Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Black = Death? Bad Luck?

All 1Black Malaysia supporters did were to wear black and drink a cup of kopi-o. Suddenly, the colour black is now associated with death and 'bad luck'.

A spokeswoman of Old Town Cafe said it was unfair of protesters to use the chain’s outlets for the protest. “We have loyal patrons who are unhappy with so many people suddenly appearing all wearing black, which we associate with death. This is very bad for business.

Hilarious! Hundreds of people came to her outlets to enjoy a cup of coffee and she said it was bad for business. My good friend, Chin Huat, can bring thousands of his supporters to my shop soon, 1Black Cafe. It sounds like a tempting investment. I will even roll over a black carpet to welcome them.

Pro-democracy NGOs yesterday announced they would repeat the protest tomorrow — at seven Old Town outlets in the capital and Penang. The protesters, who announced the location of the protests via the social networking website Facebook, urged the coffee company not to close the outlets.

“We are only drinking coffee and paying for it,” one protest leader said. “They make money, we get our message across.”

Man, I can't help but thinking that the coordinators of the meetings are colluding with the Old Town outlets to bring them extra revenue.

This time, police will be waiting for them. “We are monitoring the targeted outlets and if necessary will arrest any person wearing black as they approach the outlets,” a police spokesman said.

A joker will always remain a joker. Since when is wearing the colour black an offence?


Anonymous said...

To be fair to the cafe owner, it sounds like they don't want to associated with the protest.
I'd be unhappy, too, if someone decided to make me part of their protest whether I agree with the subject or not. And it's specious to argue that they were merely there to drink coffee.
It was a display of a political view, and let's call a spade a spade, and not hide behind some coy pretense.
Don't get me wrong; I agree with the sentiments behind the protest. The only thing I disagree with is the way it co-opts reluctant participants, and then slams them for not wanting to participate.

Cheers, keep up the good work in your writing!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just gather at Starbucks or some where like that?

mob1900 said...

Anon 1:51pm,
The people has found a subtle way to display their political views and yet this is now prohibited. Doesn't that tell you now that you have already 'lost' your right to have any views? Do you need these fLaw-enforcement agencies under influence of a Fascist party to take away your rights?

Exercise your rights before it's gone forever!

Mr. X said...

DAP said they don't support mastering of English for our kids, joker or not?

giam2020 said...

Very soon all car manufacturer, will not be allowed to produce cars in black color.What stupidity
on the part of the authorities.

kopitelp16 said...

Maybe they don't want to be seen as pro-opposition by allowing their chains to be used for the protest. However, they should just see it as pure business and nothing else!

Times are tough, so business must be welcomed. Wear black, wear white, yellow anything as long as they pay for their cuppa!

Starbuck? Nah.... too expensive and crappy coffee.

Oops.. need to get my hair dyed. No black!

Anonymous said...

If Old Town Cafe is so scared, then don give away free money to them la. Go to the real kopi tiam run by the old folks la, they make the best kopi-O anyway!

K L said...

The Police won't arrest anyone after Vincent Tan taking over Old Town !

Anonymous said...

Can we have one organized at Ipoh afterall it is about Perak. By the way just to let you know when we have our coffee at some Malay shop dressed in black, we are more than welcome. The owner even refused to close shop when the police urged them to saying who will be paying my losess

PaulineL said...

I think we should all go to Starbucks! After all, it's owned by Berjaya rite?

Anonymous said...

Time for a new franchise 1Black Cafe. I want 1.

Anonymous said...

hi all,

any link that i can know which coming Oldtown is targeted????.....i very keen to join!!


Anonymous said...

The police should arrest Sri Dato' Dr Lim Kok Wing. This gentleman likes to wear black.

James Khoo said...

While it is all right for the pro-Pakatan lot to protest, please do so without impinging on others' rights. For example, the shopowners have a right to choose their customers. If they don't want your business, that is their right.

Personally, I think Wong is just another opportunist who has found a way to get into the limelight as the police has stupidly played into his hands. I am not surprised if Wong were to run for election in one of the coming BEs or next GE.

All these anti-government antics are childish and it is also churlish to blame and mock people, like the shop owners when they refused to participate. I expect better of you, Khoo Kay Peng.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


From which planet do you come from? In business, there is a theory of demand and supply. If you put up something for sale, lets say RM5, can you refuse to sell to a buyer who offers just that, RM5?

If you are not keen to sell then close shop. What is wrong with a bunch of people going to Oldtown for a cup of coffee wearing black as long as they do not hold an impromptu ceramah there?

James, you are taking this too far. I am not a proponent of 1Black Malaysia but I cringe to watch such attitude and over reaction from my fellow Malaysians.

I owe you nothing to sound politically right.

