Friday, May 01, 2009

Mahathir & The Recipe for Disaster

Mahathir has proven himself to be a very inconsistent man. He told a largely Chinese audience in Beijing that Malaysia must return to having a strong government to manage the global financial crisis and place the country back on the growth path. Mahathir's recipe for an economic success is the return of BN's two-thirds parliamentary majority.

In 2004, Abdullah won an unprecedented 91% parliamentary majority. Then, Mahathir had called for a stronger opposition, claiming that a government with an absolute majority will become corrupt. He was a proponent of a stronger opposition presence in parliament to play an effective check-and-balance role.

Now that his protege, Najib (with whom Mahathir got touchy-feely and kissy), has taken over the mantle of leadership the ex-strongman is calling for a chilly return of two-thirds majority.

Malaysia does not need a strong government which "could implement radical and unorthodox measures to recover because the government had two-thirds majority in Parliament to support its policies." Mahathir had enjoyed two-thirds majority throughout his rule but it did not inspire good and responsible policies.

Mahathir's privatisation, industrialisation and socio-economic programmes had created more bottlenecks, abuses, wastage and complacency than positive results. From highways, IPPs, and others, Malaysians are made to pay for the lopsided contracts signed by the government.

What Malaysia need is a responsible, transparent and efficient government. A government, which is entrusted by the people to govern, must respect the rights and needs of the people. We want a government which is capable of respecting and embracing the true democratic process, not to abuse it for its own preservation. The strong government during the Mahathir's era had destroyed our democratic fabric. ISA was used against mostly civilians and political opponents.

We need a government without the interference of Mahathir. Those who are trying to resurrect his influence and era are working against the strengthening of our democracy.


nckeat88 said...

Why everyone including you are so afraid of Dr M. He too entitle of his opinion just as you and me. Najib must show that he is capable to run his own policies with his vision. Najib will know what to do if he would like to stay in power. If you don't like Najib, we can just vote him out. No need to discredit him through Dr M.

romerz said...

The old man is senile!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Discrediting Najib through Mahathir? Najib is facing his own credibility crisis with or without Mahathir's interference.

However, the works of spin doctors to justify the unholy alliance of the two cannot be encouraged or allowed to happen.

koolgeek said...


who is talking about being 'afraid' of mahathir. we are talking about recovering from his dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

There are just too many stupid Chinese in Beijing who do not know what was happening in malaysia during Mahatir's Primership.
This hate Chinese-man goes around and talks in a different tune as he sees fits but when he turns his back he is a differnt person again.
He is a drug pusher asking the public not to take drugs.
Why invited him in the first place? Is here no other person to talk? Are the Chinese so hard up with speakers?
Just go to Malaysia Today you can uncover all the evils he had done to the country and to his own Indians.
Does the PM really need his advice? Isn't he the man who's responsible in dragging the country into shit losing billions and causing racial mistrust? Didn't he rather give the country to Indonesia than see the Chinese prosper? Bomb Singapore with Russian jets or let the water go to waste rather than feed Singapore? Cooked up lies to nail Anwar and now still roam free......
Why PM has to listen to him? Cannot make decision on his own???
I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia and Najib in particular will suffer if he doesn't stop that senile old man from further damaging the nation.
Either that Mahathir to be told off now or the senile old man still think that in Malaysia he is the smartest of all the people.

Anonymous said...

The pariah Mahathir's suggestion that there is a need of an opposition after AAB
got 91% of the votes.
That was because he never got close to that kind of votes from the people himself. In fact on many occasions without the support of the non Malay BN partners'he would got kicked out long ago and even may have kicked back to Kerala to become the pariah Indian that he is.
Who the hell he thinks he is ?
Does he not realise that he is the most hated man in Malaysia pariah Indian from Kerala ?

Anonymous said...

Peking knows what this mamak is up to. Neither has Peking forgotten about his "malay dilemma".

Anonymous said...

