Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh NO! Another Race-Based Party...

Soon upon his release, P. Uthayakumar, the Hindraf founder, told The Malaysian Insider that he is considering establishing a new political party.

Q: What are your political plans? Would you join PKR or DAP?

A: (Laughs uproariously…) Out of the question. I am not happy with the two parties and what they have done for the Indian community. They did not do enough in the critical areas that really matter.

Q: What are the critical areas?

A: One is land… land for Tamil schools, temples, squatters and crematoriums… they did not do much. The Pakatan ruled five states and they were masters over land but they did not do much. In Penang there are only 28 Tamil schools but nothing has been done… even with an Indian as deputy chief minister. They could have done, but have not in over one year in power. If they solved the land matter they could have solved 70 per cent of the problems of the Indian community. How can I join their political parties?

When asked if his struggle for the oppressed would include other races. Uthaya replied "Only Indians, for now."

Uthaya should take a leaf from the fate of MIC, a smallish race-based party representing the Indian community. Uthaya may have inspired the community to stand up against being oppressed and marginalised but a political party which depends on the Indian community alone is hardly going to make a big impact in any electoral competition.

Indian voters represent at most 30 percent of total voters in a constituency. It is highly unlikely that Uthaya's party is going to make any headway if it intends to become a third political force in the country without seeking the alliance of either PR or BN.

Going to the BN to form an alliance is highly unlikely. The way Hindraf leaders were detained and released at the whim and fancy of the BN government is irresponsible and high handed. Now, the 5 leaders have an option to sue the government for a just compensation.

Moreover, if the Najib administration is seriously seeking to redeem itself an action must be taken against Syed Hamid Albar for his part in approving the detention. Any minister cannot hide behind an executive order which cannot be challenged in the courts. This is the first legislation which must be deleted if any administration is keen to promote democracy and accountability.

Uthaya's Indian only party will have to seek an alliance with the PR. Hindraf was effective as a movement but the same cannot be said when this movement restructures to become a political party. As a political party, it needs the support of multiracial voters. Continuing its struggle purely from a race-based perspective is going to put off a number of potential supporters.

Its seat options may also be quite limited due to a low proportion of Indian voters in all constituencies.

A new Indian-based party in PR may create unnecessary frictions with both DAP and PKR, both with quite a high number of Indian voters and elected representatives.

What Uthaya needs to do is to seriously consider all available options and choose the best one which can help to end racial politics in the country and not trying to deepen it. Racial politics which appeared to favour one race against the rest is the main cause of marginalisation faced by the Indian community.


romerz said...

Not the individual but the CAUSE of a greater Malaysia!

amoker said...

only PR people prayed , virgil for his freedom .. and got arrested. Now that he is out, he showed that he is not grateful and wanted to be his own destiny. Wonder if he is succesfullly turn over to create suspicion among civil societies?

Anonymous said...

Is Gerakan not one? It is dominated by Chinese! Any Malay made it in the fold?

nckeat88 said...

I will not support this racist. In fact I am afraid he is on the way to become an extremist. We are fighting for multiracial justice but he is going backward for this cause. I am really afraid he will try to 'provoke' the Indian to go against the gov with violence and the gov will stereotypically response with violence as well. He is just giving another excuse for the gov to use ISA in the future.

Anonymous said...

"Going to the BN to form an alliance is highly unlikely" You must be really naive, aren't you? How do you know what is happening behind the very scenes you believe does not exist? This is politics lah.

The release of the Hindraf trio appears to be a sort of knee-jerk reaction to the fracas in the Ipoh Assembly, or so it seems. I thought you guys are so savy and skillful in politics. What a novice you all are.

When Hindraf took to the streets, it did not have the political support of political support, across the divide, neither did it solicit help from political parties and the impact that event created needs no reiterating. Just by giving a few seats and ceremonial duties would not solve the deep seated frustration and anguish of the Indians. Do you know that from the feedback that I have got from Perak, the Indians (and some Malays) sincerely believe that most of the opportunities are going to the Chinese. True or perception I know not but it is getting louder by the day.From the feedback I get, Indians are going to shop around and bargain for the best price(s).

Do I sound like a racist? I am not one and never will be. But I just wish to drag down to earth guys like you who believe in what at best can only the surface. I am non-partisan at best trying to wake you guys up, particularly those from the opposition. No matter what, Indians are going to go back to the BN fold in droves. Wait for the day I am proven right.

If there is no seriousness enough to see it thoroughly, you are going to be fooled. May be then, and only then, you all may appreciate what I am writing today.
Preaching about non-racial politics is one thing but how many practice it? It is because I believe in it that I am highlighting this. Take it or leave it. ADIOS

Anonymous said...

We should look at race-based politic on a wider angle.

In this case if a particular race is lacking far behind and extra attention diverted to upgrade their living one should not classify them under race-based party.

