Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Waythamoorthy Should Stop His Threats

Waythamoorthy has warned Penang CM Lim Guan Eng not to use the scheduled meeting with Kampung Buah Pala villagers as a 'political stunt'. It appears that the self-exiled Hindraf leader has given the DAP leader an ultimatum: acquire the land or else. He claimed that the movement is willing to launch a nation wide fund raising campaign to buy over the land at a 'reasonable price".

I would like to remind the Hindraf leader that his attitude is going to bring a huge repercussion to his movement and his leadership. He should tell us, Penangites, why the state government should use its development funds (less than RM250 million a year) to acquire the land? To acquire the land, the state government will have to use the people's money. Not the DAP's, Hindraf's or Waythamoorthy. Ask for our approval first if you want our money.

Next, if the land was illegally alienated to the developer, Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn. Bhd., I would like to urge Waythamoorthy to use his legal experience to bring both the past government, the ex-CM Koh and the company to the court. I symphatize with the villagers but I would like to ask Waythamoorthy again, why should we pay for the folly of Koh Tsu Koon and his past administration?

Many of us are very angry that the current state government is claiming a lack of development funds to really spend on anything. The partial payment of RM14 million to the plaintiff of a quarry land case should have been used to improve public amenities and to build tourism facilities so that more jobs can be created. Do you think we would allow the current government to spend another RM200 million, including eventual compensation to the developer, just to clear the shit of the former useless and irresponsible CM?

Waythamoorthy should really think hard again. You are also trying to gain political mileage through your senseless threats. Why must Penangites pay through their noses for your political mileage?

I can assure you that your Indian-based political party will remain just that - a pressure group. Your attitude will not help your soon-to-be-listed party to capture any seat in the next general election.

Instead of acting like the next warlord, you should really work out with the current government to find a viable solution to the settle the issue. The best way to get back at the culprits of this land grab fiasco is to send the ex-CM, his party and the state coalition he is still leading to a perpetual limbo.

I would like to urge the current CM to tone down his own abrasiveness too and learn to listen more.

Remember, Waythamoorthy, do not let us pay for the folly of the past government or else...


genesispassion said...

the more he talk the less reasonable people like us will notice him..we are not gangsters road bullies...this is one typical mad dog!

ajoyly said...

Mr. Way should not be too aggressive in fighting the Buah Pala issue. He shouldn't be emotional. It is not a simple thing to resolve land matters. They are many factors to be considered. It is easy to condemn but difficult to find a practical solution. And as an activist, he should be the best way to help the people affected by being professional and considerate in his dealings with authority.

Anonymous said...

or else...

what, are you threatening a tamil?

you really don't know us very well, do you?

Anonymous said...

Waythamoorthy and his brother are just political opportunists jumping on the Kg. Buah Pala issue to further their own political ends.

All they know are the language of threats. They are even more racists than what Umno can ever dream to be.

A Hindraf political party which caters only to Indians will exist in the political wilderness like MUIP, IPF and MMSP unless it joins a multi-racial coalition. As it can't fit into PR because of its mono-ethnic agenda, it will probably try to join BN.

So that's why Waytha and Uthaya are going all out attacking PR while ignoring the mess created by BN.

Political opportunists trying to please BN.

Anonymous said...

dear mr khoo

i fully support your statement here.


Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 9.34pm,

Yeah, tell me everything about you and do not hide under anonymity. Tell us all about the tamil we do not know. Stop being a racist!

Anonymous said...

How about giving RM1 million to each family and wrapping up the issue? WIN-WIN MAH!

genesispassion said...

at this rate sooner or later the tamil look at these jokers,,,thet be glad to go back to m i c...! seemed we have gangster in tie shooting any duck on sight!
what tamil ? what indian? what hindraf?

i am just like you..what we need is some sanity some direction a master plan not fighting..shouting ..those days are over !

do we have a game plan ? to uplift fellowmen for better jobs..skils?

Hans said...

Funny you didn't express the same sentiment when hindraf gave ultimatum to the BN government not too long ago. so much of your independent and unbiased blog... go to hell

Anonymous said...

the only racist here seems to be the chinese majority.you people have no moral high ground to talk about other races.

Anonymous said...

Tamil for me is someone i rather hired an indonesian rather than tamil.. Tamil is i rather pay more for my supplier rather to get it from tamil.. for me Tamil is just racist just as Mr way

Anonymous said...


the Way doesnt know shit about government. He has no idea.

A coward who ran into hiding with tail btw his leg and yelping his stupid opinions from afar just to make himself feel important.

who can take such person seriously.


Anonymous said...

Dear genesispassion,

Only dog like U will know about another dog......

Anonymous said...

What happen to all the promises made during the election... just let it down the drain i suppose.. then DAP/PKR is no better than any other party.
The best thing to do CM resign.X

Anonymous said...

