Monday, May 11, 2009

Sultan of Perak Must Get It Right - Allow Fresh Elections

Despite the Kuala Lumpur High Court’s decision today to recognise Nizar Jamaluddin as the rightful menteri besar, the shameful event of illegal power grab is far from over. From the Prime Minister Najib Razak’s initial reaction, the BN is like to challenge the decision, wisely or otherwise. The coalition might even call for an emergency sitting to cast a vote of no confidence against the menteri besar.

However, the decision will now put the legality of 7 May state assembly sitting under a microscope. It is possible that the appointment of MIC R. Ganesan as the new speaker is also not legal. Without being a legitimate menteri besar, can Zambry force through a vote of no confidence against the speaker and replace him with one of his own people? Is DAP Sivakumar still the rightful speaker?

Next, is Zambry’s government illegal too? Can Zambry be charged under the Criminal Procedure Code for impersonating the menteri besar, occupying his office and enjoying his perks and power?

This court ruling has a vast implication on BN. I have shared this view with a few friends that BN is likely going to face both moral and psychological deficit if it chooses to push ahead with the power grab. Morally, it is very difficult for the coalition to justify accepting the support of three tainted ‘independent’ assemblymen as the bulwark of its government. The legs supporting this new administration are too shaky and unreliable.

It will also be morally wrong to continue insisting that the coalition has a majority to rule if it is obvious that the power grab was not acceptable to the voters. A better decision would be to cut losses and return the right to choose a government back to the people.

Continuous power jostling is going to hurt the BN’s chances in the next general election. With its access to resources at the federal level, the BN can similarly establish a shadow state administration to serve the people.

Najib has repeated his pledge to listen to the people. The voice of dissatisfaction and disapproval of the BN’s power grab is loud and clear. This is the voice Najib cannot pretend to miss and yet preach about change and being a good listener. It is disappointing to note that both MCA and MIC, instead of being agents of change, were actively participating in the power grab.

It is almost impossible for Zambry to continue acting out his role as a menteri besar after the high court ruled in favour of his opponent, Nizar Jamaluddin. He will not enjoy the respect and acceptance of the people until he returns the mandate to choose a new government to the voters. They are the ones who will ultimately decide the fate of both Zambry and Nizar.

BN’s reluctance of going back to get a fresh mandate does not augur well for the once mighty coalition. What does it has to lose if the Perak BN is so confident that they are supported by the majority? Why must they be afraid of the minority voices?

It is time to prove whose will is greater, the people or the politicians.

The ball is now in the palace’s court. The monarchy must not fail the people again. They must demonstrate that the monarchy is truly above politics by respecting the court’s decision and to allow Nizar to dissolve the state assembly and pave way for fresh elections in the state. By refusing to do so, the continuing of power jostling in the state assembly will only make the political quagmire worse.

Someone must own up to the mistake. We hope some sense will prevail at the palace tomorrow.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let justice take its natural course
For all those taking up the right cause
Let there not be any further excuse because
All are tired of antics and tactics coarse

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110509
Mon. 11th May 2009.

Anonymous said...

For the final time, we want to repeat our demand as the rakyat of Perak : disolve the assembly and lets all vote again. If Zambry and gang still refuse to do the gentlemen way and come out with another will cost them to lose the federal government in no time.

Anonymous said...

All your posting are brillent and hence we have nothing to post.Any thanks for the insight.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

InsyaAllah melayu cina dan india akan 100%
menyokong Pakatan Rakyat sekiranya DUN
di bubarkan.


Anonymous said...

"it is disppointing to note that MIC and MCA.....",

Mr Khoo, what about Gerakan. That fella was salivating with his exco post, mate. You forgot about that.

goodness, Gerakan is good for what these days?

Anonymous said...

It's a trap.
Why else was BN so insistent in appointing it's own Speaker- to the point of using force.
Furthermore, a Speaker who is not an Adun- thus no vote lost in the Assembly (unlike Sivakumar who could not vote).
BN will now move a vote of no confidence and legitimise its rule of Perak.
Remember, BN has been playing this game long before us.

Anonymous said...

Hi, khoo

Your PM is asking the people to be calm, wondering who is he refering to?
What Dato Nizar (PAS/PKR)wanted is to return the mandate to the perakian to choose, so simple as that, he is not going to grab the seat and sit there. What a shame to the 52years old party.

Anonymous said...

The REAL TRUTH is BN does not have the welfare of the people of Perak and the country in mind. If the rakyat are important to BN and umno - which we all know will never happen especially with all the greed for power and rampant corruption and abuses - they will have heeded the rakyat's wish to have a fresh election to decide once and for all who the rakyat really want in Perak. This has consistently been the call of Pakatan - to go back to the people. The fake Zambry pretended to want to go back to the people but dared not face an election. Why afraid? Notice that even najib's response to the High Court decision, he spoke of umno being powerful. If so powerful, then face a fresh election, be gentleman lah.

Anonymous said...

The loser in this game is not umno but the royal household indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Someone must own up to the mistake"?

In another time, another era, when integrity and honour were more the norm than the exception they are now, that may be the case.

Dulu lain, kini.... fat hopes unless it is politically expedient to do so.

Denial, spin doctoring, deceit, lies, subverting of legal processes and lop-sided law enforcement. Countless incidents which beg the use of these terms nowadays, not only ny laypeople, but by widely respected experts. From the likes of retired judge NH Chan, Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, Tunku Aziz and others.

Malaysia's name is mud, the subject of much international derision.

Is there enough honour and interity left in those responsible to own up?

Personally, I suppose they have to be given the chance to do so, and who knows, I may be proven wrong.

But I won't hold my breath waiting for them to do the right thing.


Nehemiah said...

According to Wikipedia: "The legal mechanisms constraining the powers of the three branches depend a great deal on the sentiment of the people. A common perception is that popular support establishes legitimacy and makes possible the actual implementation of legal authority."

The court of law has ruled in favour of Nizar, and by implication, the legislature and the executive under PR should remain status quo. If there are doubts about the legislature and executive, the monarchy should allow the people to choose their law makers and government leaders.

kopitelp16 said...

BN always singing the 'People's Government' tune but afraid to go back to the people.

Anyway, I was quite suprised at the Court's ruling. The winner? I'm afraid the mess will get even worse. There will be more Courts appointment with appeals, suits and counter claims. People's money are being wasted day after day!

To end all this, to me there's nothing swifter than the Sultan calling for a dissolution of the DUN.

BTW, can someone lodge a police report on the MB haram for all things haram done by him? Is there a provision to actually sue him?

Malaysian patriot said...

ITs all up to the Sultan now. Well it its time for the state ruler to finally show wheter he is above politics or not. however, BN would surely not go down without a fight, wheter playing it clean or otherwise. Lets hope Pakatan will prevail in this one

Anonymous said...

ITs all up to the Sultan now. Well it its time for the state ruler to finally show wheter he is above politics or not. however, BN would surely not go down without a fight, wheter playing it clean or otherwise. Lets hope Pakatan will prevail in this one