Saturday, June 06, 2009

Murugiah the Loser

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Senator T. Murugiah is the loser in the recent PPP spat between him and the party president M. Kayveas. Supporters of Murugiah had conducted an emergency meeting to 'elect' him as the new president of PPP in an attempt to dump Kayveas.

Murugiah was desperately trying to lobby for support from several UMNO leaders including PM Najib Razak. However, all these attempts were futile. On Thursday, the Registrar of Societies declared Kayveas the lawful president, adding that the party could proceed with its 56th annual general meeting.

Now, according to Kayveas the party is turning its back permanently on Murugiah. Since the winner is obvious, Murugiah who will soon lose his deputy minister position may find himself in reeling in political isolation.

There is a lesson to take away from this spat. Never fight an incumbent force if one is not sure of being able to deliver the ultimate blow. It was clear that UMNO top leaders wanted to stay away from being involved in another political quagmire. From their perspective, Murugiah is less troublesome compared to Kayveas.

By alienating Kayveas, the coalition may potentially face a rebellion and a fight back from his faction in PPP. It was a fact that Kayveas was fully in charge of PPP.

It will be interesting to watch how Murugiah intends to fight back to salvage his political career.


giam2020 said...

It will only drive him to the
opposition, which he should seriously
consider.PPP is a has been party,
neither here nor there and of no
consequence to BN.It is time that
Malaysia has a two party system so
that the citizens are better cared
for.A BN and a strong PKR would be
a god sent to Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Lesson learnt for Murugayah is never trust UMNO leaderships especially Najib. Murugayah may have thought that all along he places his full support and loyalty behind Najib less that he knew that Najib will dump him for his political survival.
Kayveas knows that all along and he will not depend on Najib but on his own strength. Kayveas knows that Najib is not the person who will rise to make a decision when the situation is murky and he knew what a political animal is Najib-someone who will abandon even his father for his political expediency.
Murugayah oh..Murugayah... alas its Kayveas the victor.

Jong said...

Which opposition political party will want to accept Murugiah after witnessing what he had done to his party and president? If at all there is one, it must be out of its mind!

Kayveas may not be liked by many but he is still the PPP President, and rules are rules, have to be followed. It was wrong for Murugiah to take things into his own hands just because he thinks he is the government and minister in the PM Department? Big deal! :D

Anonymous said...

All same lah - MIC, PPP, HINDRAF - everyone want to be boss No 1 forever. U think they really care for the poor Indians ah??? They are all opportunists, when time is right, they all go to see the PM to negotatiate for themselves. Ptui!!!

The Indians should stay with DAP or PKR to fight for the abolishment of the NEP. Then the poor ones will automatically be helped by the system rather than hoping for the politicians to help them.

malayamuda said...

Like Kayveas himself said, " there is nothing in PPP, PPP is zero and has zero "

please dont waste blog space writting about PPP.

For us PPP, Kayveas and Murugiah are all irrelevant and zeroes. What Murugiah did was a coup which Najib did in Perak. Murugiah is learning from Najib