Sunday, June 07, 2009

I Thought the Police Had a Sense of Humour...

Brickfields OCPD's 1, 2, 3...tangkap! Or the 64 people who were told to turn in Ipoh only to be told that their bail was not going to be extended. Or sending a group of 40 police officers to detain 16 candle light and peaceful demonstrators. Or storming into the Perak state assembly to drag out the state assembly speaker....hilarious!

The police did sound humorous to me. Until this episode....Now I am not too sure... another authority has beaten it to the prize.

FROM KUALA LUMPUR On 2nd June 2009, the Publications & Quranic Texts Division of the Home Ministry raided my T-shirt stall in Central Market for the 3rd time and seized 83 shirts they claim are "obscene and contain Communist elements". You can see the images they confiscated by following this link...

That the Ministry is clamping down on items they allege glorify (Chinese) Communism at the very moment our beloved leader is grinning for photocalls with the flatcaps in Beijing is flash-bulb irony so blinding it requires uncommon talent to miss it. The Ministry, of course, missed it by a mile.

Not many people know this but lightweight, low level officers of the Publications & Quranic Texts Division are entrusted with absolute power to make on-the-spot judgments about what is obscene, subversive, subliminally seditious, distasteful, inartistic, drug drenched, Communist, radical, Swedish. Er, ok, maybe not Swedish, but apart from that they can pass instant judgment on just about everything else under the sun. Worse, having judged, they are empowered to confiscate anything that offends their fragile sensibilities. They can say your cupboard is a badly disguised coffin, your toothbrush is a sex aid or that your plastic KL Tower statuette so thoughtfully bought for you by Aunt Mimi is plainly a male sexual organ. Having so proclaimed, they have the unchallengeable right to then cart everything away. In a blink of an eye one is judged, juried and executed by the same single entity. Issues of abuse of power loom large. You only have to click on the link above to realise that the Ministry tends towards irrational excitability in their interpretations, betraying the goververnment's impatience with the mildest satire and discomfort with the freedom of expression that is our guaranteed constitutional right.

What this means in practice is that the Ministry has a bunch of people running around seizing things under the flimsiest pretext. They took half my stock - 3 times - but they could just as easily have taken all. If you run a business selling things, they have an unquestionable right in law to do so and there is not much you can do about it. When a government deliberately denies a citizen his fundamental right to make a living, it had better have weighty, considered reasons for doing so. Here, we allow low level staffers to snatch away our rice bowls on a whim, without warning. Accountability, reason and judiciousness be damned.

By logical progression, since the images are now presumably "illegal", are we to see enforcement squads jumping out from behind lampposts to rip T shirts bearing similar images off the backs of recalcitrant wearers? Will we have T shirt evaluators sitting alongside the H1N1 scanners at airports and entry points around the country? Will tourists be warned to leave their Viagra at home?

You may think that the images have no artistic of comedic merit. You may think them stupid and juvenile. But to say that they glorify Communism, are obscene and illegal, is really stretching it. And, surely, confiscation on those grounds is wholly unwarranted. Are we, as Malaysians, so sanguine that we accept the government has a right to intrude in such a way into our lives, compromise our professional integrity and devastate our businesses on nothing more than one person's inadequate understanding of the word "obscene"??

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Patrick Saw


Anonymous said...

Mickey Maos is a slogan glorifying Chinese communism. The police will arrest you for wearing a t-shirt with this sign.

James Khoo said...

If productive employees from the private sector have lost their jobs in the current worldwide economic recession, it is unfair to keep these unproductive (and troublesome) officers of the said departmemnt in employment. Send them to join the ranks of the unemployed since they are a waste of taxpayers' money.

Dizzer said...

Dude, hang on in there. The vast majority is with you. I remember when you were selling your stuff in Bangsar Village (assume it's the same guy) - bloody funny...!

Anonymous said...

this is how that keris-raising moron encourage his people to steal from petty traders.

Anonymous said...

They could not read English, so they didn't understand your T-Shirts' messages. Also maybe they expect you to go to them to kiss ass, besides other things, to get your T-Shirts back. That's how it works here. There's no rule of law.

giam2020 said...

This is a case of gross misconduct
on the part of the police and wasting taxpayers money.Instead of
going after criminals,which is what
they are paid to do, they are going
after petty issues and political
dissent which is allow under the

westwindman said...

Prof, these baboons are luminaries of BTN. Like factory outputs;we meet them in everyday life ie; GLC's, Govt Dept's, Public schools & are products of these purveyors of racial filth.

In all honesty; looking beyond most of their eyes & behavior, they're actually good-hearted folks who love nothing better than to live peacefully as Malaysians.

Just that, UMNO have blinkered their eyes into ignorance and suspended-stupor. These minions will one day with, the rakyats' WILL; awaken hopefully sooner than later.

It is this awakening we as Malaysians should be careful about as; the devil who deals the cards will always have one up, on his sinister sleeves.

Ask any 40-something Malaysian; he/she will have much tales to tell.

Further info by Saudara LKS on BTN:-

Anonymous said...

My GOD! They still do that nowadays???

Then they should start seizing all the hand-held massagers, massage cowboy stool, massage chairs from Osim and Ogawa in all their shops and road shows! These things are pretty powerful tools, u know??? Much like the s----- chairs! hahahaha... I would love to see them issue a stop sales directive to Osim and Ogawa! Do they dare to take on the corporates?? NO, they are only small time bullies, walking al ovet he small time traders! Cowards!!!

Anonymous said...

On a brighter note maybe Mr Patrick Saw has bn given a good publicity. I believe many people wld want to buy his T-shirts now as some of his designs are funny.I wld want to get one for myself.