Thursday, July 02, 2009

PAS, UMNO & Malay Unity

Who are the people PAS Youth trying to dupe? PAS Youth secretary Kamaruzaman Mohamad in a statement said the reports referred to a handing over of an official invitation letter to Umno Youth to have a discourse on the topic titled "Is it true that Umno's struggle is not against Islam" through the setting up of a secretariat of both movements.

From the topic, we should expect a nasty and confrontation debate from the two youth movements. Logically, the PAS Youth should blame UMNO Youth for not being Islamic enough and had deviated from the teaching of Islam.

But it does not look like the two movements are going to be engaged in any heated debate. Funny, why would two debating teams willing to set up a joint secretariat?

These goons are at it again. The nation should be ready to move beyond the some senseless and useless debate on race unity. The bigger question should be can the people unite to make this country a socio-economic powerhouse? Can we unite to compete against the rest of the world? Can we work together to curb corruption, social injustices, crime etc?

Only today I met several top executives who said that the lack of skilled labour is a bigger threat to our economic development than the lack of liberalisation. Companies find it extremely difficult to hire good skilled people in Malaysia.

Hence, many had chosen to set up their companies in Singapore or Hong Kong despite a higher labour cost. Many Malaysian professionals can be found working in these economies.

Are both PAS and UMNO willing to discuss the important issue of retaining brains in the country?

As a Malaysian, I am growing disenchanted with our politicians and their inability to focus on real important issues.

As a news website put it, Malaysians were the force of change in the last general election. We must continue to push for a real change in the next by weeding out all useless politicians.


James Khoo said...

So long as we have race-based political parties, we will get such incompetent and immature politicians. This is because they can only value who can be seen as champions of their race who can lambast other races.

Even having a guy who had been to a prestigious university is no go because he knows he has got to pamper to the masses of racist in order to survive. When swimming with sharks, one has to pretend to be a shark.

kopitelp16 said...

Weeding out useless politicians are not an easy task, given the political scenario in Bolehland. When threatened, use the racial cards and voila! Works every time. We are not ready to discard or break the racial barriers and with these Malay Unity talks, it won't help a bit. I'm actually longing to see some one brave enough to stand up and say "why not we talk about Malaysian Unity"? instead of all these craps.

Anyway, to a lot of politicians it seems only the Malays matters here while the other can be ignored. Of course we're visible again during election.....

AnakMelaka said...

Bro, u are a bit outdated lah - they are already talking abt candidates for ministers posts and MB posts ... been to PAS areas in Puchong lately?

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed.We have a bunch of useless and mindless politicians who are interested in power and money for themselves. For PAS, they have easily forgotten that the rakyat of all races put them where they are now. Next election, we will have to send them back to where they came from. They are definitely not Putrajaya material

Jam said...

Who are you to call these Umno and Pas guys - GOONS.

When u talk about racial issue - pls be sincere. There is nothing wrong to be worried about survival of our own race.

What Umno and Pas trying to do is to make sure what we had in constitution - THAT IS MALAY RIGHT - is not simply erased by guys like u.

U, Chinese, already control more than 80 percent of Malaysia economic, and u all felt that is not enough.. U MUST HAVE ALL...

Dont give all ur superb credential if u also a bloody racisct who thought U ARE GREATER THAN OTHER RACE AND PEOPLE.

We, Malaysia, live in a country that no other countries in the world had.... multi racial friends, relegions and culture - please keep it at that, because that what make Malaysia unique.

Nobody is above everybody else, we are one - MALAYSIANS.

We, the Malay race, the original race of this country only have power, u, Chinese and India - have all the wealth.

So, we only trying to protect what is rightly belong to us.... if u are one of us, u will do the same thing....

Lets think about that bro.... lets all this hatred among friends in Malaysia be erased. We will be better and stronger if we work together.


JOe Ngang said...

Puchong ?

aiyyaa... those Puchng DAP fella after 308 organised dinner also didnt invite us as if it's "chinese victory to eat babi". We sabar.

also in penang, after 308, Lim Guan Eng also said that the state coalition government did not include PAS (only one ADUN meh). It was just between DAP & PKR. We still sabar.

also in Kedah, the sole DAP representative arrogantly reject cooperation with PAS/PKR, saying that they wont work together with PAS. We also still sabar.

then itu Karpal Singh talk dirty to our leaders, we act deaf. We sabar also. We even pray/do'a for im to panjang umur (so we dont have to walk-over his dead carcass).

many other events. we sabar.

but this Kedah DAP suddenly jumped like monkey because the state government torn down an ILLEGAL abbatoir that have received relocation notice since 15 years ago. And the surrounding community keep complaining to us lorr... You cannot respect law meh..?

Are they (Kedah DAP) wakil RAKYAT or WAKIL BABI ???

Robbie Lee said...

It appears one of the politicians unable to focus on "real important issues" is Lim Guan Eng.

In little more than a year of becoming CM of Penang he has ditched humility for arrogance.

His handling of the Kampung Buah Pala 'land grab' case, for instance, leaves much to be desired. Some of his statements, especially against Hindraf, shows clearly he doesn't have the mettle to be a leader worthy of respect.

Sure, the problem may not be of his doing but shouldn't he be concentrating on the solution now that he is the man in charge of the state?

His sacking of Johari Kassim from the Seberang Prai Municipal Council also shows he does not understand that dissent is an important component of the democratic process.

While we push for change we must constantly remind those we put in public office of their duty to the people who put them there in the first place.

Viki said...


don't you think it is better if DAP and PKR join force with BN?

I read this somewhere in Malaysiakini and i think it is a better formula. Just dump PAS!!!
Don't let PAS join UMNO

Anonymous said...

Can you all smell the odor of the UMNO carrot dangled in front of the noses of PAS people? Yeah yeah minister and deputy minister positions!!!! PAS people are getting weak at the knees and the heads are getting giddy just thinking of the positions and power. Yeah they are getting froggy and ready to hop. Suddenly they have forgotten their religious virtues. They are all crying out, " I want, I want, I want leh!"

Anonymous said...

Too much time are wasted on the wrong thing. Too much time are wasted to show who is more political heroic than the other.
What we need is politician and leader who can work on the common issues affecting all people, and there whole lots of it.

Jeremy Tan said...

People, lets not argue like a dog chasing its tail, going in circle.
I believe it would be good for PAS to break into two parts; one (pro-Malay Unity faction - leading by Hadi & Nasha) joining BN, and the other (pro-Malaysian Unity faction - leading by Nik Aziz & Husam) joining PR. Everybody would be happy; BN, PR as well as the voters.
Lets focus on the maturing of our Malaysian political landscape by contributing towards the materialising of two-parties system for true democracy, where the people has the real political power, not the political leaders we voted in.