Thursday, June 04, 2009

PKR Turning Into Another Multiracial UMNO?

I have had many run-ins with the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng. We have had a fair share of disagreements. But on many socio-political issues in this country, we are on the same page.

This is one thing that I must stand on the side of Chief Minister Lim. On June 2, the Penang state government had appointed the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) acting president, Tan Cheng Chui, as president of the MPPP. Tan is a career civil servant.

I was told that the chief minister wanted to depoliticize the local councils by appointing civil servants who have the experience and expertise to helm the councils. Tan's appointment is supposed to usher in a new era of better local council services to taxpayers like myself.

Similarly, the state government has appointed a civil servant to helm the trouble riddled MPSP. This move was not well received by PKR's MPSP councillors. Majority of PKR's Seberang Perai (MPSP) councillors today boycotted the swearing-in ceremony of their new president Mokthar Mohd Jait.

The boycott was called in protest of the appointment of a civil servant to head MPSP. The councillors claimed that it was agreed previously that a politician would be put at the helm as and until local elections are introduced.

Meanwhile, PKR whip Johari Kassim accused Lim of ignoring PKR and acting as if "he was running a DAP, and not a Pakatan coalition, state government."He said Lim should have consulted Pakatan partners before deciding on who shall be appointed for the president's post.

"After all, Pakatan's collective stand was to appoint politicians as council presidents," he said, referring to the state Pakatan council’s decision made early this year.

The negative reaction of PKR councillors to the appointment of a civil servant to helm the local council is a huge disappointment for me.

Who is Johari if not for the support of the Penang voters? It is not for both PKR or DAP to decide who among them should head the councils. Ultimately, these positions are not spoils which should be shared like what the characters did in "Ali Baba & the 40 thieves" movie.

The local councils should be helmed by the most suitable and qualified persons who can act without fear or favour of any politicians. Previously, these councils compromised too much with the politicians and ended up foregoing their most important responsibility to serve the people.

Politicians should not get too greedy over power and position. First, prove that you can serve us well.

It is unbelievable that these PKR leaders, including its state leader Zahrain Hashim, can accept Gerakan Huan Cheng Guan to the party and are willing to offer him a top position but not a civil servant who had proven his worth by doing a good job at the local council to head the council.

If my memory does not fail me, Huan was very critical of Anwar Ibrahim during the last general election and the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Is it PKR 'mudah lupa' or Anwar 'mudah lupa'?

The ruling PR coalition is answerable to the people of Penang on whom they have decided to appoint to helm the councils. Not PKR whip Johari or Anwar. Not even Zahrain if he still want to keep his MP seat in the next general election.

Yes, we also need to know if the promised local government elections would be forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

I guess the negative reaction from some PKR quarters is not exactly a surprise or shocking, not to me anyway. Why? Let's not forget that PKR is just a "breakaway" of UMNO and the culture and thinking alike UMNO is never far from those who are with PKR.It may take many years of trials and tribulations for PKR to rid itself or change form such culture and thinking, if it does at all.

khian beng said...

These are the "spill over" members from UMNO culture. PKR should be very careful of these people. Agreed with you and a lot of people will be very upset if PKR still accept people like Huan. They are the types of politician that People had rejected them.

Anonymous said...

hohohoh u love to spin lah kay peng..

even when PKR who did the stupid thing, u spun it to make Umno to bogey..

those two idiots (johari and zahrain) were never umno members and yet you criticise them as having umno mentality?

it would have been more credible if you had only mentioned anwar...

u sure you are fair when writing articles? or r u just another DAP stooge?


Khoo Kay Peng said...


Nice try on your own spin to label me as a DAP stooge. How much do you know about the two, Johari and Zahrain?

If you don't, I suggest you do a google check before posting a response here.

GreenBug said...

Let's face it, the PKR people are pathetic bunch. PKR needs better candidates and leaders. This bunch is behaving like they are in UMNO - greedy and given the opportunity, they will be corrupted at the wink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

As for me regardless any race can be a Head of MPSP as long he got charisma,honest and responsible toward rakyat...i'm malay but race is not important if we talk in general...

giam2020 said...

Local government position should be
depoliticized and run by professional managers, just like a business concern with the right to hire and fire.Only then can we the citizen have good service and also
profit from it.

Sam said...

This is carry-forward mentality from UMNO.
This guys from PKR think that politics is all about reward.
"What can I get, what do I deserve" mentality.

