Saturday, July 18, 2009

Threats, More Threats - This is Why We Need A IPCMC

Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan urged politicians and members of the public to refrain from speculating or spreading rumours regarding Teoh’s death.

He said the public should allow the police to complete their investigations before jumping to conclusion as such unsubstantiated rumours could create a tense situation.

“We will not hesitate to act against any one who spreads rumours of foul play. I assure them that there will be a thorough investigation and no cover-up,’’ he said.

I would like to urge the IGP to stop his silly and unnecessary threats. You only need to fear if you commit a crime. Otherwise, rumours and speculations will remain just that - rumours and speculations.

If the MACC is clean and civil, they should not fear public scrutiny. The same goes to the police. A life, an innocent life, was lost. The lost felt by this man's family is immeasurable - his fiancee, his unborn baby, his parents, his siblings and his friends. Any good Muslim, Christian, Hindu or any God fearing person should feel angry too.

Yet, silly you expect us to keep quiet? This is a democracy and this government is answerable to the people. This includes you, IGP, and your police force. Your personnel acted like a pack of wild dogs when detaining the protesters. Shame on you!

You are only good at hurling threats and not combat crime on the streets. That is why many taxpayers including myself are calling for your removal when your contract ends this coming September.



Magpie said...

This is no threat. It is real. They are just waiting for the opportunity to net in everyone who do anything against UMNO. They will arrest and torture people until they have done away with opposition.

Anonymous said...

siapa dalam polis raja di malaysia yang ada bukti-bukti jenayah musang hasan, tolong kemukakan bukti2 berkenaan sekarang juga.

kami semua mahu lihat si-musang ni jatuh ke dalam neraka.

nasib sungguh malang kebelakangan ni, si-musang ni tak mati kerana sakit jantung.


Anonymous said...

A Malaysian friend who has a relative working in the police force told me this long ago...during our University days in the UK:

If the police has killed the victim under their custody, they will push the body down the building to make the death appear as a suicide. This is a clever cover-up for the police. A very neat solution they have come up with since they know the best cover up to deflect blame away. Then, they can answer "I don't know" to all the questions raised by the public and the victim's family.

If during a car chase, the police has shot one victim, the remaining victims will also be shot. Otherwise, the remaining victims can act as witness. This way, the case can be closed out messy trails and remnants.

I am a foreigner. Reading about Teoh's death make me sad.

I hope the police and interrogators will get to have a taste of their own medicine real soon. Then they can feel how Teoh's family feel. I hope the loved ones of the police and interrogators will suffer "mysterious" death or better still, suffer from terminal illness.

Anonymous said...

Khay Peng,
Well written.

Does anyone know a "kuat" bomoh?

Get the bomoh to make the IGP mad or suffer some terminal illness. This way, his loved ones and AMNO bangsat can feel the pain.

Since laymen can't fight the police scoundrels and the anjing MACC, supernatural power has to be called upon to rival them. Once a few deaths or terminal illness victims are seen in PDRM and MACC, they will understand.

Currently, these folks have the "killing" DNA in their system. They do not have a conscious at all. After killing so many people under their custody, they can still sleep well, eat well, pray well up to 5 times a day and continue to kill in bright daylight. They honed their skills so much so that they have a cover-up story for each question raised by the Rakyat.

When will this sub-human species be wiped out from Malaysia? Once their loves ones are wiped out, then, they will turn over a new leaf.

Let's call on the best bomoh to help make this happen real soon.

Anonymous said...

Our civil service and our police force are like those who served England in 1500s and France in 1700s. Please God, give wisdom to the people of Malaysia, give them the courage and bravery to change this current government.

Anonymous said...

V for Vendetta!!!

Anonymous said...

can some one highlights..where is his mobile phone? if it is missing....IGP needs to answer to the public...what is this foul play is all about?
a) interrogating a witness at midnight hrs
b) Allowing someone to roam around or to sleep inside MACC building?
c) CCTV recordings of his movements after his release

Anti-evil said...

Khoo, you are justified in being angry and so am I and ALL people I have been meeting these days.
Hassan is the worst IGP this country has ever seen.
I wish one day a tragedy befalls his family and lets see how he feels. He thinks the police and UMNO own this country and that we are pendatangs and bodoh.
This man has no heart. He is EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Nah this IGP only got big balls when come to us rakyat.. i'm pretty sure when it comes to hardcorewho criminal, "IGP, ur balls kecut ke?"

daniel a.k.a lll

CK said...

he must not be allowed an extension to his terms. he should get the hell out of malaysia

Anonymous said...

