Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Quick Police Investigation on the Sudden Death of Teoh Beng Hock

I am shocked to read the outcome of the police investigation on the sudden death of Teoh Beng Hock. Reported in the website, the police have ruled out foul play in the mysterious death of Teoh.

Teoh's body was just claimed by his family from the hospital mortuary and we already have an instant verdict from the police.

I would like to remind the government that it has promised to investigate this case thoroughly. The image of public institutions in the country e.g. the police, the judiciary and now the MACC is already facing a daunting setback.

Anything less than a responsible, thorough, meticulous and professional investigation will not help to retain public's confidence in these institutions and the government of the day.

Why were the police able to conclude that there was no foul play in the sudden death of Teoh barely less than 48 hours? And expect us to trust the outcome of police investigation?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo,

How could you expect the police to declare otherwise?

Mr. Smith said...

1. How many questions did the MACC officer ask Teoh during the 10 hours?
Produce the questions and answers which should have be typed or written down by the IO.

2. Since MACC had claimed that Teoh was a cooperative witness he should have answered 500 questions during those 10 hours? In any case why hold a cooperative witness for 10 hours.

3. If he was asked only 4 or 5 questions during those 10 hours, then may I ask, was the rest of time used to threaten, terrorize, insult and victimize him?
You cannot say a witness was cooperative if he has only answered 4 questions!!!

4. If Teoh was released at 3.45am, then he must have been asked to sign the investigations papers on every page and the time and date jotted down against his signature. Did he sign the documents at 3.45am. If it was never signed then I can assume the investigation was in progress at 3.45am. He was still in MACC custody and NOT released. HE MUST HAVE DIED DURING QUESTIONING WHEN THEY MENTALLY BROKE HIM.

5. What did they do with him during the 10 hours?

6. Why was an outsider ( Teoh would be one had he been released) allowed to loiter around in the MACC at 3.45am or sleep on the couch?

7. How many officers questioned Teoh, either individually or in groups during the 10 hours?

8. Was Teoh's handphone in his possession when his body was found? If so, it must have been damaged. If not, it was planted on him after his death.
If the phone was not on him then I will say the handphone must have been in MACC's possession when Teoh died. Which means he was still under investigation at the time of death.

9. Who did Teoh call after he was allegedly released at 3.45am. Surely he would called his boss or his fiancee or his home as they were anxiously waiting for his call.
A check with the Telcos would reveal the details. If he did not call anyone, then he was still under MACC custody at the time of his death.

Only a Royal Commission will expose the culprits. One does not need a knife, gun or sword to commit murder.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, i think you have forgotten our police is super efficient one,best in the world

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to anyone that the PM is deafeningly silent on this one? Is he sleeping on the job or pretending that it is not his responsibility?

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be surprised at the verdict. It was expected!

Alex said...

Dear Khoo,

We have several questions to ask pertaining to the murder investigation.

It is my belief that all office buildings have several security features to prevent unauthorized access. First at the very minimum, the offices of MACC at the 14th floor as well as the offices of the other companies on other floors would have a security access card system to prevent unauthorized persons from even entering the premises. Therefore we can surmise that Teoh most probably fell from the 14th floor in a room within the MACC offices as it would be physically impossible for him to be at any other offices at any other floor from which to fall to his death. This would also rule out the despicable rumors floated by guilty conscience UMNO bloggers that Teoh was murdered by triads linked to the DAP Exco named by Wee Choo Keong, for pray tell how did the supposed triad hitman gain access to the MACC office or any office for that matter from which to throw Teoh out of? I hope that puts to rest the juvenile fantasies of the UMNO crowd.

Next it is a minimum requirement for any office building to have at least CCTV on the ground floor lobby, in the lift as well as at the entrances to the offices (i.e. the corridor outside each lift). So again, if Teoh was killed by triad hitman, can the UMNO controlled police provide video evidence of the imaginary triad hitman entering the premises from ground floor to lift to MACC office and then back out again? Not barring the fishy non-existence of CCTV within the entire MACC office, all MACC personnel who are in the office from 3am to 1.30pm are the most likely suspects in a murder investigation. I am sure they must have logs of their personnel entering and exiting the office as well as a log to record the entry time and exit time for visitors. That is SOP for even the most run down condominium in KL.

I have been to Menara IBM where the security is unbelievably tight where to gain access to the lift also you need a special access card and your card will only take you to certain floors which you have been authorized to. I would like to believe that MACC's offices employ the same kind of security, especially considering the sensitive and high security nature of its business investigating corruption. But I have not been to the said Plaza, can anyone please make a visit to the Plaza Masalam and note the security features of the building from carpark to lobby to lift to offices?