Perhaps Anwar must put a leash on these recalcitrants or PKR will go the UMNO way.

Anonymous said...


If your name is Ahmad or Mohamad or something like that, then maybe we'll be able to convice us, but Steven.....WTF!!! Don't tell us you're an UMNO member yourself!

Anonymous said...

PKR is behaving way too much like UMNO, not surprising since most of their members are runaways from UMNO or other BN parties. This is where Anwar is very wrong. He is more concerned about the quantity, not quality. Numbers don win u votes nowadays, look and learn from UMNO. PAS and DAP don have that many members, and they're winning the most seats nowadays. So many PKR immoral and corrupted ADUNS and MPs, man and woman alike. Don tell me that their personal lives don matter, how u conduct urself in private and public is eventually the same, becasue u cannot hide the true personality. These people claim to serve the rakyat, but they're the same as UMNO, one for u, one for me, none for the others! When in position of power, they're equally suppressive and corrupted, I've seen and heard for myself at so-called meetings/dialogues held at the Selangor state. We are not blind, If they continue to behave like this, PKR will bring down PAS and DAP. So don dream too early to walk into Putrajaya. Many Malays are swinging back to UMNO because they don see any difference with PKR.

Anwar better watch out, because it's his party that will bring down Pakatan. I'm re-considering giving my vote to them come the next elections.

Bentoh said...

I don't know... when DAP Perak nominated MP Kula for the mayorship in Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh, the PKR Perak's men, out of fear of DAP "domination" in Kinta Valley, viciously protest the idea with argument that MP should not hold mayoral position (This point has its merits but debatable...) And they went by appointing civil servant to the mayor position in the end...

One would argue that the tree of democracy saga would be different... if not for...

Anonymous said...

PKR politicians all tarak guna.
Don't blame UMNO.
It all boils down to position, power and the opportunity to make money.
Face facts.

- org Taiping

romerz said...

Between a rock and a hard place.

mut said...

Whatever the case may be, if it had been agreed beforehand that it should be a politician (say an ADUN) then the agreement should be honoured. In the meantime, a new agreement enabling Johari to be appointed later (maybe after one term) should have been negotiated. (This is based on what I read in Malaysiakini).

The way I look at it, it's LGE and DAP's way of paying back what PKR had done with regards to Fairuz and Penanti.

Both incidents do not augur well for the coalition. A simple sit down would have done the job. But both sides were kept in the dark till after the fact.

For MPSP, it is good that LGE is taking steps to depoliticise the post of president. But his effort still falls short of the third vote. And for this reason, the post will still be regarded as a political appointment. At least, even the MPPP seat went to a civil servant. This shows consistency.

ong said...

Agree with the writer except for the "?" in the article heading : "PKR Turning Into Another Multiracial UMNO?"

Remove the "?" from the heading. "PKR Turning Into Another Multiracial UMNO." will be just right.

Anonymous said...

The signs are out there for DSAI to resign, he's totally lost control on his men

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

There are greedy and half past 6 people from PKR whom are no better than the umno goons.
This we have to agree.
Many jumps over to the PKR hoping to win something and to get something.
They do think PKR is the same as umno. They also thinks PR is the same as bn!
We all wanted a change but some "supporters" never did change.
They did change their voting trend but with the same mentality as before.
Do give Lim Guan Eng a change to improve Penang.

Lee Wee Tak said...

bigger issue here is that Lim Guan Eng is making an effort into de-politicalising municipal council.

the current lousy work performance and financial position of so many municipals are as a result of politicians running the show and not technical and professionals

good example is FAM, how many matches had the President, Vice-President and his top men have played at international level & how high or low our national teams had been led to?

Stooge or no stooge is not important. This is the next best thing after local council election, which for the time being, not possible as Pakatan is not having federalship thanks to voters in Sabah, Sarawak, Pahang, Johor, N Sembilan, Melaka, Terengganu, Perlis.

McLar3n_V12|[GTR]| said...

Dear Kay Peng,

I agree with what you say. Position like this especially to serve the rakyat should instead be given to a more suitable candidate. It is much better if he does not belong to any political party and can perform his duty without fear or favour.

Instead of doing their jobs, the politician are more concern of the positions. RPK has even said that it is already a failed method, MIC have always tried to ask for positions but what have they done for the Indian community?
Can Johari tells that what is it to do with the rakyat whether PKR gets the position? It is about being greedy and position-crazy.


Samsul said...