We really, really need an INDEPENDENT commission that reports to the Parliament and the RAKYAT. Remember to use your VOTES wisely in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Bodoh punya polis

Rasuah kuat
Kerja sikit
makan besar
bini ramai
anak rempit

1Malazy got la

Anonymous said...

nah....this IGP will not regret what he is doing. He will continue with his killings and murders. He will continue to show up in mosque but he will only regret upon his death bed.

He will not get to retire as Najis Althantuya needs him to continue c4 anyone who dare to harm BigMoma and himself.

Maybe, we hope his children be the victims next in line,baru rasa.

Alex said...

Head of Selangor UMNO, MACC is under the jurisdiction of your other office (PMO). So you are the direct leader responsible for MACC since they are answerable only to your office (PMO) of which you are the head of that office (unless you want to claim that it is your wife who is the head, that we can understand you spineless weakling).

So instead of offering your cynical condolences, why don't you start a full impartial royal commission into his death at the hands of the MACC whose conduct is only answerable to you as the head of PMO.

I bet your goons at PDRM was ready to classify it as suicide no foul play, but I bet your incompetent goons now cannot answer as to why an expecting father would want to commit suicide on the eve of his wedding registration, simply because your stupid goons had not an iota that his wife was two months pregnant. Coupled with the fact that on Wednesday morning he was calling friends to confirm their attendance at his October 3rd wedding dinner only to commit suicide the next morning, highly unbelievable don't you think? But I know you don't think because you are incapable of thinking.

I also bet that your goons at PDRM wanted to quickly classify this case as sudden death then accidental death then case close NFA. But your stupid goons must have taken a look at the windows of Plaza Masalam by now and realized belatedly that falling out from the high rise building window (why don't you get off your spineless backbone and go and visit Plaza Masalam for yourself, isn't this part of your job 1Malaysia walkabouts?) accidentally is highly impossible also, unless of course he was drugged by the MACC.

So that leaves another option as to what happened to Teoh Beng Hock. Murder. But already your press, your ministers, your goons at PDRM, your UMNO bloggers and cyber warriors are already dismissing that possibility out of hand.

Of course there are some of your UMNO bloggers who are now spreading rumors that DAP triads not only managed to infiltrate the MACC office but managed to kill Teoh and exited the building without any trace. Now does that sound believable to you? Why don't you warn your UMNO bloggers and supporters also for speculating, rumor mongering and (the IGP's favourite motto) "threatening public order"?

So that leaves only one responsible party for his murder. MACC. MACC under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Office. The Prime Minister's Office of Najib Tun Razak. Najib Tun Razak the Head of Selangor UMNO. The head of Selangor UMNO who gave the green light to MACC to begin a witch hunt in Selangor to topple Pakatan Selangor. The same green light given by the ex-head of Perak UMNO. All roads lead to you Najib Tun Razak. You are indirectly responsible and you will be held to justice, if not now then in the afterlife.

ken said...

emmm.... i think we more prefer new government...

ken said...

Ohh! welcome to Nazi Party, the supreme security guard asked ur guys to shut up your mouth and be a good idiot, pretend nothing happen, ok, now i have to shut up my fxcking mouth, i dun want to be the next body on 5th floor.

telur dua said...

These present day Malaysian 'heroes' only threaten and arrest lawyers, whistle-blowers, the innocent, the defenceless, the helpless and PR members. They also like to play with peoples' DNA.

But we do expect dogs to do their master's bidding.

Anonymous said...

another Malaysian by the name of Guna died in police station. Hindraf, where are you?

we shouldnt speculate and let the police investigate? what happened to Kugan now, moron?

Greenbug said...

The son of the MACC Chief was convicted for paedophile / child pornography in an Adelaide court in early 2008 and still employed as a pilot in MAS, macamana?

ajoyly said...

Rumours and rumour mongering will die a natural death, once the truth is known. Speculations are just that, they will never develop into anything serious. Therefore fear not!

Alex said...