Anonymous said...

This James Khoo reminds me of a time in the USA when white shopowners had the right to refuse to serve black customers. They have now unfortunately lost that right.

Anonymous said...

I dislike black my whole life but to show my support I have bought three black T-shirt and wore them on Tuesday adn Friday for the past two weeks.

Well, black is not so bad after all.

Anonymous said...

in law:

old town kopitiam only displaying their goods (e.g. kopi, tables, chairs, staff etc...)

you come in sit and you sit down, you order a cup of black kopi. that's an offer.

the staff brings you that cup of black coffee. that's acceptance.

contract law 101 -> offer & acceptance.

offer precedes acceptance.


Kenny Gan said...


Wong Chin Huat did not plot to get into the limelight via the police. He never expected to be arrested for making a call to wear black. Who would?

Yes, blame the stupidity of the police for free publicity for his 1BlackMalaysia campaign which would have been very low key otherwise. Who would not jump at the opportunity to capitalize on it?

So you disdain anti-government antics. But unfortunately for BN, the police are the ones playing all the anti-government antics now. They are making all the right moves to bring the govt to disdain and disrepute. One could almost imagine they are helping to effect a regime change come next G.E.

Anonymous said...

colour me badd, this is the worse parody in line with the authorities to arrest those dressing black. What if everyone would wear black underpants as a form of protest, would the goons force every old town patrons to undress???

aiyomanaboleh said...

Hi Khoo,

Just to clarify, there is a doctrine in law call "invitation to treat".

If I am not mistaken, it means the shop can refuse to serve or sell you the things/services on display.

But having said that, I feel the shop should just stay neutral and do the business with whoever as long as they behave themselves.

It may even hurt them more when word gets round they discriminate.

And James, this Wong guy really is putting his balls on line to get a little publicity and if you are up to it, so can you. But the question is, do you have the balls to put your balls on the line?

romerz said...

James Khoo,

Infringing on personal rights or discrimination?

Need I remind you that Old Town is a business that profits from ordinary Malaysians who patronize their place?

I'm of the opinion that once you choose to open such a business which welcomes everyone to increase your profit, you cannot then change the rules midway and say certain people are not welcome. (unless it is stated clearly from the start)

Try that from the start and see if your business survives or not.

Old Town should just stick to serving coffee to whoever can pay for it. Denying certain people from patronizing a public place is taking sides on which ordinary Malaysians are sick and tired of!

If I may dare, it borders on discrimination!

Sorry, your argument holds little substance!

bryan said...

i really hope that there will not be a genuine funeral profession on that day passing in front of the police ,

bryan said...

sorry , i meant to say funeral procession,but i m sure u guys wud've ve guessed that,would be very ironic if there was,(and appropriate )dual purpose ,like mourning and sending off the big " D". Hmmm,wonder if it wud be legal to put up obituaries or notices of ,the passing away of our much honoured Mr. Dem
Or Cracy.Cause of death ,amongst other things ..preference for the color black.

Balasi said...

Bros & Sis , I would like to just suggest that we wear Black All Year Around ...and forget about gathering any where around. Then we can sent the Police chasing us all around Malaysia.

Crankster said...

I wonder if the people in black should be rotating coffee outlets so it doesn't look like Old Town is anti-government.

I think that's why a few outlets have been "closing for upgrade" as was mentioned in MKini.

Whoever is paranoid or superstitious about the colour black has got their head too deep up their arse. The country is in deep shit and they're worried about the colour black???

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia but the tagline for tourism is Truly Asia. I am a believer of the latter because...... previously we had Kampung Baru, Little India, Chinatown, Longhouse, Portugis settlement.

Now, we have added Desa Indonesia, Kubu Vietnam, Kota Bangla, Taman Pakistan, Myammar City.........

Anonymous said...

The answer given by Old Town is no difference than the games you are playing at their store. I would say that these Khoo Khoo is evidently a narrow minded, bone headed, self centered, self obsesse, idiot. This Lan Cheou Tau will never ever grow up

James Khoo said...

Thank you, Aiyomanboleh, Kenny Gan, and Tamesh, for your fair comment without bashing me or calling me rude names. I appreciate.

I also than Aiyomanboleh for sharing that "invitation to treat law" which is correct. At same time, I wish to assure that I have balls to tell those in power what I think of their stupid policies right to their faces. I have done that and I am sure you agree it takes balls.

As for Kay Peng, please don't be emotional on me just because my views differ from your friend and yours. Yes, you don't owe me anything but since you run a blog, surely you can tolerate, if not accept, my comments? After all, you stand for freedom of speech, don't you? I hope too that you will be open to learn from Aiyomanboleh who has set you right on the point of law. We all learn everyday.