Mahathir's version of strong government is putting Anwar and other opposition leaders under ISA for flimsy reasons, Make sure all media is one sided, create a fear among intelligentia, do not give place for different views to flourish. Make sure all bloggers who are against government to be severely punished. Promote Ketuanan Melayu and make sure race based politics benefits a small group of UMNOputra's. Very Clear vision and recipe for 21st century.Do they say that Histroy repeats itself. How true to a dictator.

Yap Chong Yee said...

No one is afraid of Mahatir, but we should because Mahatir over the past 51 years had so perverted the social fabric of Malaysia that today, we have 3 malaysia, one for the Malays, one for the Indians and the third for the Chinese; so why do we say with any conviction that Mahatir had contributed positively to Malaysia's development ?

Instead of 28 million Malaysians pulling our load one direction, we are split into 3 forces pulling Malaysia in 3 different directions. Is Malaysia ever competitive ? I don't think so. China achieved elevation from the bottom half of world rankings in the 1960s to 1970s to become the world's number 2 just behind the USA today, a mere 35 years from the opening up of China ushered in the year of Nixon's visit to China. Why has Malaysia with a population of a mere 28 millions souls just cannot get it right for the last 51 years ? IT IS BECAUSE MALAYSIA IS PULLING WITH THE HORSE POWER OF JUST 1/3 OUR POTENTIAL.

Malaysia is not going anywhere soon, unless there is a change of government and it is past the right time to elect a PAKATAN RAKYAT government or Malaysia will lag behind Vietnam (if not we already have today), Thailand (same) and Indonesai (soon to be).

drMpower said...

credibility crisis my bottom. all i know those accusations are endless. even the accusers cannot tell for sure whether those accusations are true or not.

oh wait. tian chua 'proved' once. thanks to paintbrush or whatever it is called.

what najib got now, is perception crisis. and again thanks to the accusers, their half cooked accusations painted najib grey. i wouldnt say paint him black because of the uncertainty, but still grey is worse than white (good perception)

going back to mahathir. u said about his 'idea' of strong economy is a 2/3 majority in parliament. yes, i do agree on that. strong politics guarantee strong leadership. what happened in 2004 is almost a wipe out of opposition.

of course a total opposition wipe out is very bad. even mahathir agrees on that.

u can campaign for a 2/3 majority for barisan, then the rest u can have opposition. how? is that fair?

Leithaisor said...

Mahathir inconsistent? Recipe for disaster?

There have been many, many times during the dark Mahathir years when similar sentiments have been expressed by many.

Indeed, if the statements made over the years are compiled an analysed, it has been said a case can be made that to condemn Mahathir with his own words.

It would do the large numbers of young Malaysians who idolise TUN Mahathir now to look at his track record and see him for what he truly is.

He has not changed from the time when he used to condemn the Chinese as Communists who are not good for Malaysia to then turning around and calling the Chinese hard-working saviours of the nation.

Nothing new. He is the epitomy of "Melayu mudah lupa".

TOKZ said...

Hi Khoo,

As much as I fancy visiting your blog but I've to admit what you described about TUN MAHATHIR is TERRIBLY WRONG. Despite criticisms labelling TUN MAHATHIR as a dictator, tyrant, senile & bla, bla, bla, we should give TUN the utmost RESPECT.

He's one of those FEW CAPABLE LEADERS who had the ability & intelligence to implement CRAZY but VIABLE POLICIES. He single handedly guided Malaysia OUT OF SEVERAL ECONOMIC CRISIS during his tenure as PM. He also avoided borrowing from IMF of which ecomomic experts said it was a SUICIDAL MOVE but TUN proved otherwise.

For all his brilliant contributions, I reckon we ought to give TUN MAHATHIR credit when credit is due. Although many people do say he is this & that but these are completely irrelevant.

