Monday, July 27, 2009

PM's Series of Targets & A Nation Playing Catch Up

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has announced a series of targets for the government to meet in the next few years and the ministers responsible for it. Among his targets are:

  • Reduce street crimes by 20 percent by end of 2010;
  • Enable 80 percent of Malaysian children to get access to pre-school by 2012 from the current 60 percent;
  • By 2012, all school kids must master reading, writing and arithmetic by Year 4;
  • Kelana Jaya LRT line to get 35 new four-car train sets by 2012 as part of the Government's efforts to increase public transport usage to 25 percent from the present 16 percent

I would like to congratulate the prime minister for being bold enough to announce a series of targets. Visibly missing are his targets on fighting corruption and enhancing the living standard of the lower income group although two ministers were assigned to oversee the areas.

The government should make a necessary arrangement to ensure that the public will be kept updated on the progress of these targets. It would be even better if the government can share with us its implementation plans. For example, it is easy to announce that the government intends to lower street crimes by 20 percent. It is only a percentage.

Numbers can be manipulated but real improvements of the crime prevention mechanism and process can make the public feel safer and more confident of their own safety. The government cannot hope to improve crime prevention and help to reduce crime rates without embarking on a major overhaul of the police force.

The force needs to focus on fighting criminals and not targeting peaceful demonstrators. Senseless detentions and the use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators did not help to repair the police’s public image.

Having some targets are better than none but I cannot say that I am deeply impressed with the prime minister’s announcement. These targets showed that Malaysia is still playing catch up.

This country must focus on quality and not just quantity. It is timely that the government focuses on the quality of our growth, socio-economic development and living standard.

Another area which must change is our political model. There is so much hatred, hostility, anger and negative vibes in our political discourse. The lack of a meaningful dialogue to forge a common undertaking to address some serious policy and governance issues in the country is reflected through how this nation is being governed.

An important KPI should be addressed at reforming his own party, UMNO. It is pertinent for the prime minister to realize that the race-based formula has outlived its purpose. The vehicle for progress cannot be powered by a 1950’s engine.

It is time for leaders of all race-based parties to accept the reality that this race-based political model has been detrimental to our progress as a multiracial society.

Nevertheless, I would like to assure the prime minister that I will keep both eyes on his targets and will revisit them again once the deadlines are up. Promises must be kept.


Anonymous said...

His failure is a success as it does not benefit the majority (read Malays)

Anonymous said...

His wife, Rosmah, just mentioned that snatch theft cases doubled between Jan and April this year (The Star reported).

So, by reducing the crime rate by 20%, it would still be higher than last year's figure!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After 52 years of the UMNO-led government, the KPI has finally been birthed and placed on stage of the Malaysian polical platform. Ministers have been told to perform and now they act and play along the lines of the Director. Like you mentioned, the spotlight seems to fail to shine on the areas of corruption and lower income groups. Whether these actors and actresses play to the tune and lines of the act is another matter. What the country needs is a brand new script with a new cast, bold and brave enough to listen to the common Malaysian, do things for Malaysians , serving them and not lord over them with jingling slogans. Hopefully this brand new cast will find it way into their famous operatic house of UMNO politics.

Anonymous said...

The one that I hate most is whatever mentioned by Rosmah. A pretender and a hypocrite and who is Rosmah?

Anonymous said...

We have heard enough annoucements of good intentions by politicians. Cakap cakap sahaja!. First priority is to tackle corruption. Otherwise all these projects and expenditures will be a money-siphoning schemes for some cronies.

Anonymous said...

Coruption and corupt politicians are everywhere, so whats new. What this country needs is to be in mainsteream no double standard - one scool one language and one race

Anonymous said...

doesn't the targets sound corny especially for national targets?,what about other crimes?almost all housing states now are turning "gated" for pete sake,for mot,is having kelana new train sets a target?we should be getting the new putra trains from bombardier now when the deal was signed in 2006,not by 2012!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:40am u r petty, crime issues leave to police lar, they dont work taruk them. We must think far, policy like one school leads to one nation and everything will fall in place. or is that too confusing to u