Race-based politic should look upon as full attention being given to a particular race when they are well off and continue to pamper them while others are being neglected.

At times one has to set priority to get mission done not tantamount to prejudice.


Anonymous said...

Another race based party is the last thing Malaysia needs. But then, who cares for 1,2 or 3Malaysia. It is every community for itself, no other ethnic group will fight for yours. Your problems are primary, others are secondary. The BN formula works. Divide and rule. Give each community appeasement, not fundamental rights for all. Then continue to screw them. Malaysians cannot see the forest for the trees. They will accept crumbs.

nur mohd nidzam said...

Well said Mr Khoo,100 percent agree with you that Hindraf must struggle to pit an end to racism of any kind in this country and not encourage racism with 'INDIAN ONLY' mentality.

Anonymous said...

I find this statement incredible "If they solved the land matter they could have solved 70 per cent of the problems of the Indian community"

Really ?

Dont let the title Kingmaker go to your heads, in Bukit Selambau it was reported that the Indian votes tide favoured MIC, but the Chinese and Malay votes overwhelmed that. How many comstituencies in this country has an absolute Indian Majority ?
Zero, ZIP none.How many of the 500+ constituencies have Indians as a deciding factor ? 21 to 50 tops.If UMNO that controls the federal government and the biggest race based party in the country is losing ground because the population is growing weary of race based politicking, where do you think Uthaya's party if he forms it will end up ? BN will just play them against MINDRAF formed by manuel Lopez while MIC sits there laughing. Do you think MIC will allow another Indian Party into BN? No way, according to the BN constitution all 13 components must agree before they admit a new party, have some forgotten what happened to IPF ?
Lastly specifics Uthaya and the rest who posture within Hindraf ? Dont just give general statements, Which land ? when was the memorandum sent ? To whom ? What was the objective ? details -details details ? lastly Hindraf may be vociferous and able to garner large numbers in street protest, but remember the absolute vote numbers came from the silent majority, ordinary citizens from all racial backgrounds who sympathized with the way BN treated Hindraf badly, and voted for Hindraf canditates who stood on PKR or DAP tickets. Could they have won on Indian Votes alone ? No way.
They voted you in to take care of all interests not one ethnic group.I am getting tons of feedback on the ground, and they are dissilusioned with these race centric demands,Could Manoharan have won on the Indian vote alone in Kota Alam Shah,making similar statements like above in GE12? If this continues the maturing electorate will ensure that no support will be given to Hindraf canditates on any tickets, forcing them to stand as independents, and lose the strength that a coalition affords.Do I need to do the math in Tamil ? I do I have to write another "Its in the numbers bodoh" article.
Evolve or perish - you have been warned -
Should we abolish race based political party's ?

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

James Khoo said...

Seriously, what can you expect from Hindraf? Many Malaysians blindly sympathize with its leaders as they were ISA-ed. They don't understand that Hindraf is just as racist and so futile, if not bad as the other race-based party.

telur dua said...

In today's context, why would an aspiring politician/ political party want to limit one's audience and consequently the support?

United you stand, divided you fall. They should join PR en-masse.

Anonymous said...

We are all fully aware where Mr. P. Uthayakumar, the Hindraf founder is coming from. But we pledge Mr. Utahyakumar to consider expending the Hindraf ideology and movement to a bigger picture for a better Malaysia truly for all Malaysian regradless the race.

Anonymous said...

No Indian only political party can survive independently in Malaysia. They will exist in political limbo like IPF and MUIP.

Pakatan Rakyat being a multi-racial coalition with a platform of fighting for all races should avoid a Hindraf political party like the plague. PR should not allow any race based party to join.

If a Hindraf candidate stands against PKR, let's see how the Indians vote. Bukit Selambau has shown that the Indians are practical people who do not give their votes to losers like Indian independents.

Not all Indians support Hindraf. Many of them can see what the Hindraf leaders cannot - that a racist one race agenda ultimately helps to perpetuate the BN system which is structurally flawed to favour the dominant race.

Race based parties fighting for their own race can only result in racial inequalities. It's like fighting for food in an orphanage. The stronger and bigger ones get more while the weaker ones get less, it's as simple as that.

The only solution is for multi-racial parties to fight for issues irrespective of race. This requires a political change as it cannot be implemented by BN.

Can Hindraf see beyond race and help PR or will they stick to their one race agenda and inadvertently help to perpetuate BN rule?

Anonymous said...

The name Hindu Rights Action Force mean that u fight for Hindus, not Indians. There are other races who are Hindus as well. So why should HINDRAF form a party to fight for Indians only ?

Anonymous said...

>What Uthaya needs to do is to >seriously consider ......

that is most practicable. Could not uthaya and his gang ask for help from the dap, pkr for inside help for the indians? A lot of things can be done without big splash in the newspapers before mamak's time. An example is dr chan ?? for the chinese schools.