Afterall to be a GOOD LEADER, there bound to be people who LOVE & HATE you. However as for me, I only look at RESULTS & results showed me TUN MAHATHIR is WORTHY of being respected as the BEST PM in MALAYSIA till date.

Why are there so many people who fear TUN MAHATHIR (including Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang, Karpal)??? It's becos' people know how STRONG, CAPABLE & INTELLIGENCE this gifted man is.

P.S.- Instead of condemning TUN, I reckon we should give him a BREAK (let alone compliments). What say you, Khoo???

giam2020 said...

This is vintage Mahatirism, he speaks
what the audience want to hear. The end justify the means.

Anonymous said...

Karma chameleon, thats what TDM is! All these ranting is not going to be good for him as well as country. He shud learn to sit on the rocking chair and look at the sky.

Jack said...

What Tokz said can only be concluded that he is either blind or a total a**e licker. Without wastages and all the bullshit governance, m'sia wouldn't have got into such economic crisis.

Maybe perhaps we should see from where Tokz got his point of view. If we were to have a low standard, a standard that is second to zits, then yes, TDM is the best PM in M'sia. Or maybe among the best president of a political party in his hey day, second only to Semi-Value.

Anonymous said...

A good indicator is our foreign exchange. Before this Mahafiraun, RM1=S$1. After that you see the slide. Now, RM2.4=S$1. Malaysian are losing because this Mahafiraun and cronies have sucked us dry. Wake up Malaysians! Storm the Bastille.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir, your day are numbered.The grave is waving at you. My advice, stop fooling people around. Go home and read the holy book 'Koran'. Do a lot of late night prayers which you've missed and neglected.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is influential and relied upon by certain individuals in UMNO who feel the loss of contracts and other handouts because of the loss of the five states.
He will be quickly ignored if Najib can win back these states and restore the goodtimes to these greedy robbers and thieves.
In the meantime the vicious old man will work at undermining his perceived enemies and strenghtening his children positions in the party.

Anonymous said...


I am curious if the results you use to measure Mahathir's success are the same as what is described in para 5 of the KKP's post?

Also to demystify some of the myths about Dr M:-

1) He was forced to go his own way in 1998 because he had to bailout the cronies including his own son (Tongkah,Pantai etc.). IMF were wrong with their suggestions but Dr M's actions were a means to an end which did not necessarily mean Malaysia's economic welfare.

2) Malaysia's growth in the early-mid 1990s under Dr M is no different from what was experienced by our neighbours down south and up north. Malaysia is now experiencing slowing growth because the economy has hit its limit up. Only way for Malaysia to experience 8%+ growth and show it is no one trick pony is for there to be a structural change for the better in the economy. I won't be holding my breath to see that happen under BN.


Anonymous said...

Dear tokz,
have you ever ask Mahathir to give AAB a break?

Fair & Just said...


You must be one of Mahathir's many cronies who have benefited financially from this multi-headed serpent.

So now you are hoping that your God-Father will be back in his old days awarding lopsided government contracts to his lapdogs like yourself.

TOKZ, you are despicable, selfish and greedy asshole.

Salim W. F. said...

It is time that all responsible country loving Malaysia must conduct some serious by unbiased political scientists, sociologists and social economists from local and foreign universities [United Nation experts are welcomed to] to evaluate the contributions and destructive acts done by our Tun Mahathir for his era in politic from his early days to his 20 years as our Prime Minister.
Areas of studies and research:
1. Send him for a D.N.A. test to determine if he is a Malay for background for this study.
2. List out his contributions in economy, social, and spiritual aspect to the rakyat country.
3. List out his destructive acts done to our economy, social [especially on race relation], and spiritual aspect to the rakyat country.
4. Did robbed away our Malay royal rulers’ power through a parliamentary sitting?
5. Is his in “divide and rule” politic a Jewish version of political game?
6. Conduct royal commission to investigate if he is cleanest and least corrupted leader of the world.
7. Apply to the Court if can conduct a search of his and family assets determining how much he is worth?
8. Have a parliamentary debate if the government must send him to International Court of Justice to try him if the report is completed and the revealing he had done much harm to the country.
9. If the report reveal his contribution is godly, the Parliament and Cabinet must compensate him a RM1 billion or more.

