that they are working.

Hence, their decision to arrest the peace-abiding citizens.

Otherwise, they risk being accused of receiving gaji buta by their bosses.

Who cares what the public thinks!

KY said...

Where is their (Police) salary come from? we pays tax and indirectly that $$ pay to them.
"Servant catch Boss because Boss wearing Black, first time in world" Malaysia Police BOLEH. Police in Malaysia are idiot, they still don't know all these peoples are playing game with them, at begining very sure police will win, but they never realise at the end they are big loser.

Anonymous said...


Please do not blog about the Police. They are the dregs of Malaysian society and as an enforcement agency, deserve nothing but contempt for their role in perpetuating a corrupt society. The few good ones are too intimidated to do much.

MalaysianJustice said...

Yes the police are idiots!
Because they are following orders from an idiot OCPD and Home Minister!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Aiya, Lucia...I know my readers are smart enough to do their own reflection. You know that we can't be so direct.

Anonymous said...

Snatch thieves, daylight robberies and murder cases, countless rapes (better than free-flowing alcohol) but police is not stupid. Police is "blind" + "deaf" + "coward" cause they cannot ensure the safety of public!

Anonymous said...

The actions of the police is one of the reason why rakyat does not sokong the present govt.

Audi said...

You're damn right! It's the police!They are NOT doing their job. They catch the good ones and let go all the trouble makers. They talked about rehabilitation, programmes, etc. What? Are they are social workers? Are they educationists?

Why bother to about rehabilitation when the thugs (now they are called thugs) rob and kill. These are robbers and killers, not thugs.

You are damn right. It's the police that Malaysia is so scary now.

foo said...

they are just gangster with licence to kill, they are just modern samurai as old Japan. I have no respect about them as they like to drink " kopi ".

K L said...

Wanted(1) Malaysia, Police(People) 1st, Prosecute(Performance) now !

kopitelp16 said...

According to reliable police sources,that I heard from a reliable friend's reliable uncle that happens to know a very reliable friend's cousin, the 16 arrested are actually terrorist; planning to burn down something important with their candles. Police acted swiftly to prevent untoward incident that might harm the public.

We should thank the Police!

rahsia said...

The police in 70s Hong Kong was in almost the same situation here now. Corruption is rampant.

With the formation of ICAC, the Hong Kong police were unhappy & demoralised just like what our police here are saying if we have IPCMC & independent MACC.

Then the Hong Kong government granted amnesty to corruption cases with a certain cut off date (except for high ranking officer). They improved the pay & working condition of the police force.

Well, we need a government who will take this risky move. Increase our taxes if it’s needed.

Please save our police officers from going to hell & suffer from the embarassment of meeting Altantuya's murderers there.