Thursday, May 14, 2009

Najib: Decision on the polls is up to the Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah

Pakatan wanted a dissolution of the state assembly and fresh polls be called. The civil society is encouraging it. UMNO's coalition partners are calling for the same. The people are desperate to end the current political crisis and get on with life.

Now, Najib said Barisan Nasional does not fear fresh elections in Perak and will face the people when the time comes but any decision on whether to hold the polls is up to the Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah.

So what is the honourable Sultan waiting for?
All parties are willing and ready. Just do it!


Anonymous said...

Yeah sure,
but UMNO had put it to him that if you dissolve the assembly, your son will never succeed the throne.
So, the honourable Sultan will never dare to cross sword with UMNO.

Anonymous said...

and also your daughter via GAMUDA will be void of projects........

longman said...

Bravo .. let see the sun will rise from the west or not

Anonymous said...

He cant just dissolve the assembly.

He has to be officially advised to dissolve the assembly by the MB.

Since in his eyes, Zambry is the MB, then Zambry should seek an audience with the Sultan to advise him to dissolve the assembly.

Kooi Heng said...

Did BN officially request for a dissolution?
No! And it's not up to Sultan Perak, unless you see BN send a paper asking for dissolution.

Until that, these are all just lies.

giam2020 said...

A case of passing the buck.
If UMNO do not seek the Sultan's consent to dissolve the assembly,
do you expect the Sultan to do it

People said...

How long BN going to hide behind the Royal?
Don't treat all the nations like an Idiot!

Nordin said...

Whoever put the idea that the sultan hold the right to decide for the state poll is really a fool. The moment we adopted for democracy and constitutional monarchy, we have never given the sultan that right. To honor him as the head of state,we allow him to declare for the poll. That has been the meaning. Otherwise, we are turning to a full blown monarchy.

ernest cheah said...

Hi Khoo,
This is the case of kids or school children's work. getting credit when things favour and push away to others when things turn sour.
Do you think he deserve to be the P.M.of Malaysia.
A good P.M. earned the respect of the citizen rather then when everybody calling for by-election in perak, he said it's up to the sultan with his hand tied but enjoying in USA.

Son of Perak said...

Sultan taking instruction from UMNO. What prove do you want?

Anonymous said...

Is it true? The above comment? Anyway, it's the fear of losing. Those UMNO people only said Anwar is only planning for by-elections at places he's confident of winning. Then I can only say UMNO's too afraid for this snap election. Dear PM, if it's "1Malaysia", you're not putting us rakyat first. The rakyat wants a snap election. So give it to them.

1Malaysia has indeed become a great big joke. To think, we're having a competition to create a song for it! Haha! It's apple-polishing... yup, that's what i'd call it!

Anonymous said...

UMNO says its up to the palace.Palace says they are above politics.We are back to square one-nothing will happen

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Desperate people do desperate things
They will do their stuff faster than they think
For fear they'll lose everything in a blink
Forgetting to bother how badly they stink

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150509
Fri. 15th May 2009.

rahsia said...

I wonder whether if Sivakumar is still the speaker, will he let a motion of no confidence be carried out?

I think that's also a part of the speaker's power that should be curb as it provide a mean to reject a legitimate motion. Just like the Sultan's prerogative to agree to a snap election request by the MB.

These flaws in the constitution should be amended to as clear as possible. Otherwise we can argue till the cows come home & the mosquito goes to sleep.