In order to fund the study let us start a fund, each Malaysian must contribute RM2 each.

Salim W. F.

Anonymous said...

Rent seeking evolved into a fine art under his 22 years rule and that is Mahathir's greatest legacy.

That our ringgit declined from almost parity to the RM2.40 : S$ 1.00 during that period speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Most of you have simply lost it. As I see it, what ever suit your taste is good otherwise they are arse lickers, bastards, cronies and the like.

As a leader, you're bound to make mistakes. This is true for every leaders in the world. As leader in out own right, we do make mistakes.

Policies are often made based on the existing requirements and current information. To say that privatisation is bad now after it has contributed towards the economic growth in the 90s is easy.

As an economic graduate you should know about the theory of limited resouces and unlimited wants. So what is really wrong with privatisation anyway? Didn't everyone from every races in Malaysia benefits.

For those who are taking post shots at Tun Mahathir for the state of the economy are those who simply hate Mahathir.

After 22 years there must be some good that Mahathir has done for the economy and country, if not there is something really wrong somewhere...

Anonymous said...

One of the commentator's comment "that the Chinese must be stupid to invite Dr. M to speak" do not understand the Chinese mind. They needed a clown to cheer them up in this bad economical times and what better clown can you get by inviting DM? And what better jokes can you get when he talk about how great bolehland was under his watch. If you see Mickey mouse and it is not Disney land it must be Dr. M in Bolehland. It split my sides just hearing his contradictions and mindless rambling.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir was an ultra-nationalist and I believe he still is. Those who have read the Singapore Story by Lee Kuan Yew would know how Mahathir despised Chinese dominance in Singapore. And in 1990 when PBS left BN, Mahathir evoked religious hatred when he claimed that Pairin wants to start a TV station to propagate Christianity. Mahathir destroyed Muslim-Christian unity in Sabah!

Anonymous said...

>Yap Chong Yee said...
>Malaysia is not going anywhere soon, unless there is a change of government and it is past the right time to elect a PAKATAN RAKYAT government or Malaysia will lag behind Vietnam (if not we already have today), Thailand (same) and Indonesai (soon to be).
>10:41 AM
victor purcell wrote one paragraph on the positive attributes of the chinese and THREE paragraphs on the negatives. the chinese chee kee koo chee kee throughout history has brought about the chinese downfall in every country they move into.that is why ccp and sg rule the chinese with a iron whip and a bullet into the neck. aab and his pkr is no better. this aab talks too much, painting his moves for the bn to jump ahead of him/pkr.the non-bn malays SAW some hope in aab. now they are disillused.

misofreak said...

Look forward not back! Whatever he's done for or to the country no point going on and on. He's already had his day(s)... so enough alreadylah. Let's move on without him.

komando said...

Let the ole frog croak lah..he must say something otherwise pension tak his pension to keep croaking mah...

Jangan marah he is not going anywhere anytime...satu tenpat sahaja tunggunya...six feet under...

He cannot stop, verbal dieriaaa mah
let him enjoy the short moments still left...we enjoy his cartoons stories..write a book after this on him MATHIAS CHANG should be commissioned to do so..right person..!

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is not a clever or wise person. Racist people may seem clever but the best they can do is 80%. Which for an average guy seems pretty good. But these people rather not admit they cannot compete with the people at 90% to 100% level. Which is why he hates Lee Kwan Yew because not only is he chinese he is very successful. Malaysians of all races need to learn to live with each other peacefully all over again. He sooner the guy is gone, the better the chance of us achieving that. We should also look out for the younger generation ultras and racist bigots like Hishamuddin etc. He can stick his kris up his @ss.