Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Malaysia Boleh? Can 1Malaysia Teach Malaysians to Compete?

This is classic Malaysia. Once upon a time we started to produce our own local car with the help of Japanese second grade technology. When the car was not able to compete with other better foreign imports, we had to introduce an import control through the issuance of Approved Permits so that Malaysians did not have a choice but to buy the 'cheaper' local cars.

Ironically, some Ali Babas who were privileged enough to be given a bundle of free APs started to get entrepreneurial and used these APs to import other foreign make and try to localize them. Soon, the local car maker's existence and market share was threatened by these 'localized' foreign imports.

Once upon a time, we started to produce our own mobile phones and the manufacturer had wanted the government to impose a similar import restriction against foreign competitors. It was proposed that APs should be required to import foreign made mobile phones. Luckily, the proposal did not get very far.

The 1sekolah proponents are adopting the same mentality. In order to promote the national schools, they have called for the abolishment of the more popular Tamil and Chinese vernacular primary schools. They have accused these schools as a cause and cancer to the society's social harmony.

When the main stream media was troubled by the flourishing alternative media players, the same kind of modus operandi was applied. Close them down, take action against bloggers and the use of other harsh treatments.

When politicians have lost their mandate to rule, they too resort to the same old tested formula of trying to eliminate their opponents through the same means - use force and access to coercive legal instruments to achieve their end goal.

Yes, we rather destroy and point our fingers blaming others than trying to learn how to compete with our competitors.

Why can't our local car makers learn how to become world's beaters if Korean car makers which had faced serious negative quality perception can overcome all odds to occupy two out of ten spots as the biggest car producers in the world?

Why can't our mobile phone maker make a similar technological leap and become a successful regional player when phone companies in China can achieve record breaking results in less than 5 years? Do we realise that a number of Motorola patents and new models were created by Malaysian engineers based in Penang?

It was a fact that the enrolment of English medium schools outstripped both the Tamil and Chinese vernacular schools before these schools were nationalized in 1971? Up till today, most non-Malay parents still prefer to send their children to English speaking nations to pursue their tertiary education.

Hence, what was the main reason most non-Malay parents found the national schools as undesirable? They were not confident that these schools were able to meet the learning aspiration of their children. Simple. Nothing racial.

Similarly, why can't the main stream media learn how to compete with the alternative media which are not as well funded? If the nexus between political parties and the main stream media can be severed, there should not be a problem for it to compete for readership by producing fair and accurate reporting.

Why can't politicians compete for support through their ability to govern fairly, transparently and professionally? Why can't politicians respect the rule of law and the rule of a true democracy where people's mandate hold supreme?

Malaysians need to change our mindset and learn how to compete and compete fairly. I have given some examples here but I am sure you can find out more examples to identify the kind of mindset I was trying to point out.

Can 1Malaysia change this mindset?


Anonymous said...

Trying to change Malaysia for the better is like peeing against the wind.

Anonymous said...

"Can 1Malaysia change this mindset? "

Like hell, it can!
It's clearly all about "More of the same" BS by the present moribund regime.

romerz said...

Let me add about our national car.

Last year in July my wife bought the Saga 1.3 and even before it's 10k service, it's 2 electric windows at the front already can't work properly. Can go down but can't go up without being tugged at!

A few months after July, my mum changed her car to another Saga 1.3 (before my wife's car problems surfaced)

I had an even worse time with this one. Not even up for the 1st 1k service, the car engine died each time you stepped on the brakes to slow down.

Took it to the workshop and was 'fixed' 3 times but after each fix, it happened again. Eventually it got fixed after about a month.

Now as the car is about to near its 5k service, the front left door is out of alignment and can't close properly without slamming.

Worse is the back left door which when closed fully (after slamming) still protrudes about 1 cm from the rest of the body!

Unfortunately as KKP said, our myopic government chose to shy away from nurturing Proton into a competitive entity but instead left it rot to what it is today with protectionist measures for "Bangsa dan Agama!".

An UMNO/BN version of 1Malaysia and with all it's myopic agenda to 'protect' it's race/religion based agenda cannot work in this day and age!

Ultimately, even the Malays will suffer, if not already now as can be seen by non-UMNO Malays. And this can't continue any further for the non-Malays have been carrying this country for far too long (despite the institutional handicaps) and there will come a time when even the non-Malays can't do miracles.

The worst part is there are now many decent Malays who are capable and willing to come forth and help the Malaysian race and country but are labeled as traitors by the UMNO/BN bastards!

KKP is too gentle and politically correct to say this but until and unless we put these UMNO/BN bastards out of office, so much for 1Malaysia and "Malaysia boleh"!

For those interested on the question of Malaysian meritocracy, please read Dr Hsu Dar Ren's take on our education system. Please pay particular attention to his reader's comments.