Anonymous said...

hey guys...dun just simply say tat Mr Uthaya is racist n all sort of nonsense!!! remember,just becoz of his care for Indians n the idea of a mass rally made lots of changes to the country now!!! i still remember all the campaigns before last elections,all the leaders shouted 'Makkal Sakti' just to create sympathy and the votes of minor indians!!! think before you people is hw indians were treated for the past 52years even if we born in this land and so called 'WARGA NEGARA'!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Hindraf is selfish movemeng..only thinks about theirself??how about orang Asli, Iban, Dayak Dusun, Kelabit, Chinese or even poor Malay?
Now after been freed, he only thinks about Indian?Next time around..with out other race support HINDRAF is nothing!!
You guys should joins MIC,,because they also think about themselves!!

Anonymous said...


The man has spent time locked up unjustly, he had a lot of time to think, another race based party - why not, are Malaysian's not racist, when Malaysian's cease to be racist, then only then will Malaysia be ready for western style democracy. In Malaysia we have Malays, Chinese, Indians and a few Malaysians (these only exist in large numbers overseas)

UMNO has PAS , MCA has DAP ,MIC need HINDRAF - a race based formidable force (as a political party) as its opposite - - one to bury MIC (IPF , MUIP are nothing). Only UthayaKumar is angry enough , Indian enough to bury MIC and bury MIC is what he wants to do and we must support him there.

PAS will take care of burying UMNO
DAP should do its part with MCA
Uthayakumar should wake the Indians up and bury MIC

PKR will fight for all Malaysians. With BN's dead abd buried, then we can talk about being Malaysians and not Malays, Chinese, Indians and lain lain, right now lets fight fire with fire, cut steel with steel and so on.

I have nightmares reading Malaysiakini's report
'president's son Vell Paari, who is vying for the vice-president's post' - is this the Indian's voice, I rather have Uthayakumar the politician speaking for the Indians for thier voice to be heard.

Kenny Gan said...

Hindraf going to bed with Umno is not so strange. Their ethnic based one race agenda is a good fit to BN's race based system. In comparison, Hindraf despises PR's multi-racial approach and is always slamming PR for not doing enough for Indians.

If Hindraf leaders are hungry for political power (and some of them have exhibited this tendency), a short cut is to form a party and join BN. It's the only way they can get their parties registered. Another way is to join MIC after Samy Vellu steps down.

However, don't expect Indian support to follow Hindraf to BN. Hindraf will give the impression that they are bring back Indian support to BN but the ground reality is that they have will have to leave Indian support at the gates.

Indian disenchantment of MIC goes beyond Samy vellu. Many of them realize that the race based model just doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, (7.36pm)

A coalition of race based parties under another name will just propagate the same racial inequalities like BN. Hindraf will become the next MIC and another Samy Vellu will arise.

A race based system where each race fights for its own rights and privileges does not work if there is one dominant race. It will never result in equal treatment for minority races.

Let's all bear this in mind as we look forward to a new Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, (7.36pm)

I beg to differ, a dominant race in Malaysia will NEVER be fair and just in it's treatment of minorities, Malaysia is not UK, US, Canada, Australia where minorities rights are protected and special privelages are accorded to them. It's the reverse where special rights/privelages are accorded to the dominant race. MIC has been the voice of the Malaysian Indian in Government and what did MIC do for the Indians, it sold them lock stock and barrel. Hindraf grouse as I see it is against MIC the Indian voice, all the other shenigans it has been upto in the past is to gain notoriety, the bottom line is the Indians been screwed by Indians from MIC. What Hindraf has achieved is notoriety and why waste it, register an Indian based political party and fight MIC on one front. Hindraf political party based on race based politics has no chance in hell to represent Malaysians as a whole (I am an Indoian and I don't want or need them) however they have every right to voice the general Indian populace concerns heard under the Pakatan Rakyat umbrella which Barisan Nasional todate has shown no interest in doing so - so to speak ISA'ing and sending thier leaders in exile.

Hindraf - go ahead and form a race based party and fight for the betterment of your race- however without antogonising and coming into racial conflict with other's.

Alex said...

Dear Khoo,

Can Gerakan or other relevant authorities lodge a police report against the blogger Barking Magpie also identified as Rusdi by Raja Petra for his seditious article in his blog - calling for war to be waged against PR supporters..a real war mind you.

The url:

Highlights from the blog:
- Calling Uthayakumar a terrorist
- Follow the Sri Lanka way in waging war against groups and individuals
- War in Malaysia is needed for peaceful co-existence (his logic defies explanation)
- All need to be taught a true lesson in peace (by waging war?)
- It appears in Malaysia that we need war to obtain that
- What say you Brother Uthaya and YB BABI! Are you ready, really ready, for this shit?!

Khoo Kay Peng said...


You should pose this question to a Gerakan leader or its HQ, not on my blog?

Technically, anyone should be able to make a police report against an inciteful statement. Why don't you take the lead?