According to the MACC, Teoh was last sleeping on a couch at around 6am. Can the MACC provide the said couch to conduct DNA testing to see whether Teoh was ever sleeping on any couch at all? Also MACC should now release all files related to the interrogation of Teoh.

Alex said...

Next is to rule out accidental death. Accidental death would mean Teoh have to accidentally fallen out from one of the open windows which according to my experience in high rise office buildings cannot be opened easily and as proven by pictures showing a curious crowd peeking out from Plaza Masalam's windows, the windows are the push out kind which leaves a really awkward horizontal space for anyone to accidentally fall out from. Unless the said person was not in the right mind which begs the question, was Teoh drugged?

ah long said...

Malaysia Boleh ... Memang BOLEH one .. apa pun BOLEH :X

Steve Yeoh said...

these people are now trying to be covering each other's ass la... UMNO covers MACC, MACC covers police, police covers UMNO. they have each other's dirty linens hidden under their own bed. these dirty linens will not be washed in the public so long as there's no betrayal among themselves.

but i believe these people have a lot of weak links. when these weak links are broken, all hell will break loose for them.

once you start lying, you'll need more lies to support your first lie.

keep being liars UMNO, MACC and police! you're one step closer to self-annihilation with every lie you tell!

Anonymous said...

I only hope that the authority would be able to lie logically so that we could swallow it with less pain.

People said...

The nations will never buy the police side of story!
We want justice for belate Mr Teo Beng Hock!
Set up a Royal Tribunal to investigate this incident immediately!

Anonymous said...

Spot the difference: MACC, cops, UMNO, gangsters, murderers. Tough eh?

Anonymous said...

anon 1040pm
ah long 1201am

pls u all stop all those flippant casual you-thought-it's-cheeky-and-funny comments.

be serious.

a bright young man has died in the clutches of evil.

please refrain from entertaining your own selves with such 'funny' remarks.


Anonymous said...

Do you still believe a Royal Tribunal can make ANY difference in this country?

No! I'll only believe that they "might" change, when the boss changes.

Anonymous said...

One friend suggested BN/MACC might not be the culprits. I so wanted my friend to visit MACC office and see how tight the security is and see for himself if outsiders can have unlimited access to everything in MACC.

Khoo if you try to do that, MACC might probably throw you down, nope sorry out, their office.

Anonymous said...

kalaulah pun MACC lovey dovey dengan belated Mr Teoh dari awal hingga akhir siasatan, kenapa tidak pastikan nyawanya terselamat?

Anonymous said...

Koh Tsu Koon,

your police just passed the KPI set by you with flying colours. Super efficient.

dont worry, we know your spineless answer. its a real consolation that penangnites stopped you from further selling the state away. you can sell your family to UMNO but Penangnites would not give you a damn.

fencesitter said...

As I've mentioned earlier, setup a Royal Commision is no use at all cause govt. will threaten and control them as well UNLESS a FOREIGN commision is appointed.

Anonymous said...

Altantuya?????? Kugan?????Teoh???? Whose next????/

Anonymous said...

The police investigated the black eye incident, and the then PM said Anwar hit himself.

If that can happen to our DPM, what do you think can happen to ordinary citizens especially some they still deem to come from China (although they may be 3 generation Malaysian)?

Common sense dictates that you dont ask a child molester to run a kindergarten or ask a rapist to be a gynae. So why do you ask the police to investigate this case?

I would hazard a guess that most malaysians would not trust our own police and many of us have been asked for money for breaking some traffic regulations. The police have lost the right to expect any malaysians to trust them. They have been consistent in one thing, failure to generate trust despite their programmes to make them more approachable.

Malaysia has become a sad story for malaysians. Foreigners have yet to open their eyes; it is only a matter of time.

In Malaysia, you tell me honestly which is worse govt agencies:

1 police
3 customs.

The above are a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo, PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT before you blog. Malaysiakini got it wrong and you get your news from there.
What I read was, "POLICE DO NOT RULE OUT FOUL PLAY" and not what you have blogged.
Be a resposible blogger!
Charlie Oscar

Anonymous said...

****** stop all clues & questions ****

by raising all minor and detailed questions, you are giving macc & barisan & police oppotrtunities to think of counter-replies.



when the royal commission of inquiry is set up, THEN u come out with all your questions.

pls refrain to spill all questions (keep them for later).

the macc & police are scanning the internet for possible loopholes that they might have missed!!

please inform others..