Well if the present state govt knows that the land title was transferred illegally, the records are still in the state government. Why cant the present govt dig all the past shits of Koh and reveal them.
When and How the land title was transferred?
Who approved the land transfer?
What was the degree of Koh’s involvement?
Was the transfer done legally or illegally?
Don’t sit there idly but move on, be active CM and pursue further.
We need an active CM, someone can take immediate action

BraveHeart69 said...

Waythamoorthy issues threats and then hide in another country. Waythamoorthy uses his daughter to do his dirty work for him when he can do it himself but oh, I forgot, the coward is in another country, hiding under his mother's sari.....too scared to come back to Malaysia....and there are stupid idiots still supporting a coward like Waythamoorthy.....

伊难忘 said...

haha....KKP used party money to condemn own party's leader....trying to praise Lim Guan Eng

Anonymous said...

LGE telah berjanji untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini sebelum PU12. Selepas menang tidak ada apa apa tindakan untuk menyelesaikan masalah. LGE tidak pernah turun padang untuk menyelesaikan masalah kerana masalah ini adalah orang India. Selepas masalah ini diperbesarkan baru menyalahkan Waytha. Jika masalah ini masalah ini masalah orang cina maka mereka akan memperjuangkan bermati-matian. Mengapa LGE tidak mahu menjalan siasatan dan seteruskan bawa ke MACC. Jika MACC gagal bertindak maka melaporkan kepada rakyat tentang penyelewengan ini. Sehingga kini Uncle LKS tidak mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan. Sikap ini memang menyakitkan hati. Tidak ada sebarang perbedaan dengan kerajaan sebelum ini.
P/S: Saya mengundi DAP sejak 1982.

Anonymous said...

I URGE LGE to resign if he uses or abuses the State Funds to acquire the Buah Pala land.
See if you would like to please the minority family or the whole locals.

Waya would like you position very much as he is threatening you. No extort you, right now.

Penangnites & Publics..do come out & demonstrated at Buah Pala.


Ravi Vijaya said...

Mr. Khoo, your emotional and threatening attitude sickens me. For someone with your academic standing, you speak like a gangster. You claim impartiality but your inclinations are obvious.

And you have the gall to name your blog as Straight Talk.

I for one am not impressed with your lack of integrity.

Anonymous said...

This Whyta fella still has his "balls" or not....???????

What the "HELL" is he still sitting nicely in London & inciting hatred towards Penang CM for...???????

Come back & fight like a "man"..!!!
Compare to him, the sufferings of his tamil brothers are "felt" here.
"NOT" there.....!!!!

Instead of "finding" a solution, this fella keeps on...... talking rubbish...!!!
So..... educated moreover !!!!

We are all here lah..! On Malaysia soil. Lim Guan Eng & Hindraf & whoever are trying their level best.
Trying to make things happen for the villagers lah....!!!

I don't see that Whyta fella being hands on...!!!
Not doing....?
Than just keep your "balls" silently in London...!!!

Anonymous said...

It's been said many times, Federal Court has decided. In case some people do not understand, Federal Court is the highest court in Malaysia and once decided, there is no more appeal. Also, let's identify the culprits who sold the land. And LGE and gang took over office on 9 March 2008 and land deal was finalised on 28 Mar 08. It is reasonable to expect that LGE and gang may have screwed up in finalising the land deal with 20 days in office. Most probable reason of the screw up is due to misrepresentation by certain people.

I worked damned bloodly hard for the past 40 years, paid my taxes and dues and do I get a single square feet of free land? The Kg Bala fellas (they are not alone) has been working on the land for years and they did not pay a single sen to acquire the land and expect other taxpayers to subsidise them. What nonsense!

Perhaps I should stop paying my taxes and dues and start making noises so that Selangor govt can give me some free lands or compensation for land which I have been occupying without payment for 40 years.

But the problem is mainly because of of our corrupt land alienation system, not so much about the social responsibility of govt.

Anonymous said...

Independent Politocal Aanalyst,
You did not ask this Hindraf Tamil Tiger leader to stop making threats to the Malaysian goventment then. Did he not try to gain political mileage thhrough his senseless threats then?

Was there any promise made to these Tamil Tigers before the election by DAP? They are just demanding the promise be kept.

Anonymous said...

Waythamoorthy! Come back to Malaysia and argue your case lah! Don't hide in UK. You do remember that you and your Hindraf kaki wanted Queen E to compensate money to the Malaysian Indians...now you are hiding there.. you should be grateful that UK did not kick you out when your passport was revoke... Throwing tantrums that's what you people do best.. grow up and contribute to society instead of asking for handouts...

Anonymous said...

Just ignore what this Waythamoorthy says. He is just barking his way through hoping to gain some benefits out of it. Talking is cheap! He can say all he wants from London since there are no consequences on him unlike Gandhi who was in the thick of action during his fight for independence in India. If Waythamoorthy has the guts, he would not have escaped to London like a coward in the first place. I can only pity his supporters in Malaysia who have been exploited.

