Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BN Should Practice Listening Skill - Use of English To Teach Maths and Science

A BN minister of education, Muhyiddin Yassin, has finally admitted that the teaching of maths and science in English the last six years has not improved the performance of students in those subjects.

It is ridiculous that the administration needed six years, a lost generation, millions of ringgit spent and unreported frustration of both students and teachers to finally realize that this policy has gained too little to justify the trouble and investment.

Muhyiddin promised a review and some changes which will be announced soon. I hope that the review was comprehensively conducted and a solution can be provided to address the slide. This nation cannot wait for another six years to find out that this solution is yet another failure and a let down.

The use of English to teach maths and science subjects was a legacy of a dictator which had refused to listen to any good feedback about the shortcomings of his proposal. Years ago, I had a chance to speak to a senior cabinet member of his administration. Admitted his displeasure for the policy, he warned that this policy can only be reversed when the dictator is no longer around.
This speaks volume of the wisdom behind the use of English to teach maths and science. What is the policy trying to achieve - improvement in the proficiency of English or the mastery of maths and science?

At present, it is obvious that the policy has failed to achieve either.

In my last post, I had mentioned about the Malaysian dilemma - inability of policy makers to think beyond the surface of a concept and are too egoistic to admit their lack of knowledge. This is the biggest threat to our country.

For the nation's sake, please stop toying around with the future of our children. Leave it (the education policy) to the real experts - I hope KPI Minister Koh is whispering this advice into the ear of his boss.


giam2020 said...

The failure of the policy of teaching
Science and maths in English lies not
in the language of instruction rather
it's the teacher who are not well verse to teach science and maths.Be
honest with ourselves.From what I
gather from my school going children,
some of the teachers are not even good in the subject in the first place.That why, parents have to spend
extra money on tuition.What about those who cannot afford to spend
the money.

int said...

"At present, it is obvious that the policy has failed to achieve neither."

I think in this sentence it should be "either", not "neither", but what do I know, I learned English in Malaysia.

yes said...

There are two saparate issues , learning English and learning maths and science in English. No one disagree with the first one. It is learning maths and science in English is the problem.
Once a child is proficient in Enlish, there would be no problem with learning the terms used in the two subjects in secondary school.
Why can't the minister listen to the rakyat or do they need the rakyat use a special language at the polling booth. Come on YB, jangan jadi bodoh sombong, listen to what the rakyat is saying.

Anonymous said...

The secret KPIs are meaningless. The UMNO ministers will be appointed on the ability to deliver the votes at the UMNO internal elections and nothing else matters. The non-UMNO ministers will be appointed based on ability to deliver the parliamentary seats. But come next GE we will sweep them all to Timbuktu and replace the government.

Anonymous said...

How is it that the teachers cannot teach in English...??

What were they doing for the last 6years...?
Didn't they take the trouble to educate "themselves" to be better educators.......???

Why just complain only........?
The losers will be our children, you know.......???

Our PM also another one. Just simply give this & that Minister a portfolio.
Did he interview their capabilities to handle certain portfolios before appointing them to it.........???????????

Education is sooo............. important !!!
In case they "don't" know...!!!

Can't even make a "simple" decision.....
Just teach Maths & Science in English.
Tell the teachers to "BUCK UP"..!!!

Why is it so difficult & so long to settle this.......??????

Do it like what was done to Perak....!!
Just force it down our throats......................!!!

Not only practice listening skills.
Practice their "brain power" too....!

nckeat88 said...

I think the rakyat should be given 2 choices either teaching science and maths with english or mother tongue. Personally I would like my children to learn the subjects in English. I am very sure that given the choice, more parents will choose to have the subject learned in English so don't deny our right.

Anonymous said...


I won't place any hope on that eunuch Koh Isu Koon to whisper anything to any of his Umno bosses.

We, in Penang, are still waiting for him to open his mouth on the many land scams that took place under his 18 year rule.