Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wong Chin Huat's Arrest - A National Shame

Wong Chin Huat was my ex-university course mate in UM. I have known him for more than 15 years. Wong is a respected lecturer, socio-political activist, writer and a member of the civil society.
He has written extensively on the electoral process, democracy, race relations and others. His detention under the controversial Sedition Act is a national shame.
In Lisbon, I have just spoken to some Iranian young activists about life and personal freedom in Tehran. They told me that Iranian youths are beginning to talk back and question the mullahs. However, the regime is able to maintain a tight control and instill fear in the society by taking sudden and awe actions against critics e.g. detention without trial.
Wong's arrest reminds us of a chilling similarity with what our friends in Iran are facing. In the true spirit of 1Malaysia, the government should drop all charges against Wong for exercising his democratic rights. Malaysians are smart enough to decide if they are going to follow Wong's suggestion or not to wear a black armband, t-shirt etc. on 7 May 2009.
What is wrong with black? Is it becoming a forbidden word or colour too?


Anonymous said...

When all else fail, use ISA. What do you expect when the corrupt is bankrupt of ideas?

tony c said...

Didn't I say it the other day? I will say it again...UMNO leaders of this country can only mouth cliches and slogans. So much for
1Malaysia, so much for telling the media to report without fear, so much for harnessing human resources, so much for etc etc to improve every aspect of the country. I will say it one more time,,,,UMNO will destroy Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I am a pastor, I used to wear a black shirt for worship services. I will wear it tomorrow.

clearwater said...

I read Wong Chin Huat's writings. He may not be pro-establishment but he is no sedition monger. He is passionately pro-democracy and pro-people's choice. I am shocked he is arrested on a flimsy pretext. Najib will have to take responsibility for this fiasco.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


As world's free people of honour
Let us all show our "true colour"
Whether at the brightest or darkest hour
Who we can turn to as our real Saviour?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060509
Wed. 6th May 2009.

Antares said...

Tyranny cannot allow defiance to go unpunished, knowing full well the seeds of its own demise are being sowed with every bold challenge to the false authority it has usurped.

TOKZ said...

Hi Khoo,

I've no choice but to agree that WONG CHIN HUAT deserved to be detained. BERSIH is one USELESS ORGANIZATION of which serves no whatsoever purpose. Moreover, it only causes unnecessary CHAOS & PROBLEMS for the ‘rakyat’.

Take a look at what happened during the recent BERSIH MARCH. The rakyat was forced to endure extreme traffic chaos, while, entrepreneurs lost MILLIONS of business due to the inconsiderate actions of BERSIH.

The most effective way to eliminate such NONSENSE ORGANIZATIONS like BERSIH is to first get RID of WONG CHIN HUAT. I strongly suggest the Government to have CHIN HUAT sent to KAMUNTING RESORT for good. Another option is to have him HANGED TILL DEATH in jail.

WONG CHIN HUAT is a PEST & TERRORIST to Malaysia’s peace & harmony!!! We must get RID of him!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya...all this racist no brainer party members are seriously dickhead. Just confront either or any of them..they will warn u this.." I suruh ISA tangkap u".
Is that the only chicken way solution they have upon desperation & fear.

I tot they only hide within the sheets of the abuse the power of ISA.

C'mon reason lah, dont threaten anyone smarter or better IQ then u. They are not insulting your intelligence UMNO.


kopitelp16 said...

His arrest paints a black picture of our new PM and his so-called vision. Really made a mockery out of it. Again, it proves that the PDRM is A TOOL to instill fear on Rakyats that dares to talk back.

Sad day.... the day freedom of speech died.

Serena said...

I am a friend of Chin Huat from university days. We used to stay in the same hostel and was in choir together. I will wear my black dress complete with black shoees and bag.

Chin Huat, I am proud of you! Stay Strong!

tonyboneka said...

It seems like only my death then my family have the right to wear in BLACK.

Hean Theng said...

Mr. Wong Chin Huat,
Black happend to be my favourite color. There is nothing wrong or illegal wearing or being black. The only thing that is illegal about black is "Black Market". My family is proud of you to stand up to the force. May God Bless You.

Hean Theng

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with wearing black? Black means the absence of colour and i thought the one malaysia concept is to be blind to all colours and races. Then wearing black is apt in this context.

daniel said...

Nobody will appreciate what you do for malaysia if you are not native MALAY.

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read that article. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is nothing but a superficial democratic Islamic states which you expect would only happen in dictatorship and communist nation. Don't believe me? Try proclaim yourselves a democratic socialist and speak in front of public. I would be surprise if you're not end up in jail within 24 hrs.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia.
In writing UMNO is native born in Malaysia, regardless you're Malay, Chinese, Indian descend. But in reality, UMNO consider only Malay who is a Muslim entitle full recognition.
Even big corporations hire top brass, if not UMNO, need not apply.
Of all 35% minority with more than half qualified as UMNO, has only few % succeeded as part of the govt body. A Visible Minority has no chance become a PM or deputy PM. Zero Nada.

IPOHKIA said...

Chin Huat, 9 Aug 2011, you were in Ipoh and the materails use to keep Ipoh rakyats awake and inform was so useful. Those slides during the Bersih rally, you were just excellent and the BEST PART is you gather majotiry youth in Malaysia to gather together as 1 Malaysia,No Malays, No Chinese, No Indians, No Ibans No Kadazans BUT ONLY Malaysian. You have done Malaysians Proud and stand high up.