Anonymous said...

How to compete when they teach history instead of geography in secondary school now? They teach history just to make some small farts in the past look big. Today school kids can't even draw out or point out the map of any major economic countries in the world.

Anonymous said...

it's all about race and face.


ernest cheah said...

Hi Khoo,
Kudos to you on this article, Everybody knew it but the oppotunist ( you know who) pretend not to know it.
To get things right it's has to get worse before the good come. what to do this is because of selfish, greed, no moral, (you name it), politicians.

Anonymous said...

If BN gone, I give 70% that Malaysia will change.

Alvin Lee Chow Hui said...

We can achieve 1Malaysia if we change the mindset of 2nd and 3rd liner of civil servants which consist of Ketua Pengarah and Pengarah. Datuk Najib visions is good. But we need a real policy that can governance the whole vision to success. Plan, Action and Deliverable !

Alvin Lee Chow Hui

ng said...

My friend's daughter just enrolled into one of the government Matrikulasi college in Kuantan few weeks ago. Guess what?
One of the teacher walked into the classroom and started to shout she wounldn't want to see any student without wearing baju kurung in her next class!

She's the only one non-Malay student in the class of more than 150 student!

Is this what we call unity?

YC said...

I don't see any point of “Total restructure” of present education system by implementation of "1Sekolah".

I believe only minor changes in current educational system.

Let’s take a look on present education system:
1) Vernacular school e.g. Tamil and Chinese school (Jenis Kebangsaan )
a. At primary level – student learn Chinese English and BM with Science, Math and Moral teach in bilingual of English and Chinese.
b. At Secondary level- student learn Chinese English and BM with Science, Math, History, Geography and Moral teach in bilingual of English and BM
2) In National School ( Kebangsaan)
a. At primary or secondary - student learn English and BM with Science, Math, History, Geography and Moral teach in bilingual of English and BM.
3) In University level – all diploma /degree are conducted in English (majority esp. professional fields) with only minimal usage of BM.

Based on current education system, I believe only minor change will achieved aims of “1 Sekolah” without the need to closed down all vernacular school. My suggestion as below:
a) At Primary level in Vernacular school, student still learn Chinese English and BM and
Science, Math and Moral teach in English only. To compensate for less time to learn Chinese/Tamil, I would suggest increase teaching time (e.g. double the time) of Tamil/Chinese.

b) At Primary level in National school, student still learn English and BM and
Science, Math and Moral teach in English only. To encourage Chinese/Indian parents their children to national school, Chinese and Tamil should be provided as optional subject and should be teach as same level as in Vernacular school. Malay students are encouraged to take up either Chinese or Tamil as optional subject.

c) At Secondary School (both National and Vernacular school), student learn English, BM, Chinese and Tamil (as optional subject in National school) with Science, Math, History, Geography and Moral teach in only in English.
d) Abolish Matriculation and Form Six. Establish Pre-University course with local or foreign university thorough out Malaysia. Only once criteria of intake – SPM result.
Pre-University course and examination should be similar for every center with controlled by a group of dedicate educationists.
e) Open up Mara/UiTM etc to all Malaysia. Be a true “PUBLIC” university will aims to produce quality workforce for nation building regardless of race.
f) All government scholarship should be based on merit either SPM or Pre-U results

Like Chinese famous quote "want to run even before able to walk". Please start with above minor change before suggesting a total/major restructuring of our education system. Please don’t jeapidise our children education.

Above suggestions only required all race to do small sacrifice. Every child in Malaysia will be provided with same type of education and same opportunities to proceed to higher learning center depend on merit.

ajoyly said...

The answer to all these problems is mastery of the English language both spoken and written. Without mastering it, the future will be bleak. It holds the key to success and prosperity. And not having the skill to use it is like condemning oneself to live in a cave. Forever in darkness.

kopitelp16 said...

We live in Bolehland where everything is a OK! Competition? What competition?

In the eyes of our so-called leaders, we are No.1 in the world in everything we do. Why? Because we are the only country on Mother Earth.

Anonymous said...

the die is cast, and the wind of change will come. Hmmm maybe until the next election.

Malaysia is only 50 years old and thats very young. The maturity of the political party will come to a 2 party system like the history of other country. How long it will take? :)

Until then, Rakyat team has to learn to nurture its future leaders to pave the way. Bring back talents back to Malaysia, improve our economy, and seriously mentor the young ones into a better person, don't drag them down(this msg is to BN and grown ups). They will blame you when they grow up. The kids are not stupid.

Those who are in power will always be in power, because we give it to them consciously and unconsciously(e.g. as a poor person do you choose money or pride/freedom?).

Until we are awake (when the numbers of "we" reached to a certain stage), the winds of change will come...

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