Sejak kematian mengejut Setpol seorang Exco Selangor, Teoh Beng Hock 2 hari lepas, banyak teori punca kematiannya diceritakan. Namun satu hakikat - hampir tiada yang percaya Teoh membunuh diri. Saya sendiri sudah bercakap dengan puluhan orang dan setakat ini belum seorang pun yang berani berkata pemuda itu telah dengan sengaja mengambil nyawanya sendiri. Malah ada yang sangat yakin pasukan penyiasat SPRM sendiri yang 'menjatuhkan' Teoh!

Dan petang kelmarin, ketika berbual dengan seorang rakan lama, saya bertanyakan soalan yang sama. Kebetulan rakan ini bekas seorang jurugambar polis yang banyak pengalaman mengambil mayat mereka yang meninggal dengan pelbagai cara, termasuk bunuh diri. Saya percaya pandangannya adalah sangat profesional berdasarkan pengalaman puluhan tahun mengambil gambar dalam pasukan polis.

Ketika saya bertanya adakah beliau percaya Teoh 'dijatuhkan' seseorang atau sekumpulan orang, beliau menyatakan tidak percaya dengan teori itu. Beliau tidak percaya Teoh sengaja dijatuhkan, sebelum dijumpai di bawah bangunan itu. Beliau berkata orang yang terjatuh bangunan dalam keadaan sedar, tidak kira sengaja menjatuhkan diri, terjatuh atau dijatuhkan oleh orang lain, biasanya jatuh di dalam keadaan tertiarap dengan kedua-dua tangan kiri dan kanan terbuka. Kedua-dua tangan terbuka adalah sebagai respons seseorang untuk cuba menahan hentakan badannya ke atas tanah, simen atau objek keras lain di bawah. Tapi Teoh mati di dalam keadaaan mengiring, seolah-olah ketika jatuh, dia sudah tidak ada respons untuk cuba menahan sesuatu di bawahnya.

"Mungkin ketika jatuh orang itu dalam keadaan tidak sedar. Mungkin dia jatuh dalam keadaan pengsan," kata rakan saya itu.

"Mungkin ketika terjatuh, dia sudahpun mati?" tanya saya.

"Mungkin juga. Yang pasti orang jatuh dalam keadaan sedar tidak jatuh dalam posisi seperti itu."

Saya tidak tahu sama ada hendak percaya atau tidak dengan pandangan profesional rakan itu. Tetapi mengambil kira jarak masa yang begitu panjang di antara waktu selepas beliau disoal siasat dan kematiannya dilaporkan, saya seperti yakin ada sesuatu yang cuba disembunyikan mengenai kematian Teoh olehSPRM.....

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Life or death is normally in God's hand
Unless there's unexpected human intervention
So let's join in the investigating band
Unless there's fully satisfactory explanation

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180709
Sat. 18th July 2009.

Anonymous said...


I am with you that the investigation by MACC is politically motivated.

Look at the 2 idiots who defected to BN after being charged by the MACC. They will go thru the process and found not guilty as part of the charade. Who was the UMNO head then in Perak that orchestrated the coup? Now it is the same person, being the head of UMNO Selangor, plotting the downfall of the Selangor govt by using MACC to coerce the state representatives.

Teoh is just collateral damage and means nothing in the sinister plot. No, I wouldnt touch him with a 10-foot pole.

jshin said...

good work =)

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Why is this country using Zimbabwe as a model to emulate?

Anonymous said...

Any people of rational mind will arrive with the same conclusion.

We really miss Haniff Omar and Albert Mah of the old days.....

Anonymous said...


Who did "foul play" in the 1st place before all these happened...?????
Yes...! Jail thy self 1st...!

Does he have the right to threathen the rakyat....??????
Is that threat against the law...??

Is it right that MACC conduct their "own" investigation..???
Is that the way to go....???????

KKP, enlighten me...!!!

By the time "anything" is set up, all evidence will be messed up...!!

Don't you all watch "CSI"...?????

Anonymous said...

****** stop all clues & questions ****

by raising all minor and detailed questions, you are giving macc & barisan & police oppotrtunities to think of counter-replies.



when the royal commission of inquiry is set up, THEN u come out with all your questions.

pls refrain to spill all questions (keep them for later).

the macc & police are scanning the internet for possible loopholes that they might have missed!!

please inform others..


Anonymous said...

I agree wit one commentator, let us find a good and ruthless bomoh and send NOT him but his son or daughter a freakin SANTAU or TUJU and let them vomit blood, lipan, kulit babi, or whatever, then maybe , MAYBE he will repent.