Dear Khoo..
I'm Samsul from PKR Permatang Pauh.for me as a member of PKR.. eventough yours articel is hard to swallowed but that is true..
Please understand, not the entire PKR members came from UMNO, theres a lot of member whose had joined PKR since they qualified asa a voter.. Only a few members came from UMNO,a lot of them have a post in PKR or be a leader in PKR.They are UMNO person thats weared PKR Shirts.
About Johari Kassim.. this guys had already lobby for thats post before we start election campaign for Mansor Othman a few weeks ago, he really frust when the others person had appointed as the MPSP president.. he already have his personel agenda is elected as MPSP President..Padan muka dia!!
We will never defend this kind of person, the person with personal agenda in PKR..

James Khoo said...

Frankly, I have NO CONFIDENCE in PKR. I tend to have more confidence in PAS and DAP. As I see it, many of those in PKR are opportunists. If Anwar becomes PM, I think he will also use Special Branch and the laws like ISA, Sedition Act, etc., for his own ends.

ahoo said...

This is Malaysian politics lah ! They are into it to gain and not to serve. Just like the teaching profession nowadays. They teach to let children pass exams BUT not to educate the children. We have students that have completed their studies BUT can't even think like an educated person.

Thus, in Malaysia, we need more dedicated and selfless politicians who care enough to serve the people and to make this nation shines once again.

ajoyly said...

The answer is simple. Civil Servants are trained to do a job. They are professionals. While politicians are more like watchdogs whose duties are to ensure that technocrats performed their works.

And also to bring their constituents' complaints to the authorities.Make sure that action is taken and measures are implemented to resolve the problems. Government officers carry heavy responsibilities to make certain that the wheel of administration and implementation are turning.

If politicians can occupy important positions in the civil service. What will stop them from also becoming doctors in future?

Imagine the consequences. Therefore let the professionals do their jobs because they have the necessary skill and capability.

Sing Lau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yus said...

MPSP president job is full of responsibility and temptation. With PKR's track record, it is better for them to settle for few positions as councillors and learn the ropes of governing.

If these PKR fools are given enough rope, they will hang themselves. Then we would have more "buy" elections.

Come to think about it: Since there is PKR then UMNO should not and would not perish from Malaysian politics!

Lee Wee Tak said...

perhaps a message for all Malaysians is that in order for the country to move forward, try to justify your claim to a position of authority and power by way of competence, performance and ability instead of leverage.

this is what meritocracy that we are looking for. BN approach has resulted in allocation of opportunity via connection.

have we not learn our lesson? If PKR suffer an exodus of people seeking position via connection then it would strengthen their ranks although the controlled MSM will have a grand time for a moment.

time for Anwar to show leadership courage here

Anonymous said...

Those power-crazy Umno by-product, now showing their true color, I am so disappointed and may be disillusioed, PKR got to do some serious house cleaning here, most of their leaders are not up to mark!!!!

TheWhisperer said...

PKR is just a 'breakaway' from UMNO..

So what? Is that a good excuse for them to behave so? And we ought to be forgiving here?

It is their problem and they better solve it themselves. Definitely, not our business to accept and forgive their stupid attitude.

I have had enough of their rubbish..

They better buck up before the BR Bloggers starts to hit them where it hurts most..

Anonymous said...

PKR will be the Waterloo of Pakatan cos majority of their members are ex-umno members if they don't change their mentality and trully have their personal agenda they can kiss goodbye to their struggle for federal rule. Example the two frogs from PKR. I will consider not voting for PR if PKR don't improve their performance and not really serving the people's interest. Don't throw your weight around and without the people's support you are nothing bear in mind guys.

yingg said...

LGE ungentleman dropping the hot brick in Dr Mansor lap on his first day...

Anonymous said...

yup..its true that PKR is another breakaway from UMNO..some of the members still carry forward their characters from their umno days..
however, its not fair to totally punish the whole PKR for this small group of pplz who r bringing bad names to the party..
lets not forget, PKR is only 10 yrs old..and obviously..there some loopholes here n there..

and to blame anwar for all this fuzz is a bit he is not only looking after and heading his own party..but at the same time he is carrying a big responsibility on the Pakatan is just easy for us for all the mistakes to just pint point the finger to him alone..

and since the unexpected big result of pru12..we the pakatan rakyat still in the learning process..what the pakatan rakyat should do is..rather then blasting each other in the medias..they should sit down discuss n solve it as matured adults..after all..PKR..DAP..and PAS are under the same coalition..