Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where to Malaysia? So Many Questions, So Few Answers...

The roof of a spanking new stadium in Trengganu came off. It was built at a cost of RM270 million. A spanking new industrial park is hardly 15% percent filled up and it has already incurred more than RM7 billion.

More failures, more wastage, more controversies, more mediocrity...

What about the ding dong judgements made by the judiciary? Or the MACC which announced that it had obtained solid 'cow' and 'Lexus' evidence to nail a menteri besar? Or the police which went on a detention spree and decided not to charge any of those detained?

Yes, comical...but beneath the comedy lies a huge opportunity cost for the country. The fact is time is running out for a country which is still fidgeting with its flaws and weaknesses.

The approach used is also wrong. Whenever there is a crisis, the main approach used is to cover up, play 'taichi' and divert the fault to others (MIC's Vel Paari did this very well to defend his record in Maika), use threat of defamation suits or simply deny, deny, deny...

Guess how the South Koreans got back up on their feet after the 1997 financial crisis? What is Obama's approach to rescue several sloppy US corporate giants? What spurred China's emergence from a sick man of Asia to become an industrial giant?

It has to start with an acceptance of our weakness. Then, we should stay focus on finding a long-term and sustainable solution to overcome the weakness.

With the economy contracting more than expected (-6.2%), what is the government doing positively to turnaround the economy? What are the key action steps to ensure that the local industrial sectors are shaping up better to compete in the global economy once the dust settles? What are we planning to do to upgrade the skills of our workforce since we realised that going low cost and low skilled is not going to be a right way forward?

How to inspire innovation and creativity among our youths?

Some many questions, so few answers.

It is time we wake up!


nckeat88 said...

What is Obama's approach to rescue several sloppy US corporate giants?

Obama's approach: Don't worry, you screw up, we bailout you with tax payer money. GM got 20 billion before bankruptcy, after bankruptcy another 30 billion US dollar. Perhaps this should be the gold standard for our Proton.
AIG got almost a Trillion buck. Hmmm, sounds like another good gold standard.

Anonymous said...

My friend, the alarm has been ringing for the past one year!

Ron, Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has progressed from agricultural-oriented economy to industrial-based economy but maintained the racial-centric policy. Racial/Quota -> Nepotism -> Corruption -> Rapes, Robberies, Ragut (3Rs) -> Mat Remput -> Ah Long -> Building collapes -> ???

The next big thing is the bleak future for Malaysia!

Hamba said...

Yes, agreed. But the thing is that all these problem was created by UMNO.If UMNO stood up and tell Malaysian that they are the cause of all the problem then they will be kick out of government. The same with what Vel Paari did...if he admits that his father and MIC is the root cause of the MAIKA, they will be 'bungkus' from Malaysian politic. So not in a million years will UMNO and BN admit they are bad for Malaysia.

BareSheen said...

Kay Peng,

How apt your comments. I can only watch in despair as this beautiful country of ours seem to go to the dogs and our politicians seem clueless as to what to do.

Wastage after wastage after wastage. It is simply nauseating. Imagine what we could have done with all these billions. We could have built and staffed many 1st class universities so that our bright young ones need not go around begging for scholarships or see their dreams crumble for lack of financial aids.

Imagine the extent of poverty we can alleviate if those monies have been put to good use.

We can go on and on.

I have been hoping for inspiring and creative statements, thoughts and ideas from our politicians.

I have been bitterly disappointed.

Seems like what we have is a crop of mediocre tai chi masters. Shame is a word none of them seem to understand and deny is their instinctive response to any issue that calls for responsibility.

It is tragic, to say the least.

If this country continues to go on in this manner, we will certainly reap what we sow.

Anonymous said...

it is we, the voters who are responsible for all these ills that befall the nation. lay the blame on those who give their votes to BN.

the sooner the rakyat wake up and embrace a new malaysia and bury the old malaysia (together with the remnants of umno) the better.

we can never be compared to s. korea or china. what smiled upon us for so long is due the the fact that we have OIL. with diminishing stock, and news of coffers emptying, i stick to what i have long argued back in Bungaraya that Vision 2020 is the year the nation goes bankrupt unless the rakyat stand up to say NO.

anyway, glad you left SEDAR and be among us to fight for a better malaysia although i must admit that i've taken a back seat.


Anonymous said...

who is this 'we' you refer to?

if it is the politicians, they have been wide awake beneficiaries of all our country has to offer!

if it is joe public, he has been helplessly awake.

any other practical advice?

P.C. Boey said...

I believe that Malaysia lacks a pragmatic vision that all can believe in and which the whole nation can work towards.

Back in the early 1980s I had the opportunity to visit the USA together with some colleagues from various Asian countries, one of which was Taiwan.

We were all asked a question of what vision our country had. My Taiwanese colleague replied very clearly that they wanted to be the next Japan.

In the early 1980s, Taiwan was a relatively poor, unindustrialized country with little natural resources. I believe that the astounding progress they have made reflects the firm conviction expressed by my Taiwan colleague about wanting to be the next Japan.

Well, I really did not a clue what Malaysia's vision was at that time. Even today I am not sure what it is! I really hope our leaders will come up with a vision that all Malaysian can believe in and share, especially for our youths.

ajoyly said...

The problem in Malaysia is not with the star but with human. And the cause is a virus called corruption. Because it can mutate very fast, all current and recently discovered antidotes are found to be ineffective.

Scientists have accidentally discovered that the answer is mental re-engineering to orientate the brain into thinking that the elimination of such a virus is necessary to preserve the wellbeing
of the human body.

The reverse would be the destruction of the human race. Malaysia should take note of this and step should therefore be taken immediately to destroy them in order to arrest their growth.