Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lawyers Are Sharks?

Art Harun:

This Friday (four days time), at 3 o’clock, the Bar’s EGM to denounce the action of the police in arresting young lawyers who were just doing their job will take place at Dewan Sivik, PJ. I wonder how many lawyers will turn out. 500? 600? Pathetic if that is going to be the case.

Five of our brothers and sisters were arrested and 600 turn out. Almost comical. It almost lends credence to the people’s perception that lawyers are sharks who would only act for money.

Well, I suppose, we deserve that perception. Although I would like to be proven wrong. — www.art-harun.blogspot.com

I can fully understand Art Harun's sentiment. My ex-defence lawyer told me he would have charged me RM60k if my case is not of public interest. He billed me five figures for a court appearance to overturn the injunction on my book launch.

Another lawyer threatened to discharge herself from my case if she is not paid RM10k retainer immediately. Maybe, I should try to get to know more selfless lawyers like Art Harun and Malik Imtiaz.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree many of these people are spineless sharks.
If they win a case, they will say we won.
If they lose, they will say you lost.
Either way, you have to pay.
When they postpone cases, you pay too.
They charge you top personnel fees , but let interns attend our cases.
If they err, it's your fault and you still pay too.
If they do not perform, you can't sue them; but if you don't pay them they threaten to ignore your case.
Every time they write, you pay.
Everytime they talk you pay.

nckeat88 said...

All over the world, we know lawyers are 'sharks'worse than the loan sharks. Why do you think they are interested in cases like Kugan case? Why they do it for pro bono basis? If you tell me that they wan to serve justice, I beg to differ, I think this is just to advertise themselve as fearless lawyers. That's why legal process is a tool for rich people to bankrupt the poor. It is really not for justice.

doinkers said...

You left out haris ibrahim. Though i don't think he specialize in your type of cases.

are you still in need of donations? cannot contribute alot to your fund cause the marooned dogs took priority.

CKSF said...

>I should try to get to know more selfless lawyers.......

heheheh, i waited 20 years for a definite legal opinion on internet copyright infringement. They say, "see me in my office".

one surgeon told one lady pestering him for diagnosis of her illness, at a cocktail with one word "undress".

everyone professional has to make some money, you know ;-))

ycg said...

they ARE sharks, and that is a fact. not here, but everywhere around the globe. not all of them, possible the 600 give or take that came out protesting have something different to offer. That's why TUN hate their guts.

HAte the players, not the game. Try asking the lawyers to give you a simple YES and NO answer...*groan*....

The ordinary folks have a saying, rich ppl use lawyers others use TaErLong.

Anonymous said...

The female lawyers are the worst ones of the profession. Not that the profession is a caring one. They are more mercenary than men.

CKSF said...

> Anonymous said...
>The female lawyers are the worst ones of the profession. Not that the profession is a caring one. They are more mercenary than men.
>9:51 PM

hey, hey, be fair
all professions,including prostitutes, make money for their services.