Anonymous said...

A Land Scam - it's official !!!

That's how DPM Ramasamy described it in today's papers.

The eunuch KTK still has not seen fit to explain how a piece of land he sold for RM3.2m in 2005 to his cronies is now worth 10x more.

And this is the eunuch our PM Najib hopes to lead BN back to power in Penang.

Dream on..............

tsunami said...

To mr. Waythamoorthy.

Dear Sir, wish that you used your very logic. You are a learned person. I agreed with khoo kay peng that you try to get fund or organized fundrising to get the fund to bring previous govt to task. And to tell/warned the CM LGE) not show "political stunt", is but illogical.

Sir, think again. Not until i changed your name out of no respect to Mr. Wayweirdunworthy.

Anonymous said...

the majority of comments (from everwhere)on this issue reeks of racism from the chinese.and they talk about bangsa malaysia , the true colours of deception have bloomed.different method of engagement concerning the pig issue yet you will notice a disgusting mute from these so called malaysian malaysia.to the clowns who accuse the indians for voting bn for 50 years,how does that work in this case?.since, the majority in penang are chinese,split into two chinese partys (gerakan/dap) .at end of the day ,the malaysian indians are been screwed by the malaysian chinese with cheap tactis.

btw, to the clown whom wants a demo against kg buah pala,go ahead.indeed,the outcome will be very interesting .

the arrogance and the racial superiority complex of the chinese community have no place in malaysia.

p.s now everyone seems to be talking about observing the "rule of the law" what a joke! and if money seems to be god to the bangsa malaysia ,i will have no part of it, regardless of how insignificant i am.

to the clowns who have low counts of grey cells but too blind to notice,the subject of economy is not black and white. karl marx was right ,in theory .shame .

aiyomanaboleh said...

I agree with KKP.

Let's be objective about the whole issue. Let's hold hands and cross the bridge together.

Having said that, please don't threaten that if things don't go your way, everyone will suffer. You take this type of stand, you will at the end of it be suffering the consequence of it.

Election promises aside, if things don't work out, you have the power to vote the government out.

Don't go for broke, you don't have the advantage of strength.

Half Truth said...

Sit and talk. Look for win-win solution.

When politician say they will fight for you meant, it does not guarantee 100% you will get what you want. Same as lawyer, when they fight for you in the any court, they too can't guarantee 100% they will win the case. This is the fact we need to see and accept it. It is a bitter medicine to take it especially when are being victimised.

Politician or lawyer, have the duty of responsibility ie to utmost good faith in their execution. Whatever outcome, it is beyond their control.

If you all want true justic, go after the one start the problem ie the one who sell off the governement land to developer. This is the root cause. All parties concern, PR, NGO, Residents, Hindraf etc stand united to go after the culprit. This is one of the way seek justic.

Anonymous said...

Using threat seems to be a culture in Malaysia nowadays. This method has been freely used from daily business transaction to politics, so much so that people are getting immune to it.
Threat does not work every time.

Half Truth said...

Waythamoorthy, if PR government were to pay RM200 Million to developer, the 23 family is still living in poverty level.

If the this RM200 Million is paid to 23 family directly, each family will get RM8.6 Miilion. Which is more mathematical logic benefit?

Hertiage site is important or RM is important?

Anonymous said...

Do not worry about genesispassion. His name is Loh Chee Yuen, a well known conman who has cheated countless innocent women of money by masquerading as a millionaire gentleman & intellectual! The police are after him and we know that he will end up in prison where he belongs.

wong said...

penang state government will not be extorted by these situation..i think it matter of time..some postive action be taken..why did the peoppe take up th erm200000 ?

Anonymous said...

Quote "He should tell us, Penangites, why the state government should use its development funds (less than RM250 million a year) to acquire the land? To acquire the land, the state government will have to use the people's money." Unquote

I wonder does this means the residents of Kg Buah Pala are not the people or penangites? Or are u insinuating that only the majority of the people who represent the racial make up of penang are "people" and "penangites"? Yes the damage was done by the previous government which started the ball rolling....but since the present ruling state government came to power with promises of change and power to the people...I'm sure they can put a stop and deliver its campaign promises. Or does the residents of Kg Buah Pala's vote is irrelevant since they number as a minority.
This talks of multi-racial party and meritrocracy that DAP claims is sheer bollocks when it too bows down to the voices of the majority. Whats is the difference between UMNO led BN and DAP? The majority have the final say. I guess racial chauvinism is there regardless of majority or minority. Yes I'm sure the people of Kg Buah Pala can take the previous government and the developer to task in the court etc which will take time,all the while LGE can sit by idly and admonish the past state government for this fiasco. Again you are just another person who reminds me on why the reason HINDRAF came about.

Anonymous said...

Worst yet to come....