Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stop Instigating, Lee Wei Kiat

MCA spokesman and central committee member Lee Wei Kiat questioned why DAP and PKR had remained silent about the strong opposition by PAS to the Cabinet’s decision that minors follow the common religion of their parents at the time of marriage when one spouse opts to convert.

Politically, Lee may want to try to score some brownie points. Socially, it is irresponsible for Lee to continue instigating some politicians on this matter. As a party spokesman, Lee should adopt a more rational and responsible behaviour not to politicize this decision.

Lee should focus on creating more awareness of the recent decision. Non-muslim couples should be educated on their parental right to determine the religion of their children. Lee's current action does not bring any benefit to the Malaysian Chinese community.

Race and religious matters should be carefully handled in this country. We applaud decisions made based on common sense.

Lee added, “The fact that Pakatan Rakyat parties did not hold a common stand indicates their fragility as a united team.”

Lee should speak for his own coalition too. Can Lee confirm that his party agrees with UMNO on all issues pertaining to NEP, Islamisation, Perak power grab, money politics, socio-economic policies, political arrogance etc.?

Politics is not the only solution to our society's woes especially when there are so many irresponsible politicians in the country.


Rajan said...

KP - scoring browny points are more important than winning the game for the MCA. Sadly, the communal politics have lost its style and MCA continues to walk into the sunset. I say to them sudddup

nckeat88 said...

I think it is not fair to say that. The BN parties may not agree among themselves but unlike the PR. The PR can't agree among themselves on this issue but in stead of giving some good suggestion, they blame the BN for not consulting the sultan. OMG, are they trying to drag the monarchy again like in Perak. If the Sultan sided the BN, will the PR 'patik minta derhaka' again?

James Khoo said...

Aren't we all hypocrites, me, everyone and YOU, Khoo Kay Peng included?

I say this because you talked about scoring brownie points. Which politician doesn't? Which blogger doesn't?

But then you would now and then take on this holier-than-thou attitude. SIGH, I guess that's why we are sinful mortals, all of us, me included.

Another Khoo.

Anonymous said...

MCA is a disgrace to all Malaysian Chinese. When their masters used the keris to threaten the Chinese, what did MCA do? Nothing!

Fulsiol said...

This Lee Wei Kiat is no different from Lim Kit Siang.

Check out what Lim Kit Siang put up everyday in his blog.

Same like what Lee Wei Kiat is doing. No different Pakatan or Barisan.

waiting for politician with big ideas will take another 10 years.


Anonymous said...

I was a staunch MCA supporter for over 30 years, not anymore. Why? Not because it had continually betrayed the Chinese in Malaysia. Anyway, I feel that political parties should help ALL Malaysians. But, because they continuously and continually betray the Chinese and yet spout out slogans that they're there to help the Chinese. If ever UMNO gives in on any issue, it was never because of MCA's exhortations but because of the opposition. MCA should just shut up and quietly and diligently work for the peoples of Malaysia. We're now smart enough to know who works for and care for us. That goes for Gerakan too. They keep attacking the Penang government thinking that they can reclaim the post of chief-ministership if the Penang government falls. To the Gerakan, I say, DREAM ON. Even if the present Penang government falls, the likes of Koh and Teng will still be consigned to the waste-bins of history... and we know why, don't we?

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from leaders of the Malaysia Chicken Association. They only how to quack and peck leftovers.

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

MCA has still not got. They have been roundly rejected by the Chinese Community on March 8 and their role as UMNO's poodles is well known.
MCA can never stand up to the consistent stand taken by the DAP on any issue that affect us - be it NEP, ISA, religion, human rights, or Chinese rights.
This is a party without a soul. A party without followers.

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

The fact that Pakatan Rakyat parties did not hold a common stand indicates that democracy is alive.

Anonymous said...

kkp says:
>Lee's current action does not >bring any benefit to the >Malaysian Chinese community.

the only religion the chinese believes in, is money. if i tell a chinaman this stone will give him/her money, he/she will fall down and worship him

Anonymous said...

NCKeat88...for your info, PR dont drag Monarchy in..unlike BN who hides behide the sheets of Monarchy.
About Perak, it is UMNO/BN that kept bringging in the Monarchy. Do your homework.

MCA dont have its own stand, since they merely Pets..they stand behind UMNO. Behave reward. Good dog.


kopitelp16 said...

I sound to me when the opposition is questioning some issues esp religious ones, they're trying to politicize the issue while MCA can be seen like a hero if they do the same. Basically some of these MCA reps are politically bankrupt.

CKSF said...

kopitelp16 said...
these MCA reps are politically bankrupt.
11:12 AM
yes, but financially prosperous.tell me, why do ANY chinese become elected politician?
To make money for him/herself.