Sunday, July 19, 2009

Khairy Jamaluddin, You Still Don't Get It!

UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said that the abolishment of the Internal Security Act was an option but it would be better to amend it so that there would not be any room for abuse.

"Any act that will replace the ISA should have the same objective, that is to safeguard the country's security. At the moment it is not proper to abolish the ISA," he added.

Khairy, once you told this blogger to improve his listening skill. I believe you should use this advice for yourself. Yes, you should listen to the people. Why do you want to keep this legislation which has been abused, misused and manipulated by your colleagues in UMNO to detain civilians?

How can the repeal of ISA be abused by anyone? You do not make any sense here. The existence of the act has clearly contributed to a blatant abuse of political power (ministerial power to detain without trial and his decision cannot be challenged in courts).

Was Teresa Kok a threat to national security? Was RPK a threat? Were the Hindraf 5 leaders a threat? The answer was a firm 'NO'.

I challenge you to call for a national referendum on the abolishment of this draconian act. Who cares what UMNO Youth want or not.

Do not preach what you cannot practice. You should really work on your own listening skill. There is now a clear and present danger to the society esp. PR elected representatives in Selangor. Will you support a use of ISA against the MACC officers?

By the way, your colleague and deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, said that UMNO will continue to protect the special rights of the Malays. Sadly, your party has had more than 50 years to do so but has failed miserably to turn the Malay community into a leading race in the country and the world.

Many bright Malays were not able to realize their full potential because they were tempted by your party's empty promises - to protect their rights, to hand them riches, to offer them opportunities and to appoint them to high positions in your party and the ruling regime.

Keep it up! Soon you will realize if the "tide of change among the people, especially among the young, was sweeping in favour the Barisan Nasional " is real or not. It may turn out to be a tsunami which will sweep away many of your leaders in the next general election.



Anonymous said...

This KJ is another idiot.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of Malay youths are in a pathetic state because they were not given the education they rightly deserved.
They were, like Chinese girls of old told to wrap their feet.... and mind.
They were content at being civil servants. And be content in being the Dominant Race with UMNO protecting them.
Now they cannot go beyond being wage earners. Whose faults?

Anonymous said...

let them continue dreaming, let the next GE be their rude awakening, if the last alarm bell wasn't loud enough.

Anonymous said...

You got it right on this one. There are enough laws in the country to protect it from any sort of threats, real or imagined. Look at the way the judiciary, the police and now MACC are skewered to oppress and suppress our rights and freedom. Murder is now even within their each.

The ISA is being used by Umno to stay in power when all else fail. It's as clear as that.

Anonymous said...

Just because you (KJ) went to Oxford does not make you someone special as you may think. Just remember millions before you had gone to Oxford and millions will go even long after you.
May be a one eye is the king of the blind !
Do you know or ever heard that the P.M. of Singapore went to Cambridge and return with a double first and so did several other present ministers. His father too went to Cambridge and came out with a first class and so did many other ministers in their present cabinet. One thing is for sure all their cabinet ministers went to university in their time !
How many of the present Malaysian cabinet ministers ever went there or to university, not to mention returning with a first class or even a double first ! Is that why all the shambles ?

Moreover none, I repeat ever needed to repeat a single year in their university studies like the pariah Mahathir did in his medical study to become a doctor. He had to repeat in one year. May be that is why he has always been so 'anti-Singapore' ? Or may be not selling sand to Singapore might sell get him a first class and that goes with you too.

You can only dream and will never know know what a first class is, not to mention a double first class ! May be if you had gone to a Malaysian varsity they might have created one just for you, a first class or a double first ?
Yet all these people don't even talk and behave like you, always using the Malaysian Chinese as your 'punching' bags instead of serving the people in your quest to become the P.M. Or do you know the true meaning 'to serve the people' the way a politician should ?
Have your folks or your lecturers ever taught you that to become a politician what you must do ?
The worst part is you are also a bloody racist too. Just remember I too once lived in Rembau years before you were even born and know the history of your parents very well,or should I write any further in future or that is too personal or below the belt ?

