Sunday, June 07, 2009

Post-Colonial Utusan Malaysia

I can understand why highlighted the previous article from Utusan Malaysia which had incited racial hatred. Understandably, the DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang had slammed the editor of Utusan Malaysia, Awang Selamat.

Why get upset over articles written by Awang? It is so obvious that this newspaper and the people who are behind its publication are outdated, utterly divisive and irrelevant.

Its recent article on Mingguan Malaysia said:

Yang menyatakan "orang Melayu menerusi UMNO bermurah hati menerima bukan Melayu sebagai warganegara" adalah Tan Siew Sin sendiri. Sebagai balasan kemurahan hati orang Melayu, kata beliau, MCA dan MIC (yang menaungi kaum Cina dan India ketika itu) bersetuju meneruskan dasar memelihara dan menghormati kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu.

This is a serious allegation. Only yesterday, MCA's Lee Wei Kiat had challenged Anwar and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to declare their stand clearly, and to explain to voters the stand taken by PAS Youth on the NEP and 30% Bumi quota.

Perhaps Lee should make his party's stand clear on the allegation by Utusan Malaysia that MCA had agreed to pursue and support the Malay supremacy policy which is the bulwark of NEP.

The problem for MCA is the position of PR on the NEP is clear. Lee needs to refer to the PR's New Malaysian Agenda.

Until and unless MCA can bury the ghost of NEP themselves, it will be hard for Lee to use the same affirmative policy to slam the opposition.

Is Lee willing to issue a stern denial and warning against Awang Selamat for his unscrupulous article?

For the rest of Malaysians, just ignore Utusan Malaysia. Remember, by buying the paper and paying a damn for people like Awang we are giving them enough resources to do what they do best - racial flaming.


I would like to thank readers who continue to support the Straight Talk fund. It helps to convince me that you are with me on this fight. Defamation suits are often used by the rich or those with unlimited access to legal resource to silence freedom of speech. Likewise, do NOT support these individuals and organisations they belonged to and to deny them of the resources they can use to silence us. Thank you!


Jed Yoong said...

"Defamation suits are often used by the rich or those with unlimited access to legal resource to silence freedom of speech."
Also Teresa Kok....

Anonymous said...

Ai ya, MCA talk cock only la... when they see UMNO taiko, they walk slowly with their tails between their legs. UMNO say 'sit', they sit; UMNO say 'run', they run!!! THey cannot talk in BN, so they shout like heroes at LKS & LGE la..!! They seems to forget we are in the 21st century, we can read what's really going on. MCA goons should know they are looking very idiotic these days, and they should stop behaving like empty vessels, hehehe...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10.21pm.

I think you are wrong. Normally PM & DPM sit and OTK & KSK will stand behind.