Anonymous said...

The matter is crystal clear....Fear and desperation ..UMNO is going through. Entire system supporting all these UMNO cronies have entered into a kind of Fobia....More harm they do to PR ..greater the advantage for PR.....YES AS YOU MENTIONED 2013 IS TOO LONG...TIME TO WIPE OUT EVIL

Anonymous said...

well said..

Anonymous said...

If you dont change, change will be forced upon you. If we still dont change, we will end up being a little red dot (like one former PM said od spore; but spore changed and faced up to the global challenge). Will change come or will we become a dot? I hope the former.

btw, all BN members, especially ministers must not send their children overseas for education.They must be educated locally as the system has been made by their fathers (who should be proud of the system).

Anonymous said...

Its a KISS message for him. I am not from Oxford but I got it loud and clear. What about him?

Anonymous said...

Was kkhairy a threat to malaysian security by encouraging more mat rempits ???

Khairy himslef should be detained under ISA because he increses the level of mat rempit.

Anonymous said...


You don't look like a stern and strong person but the words really do

Anonymous said...

don't you get it? He wants to appeal to the pro-opposition, and yet don't offend party leaders, and want to be able to twist his own words in any way he wants to any audience he faces. What we can do is to stop listening to him. The best decision as a PM by Najib is to exclude him from the cabinet.

telur dua said...

He is just towing the Party line.

If they lock him up under ISA one day then he will sing a different tune. Hey, it can happen to him under a different Gomen.

Why take the chance, KJ. Fight for its abolishment now.

Anonymous said...

KJ is not a leader, he is an opportunist without much gray between the ears. He had his golden opportunity when he was sitting pretty as the sil of the most imoportnt man in the country. Sadly(to himself but happily to others), he was too proud and arrogant, hence he lost his opportunity.
At Oxford he had an education but did not learn much. Irony, ironic, ironical.

niakong said...

This fellow is now going against his father-in-law's wish??? What to do ... the old man now is of no more use and value to him!!!

What a sucker!

Anonymous said...

Khairy Jamaluddin, IS A TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE AND TIME ... we don't even need to listen or read what he does ... we know that from day 1 ...

giam2020 said...

All of them are a threat to BN supremacy and nothing else.The ISA
was conceive to act against the
terrorist but have being misuse to
shore up power of the government.

Anonymous said...

KKP. It is not tsunami. It will be kamikazi. The divine wind of vengeance.

Anonymous said...

No big deal if he is from Oxford. Government sponsored students in foreign university will never fail one. To them, it is a business, a product they sell to make a profit. If they fail too them, then next year, government would not send their sponsored students there anymore.

In my time, the government sponsored students never even go for classes. They play with hi fi equipment and buy expensive cars to be sent home after they graduate. And these are children of senior people in the government. Anak datuk, anak pengarah, anak somebody one.

kopitelp16 said...

I must say that KJ can be quite articulate in his thinking. Just too bad he chose UMNO the most racist party on planet earth as his political platform. Because of that, he needs to utter rubbish... so that his machais see him as their hero.

My chemistry teacher used to say to us: Don't be a hero, hero die young... mutton!

Anonymous said...

is this KJ a new Monkey species found in Greenland as revealed in recent Animal Planet Channel show....?

Anonymous said...

Khoo kay peng,
Wait until you get your ass blown-up by terrorist like Nordin Top, then you will realise why the THE PEOPLE needs the ISA. Let something terrible happens to your loved ones then you will want the ISA.Otherwise everyone is calling to abolish it. It is quite natural.

Anonymous said...

Put KJ in Kamuning for 1 month for being big mouth.

Let him cry mama for 1 month then he will come out and be the Champion for ISA abolishment.


Anonymous said...

I do agree with Khoo that the ISA should not be here any more in these day & age. Who is the fool to champion about what Singapore does first of all we are Malaysians so who cares what they do it has nothing to do with us then there is the other issue of there is even less freedom for them there and they do have the same Sh*t as ISA there that is used even if you try to breath the word oppositin party. That's my lot.