Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin, Goodbye and Thank You!

Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25 pm last night.

Goodbye and thank you for your entertaining and thought provoking films. We have lost a real towering Malaysian.


gordy said...

A tragic lost of talent for Malaysia. Condeolences to her family and all close to her.

Anonymous said...

yes good bye yasmin. she has fought a good fight and may God always bless her.

condolences to her family.

bokjae said...

Just wanna express my condolence to the family of Yasmin! Malaysia lost a talented soul!

Anonymous said...

she's just trying to make a living ... so no need to overreact

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


By trying to break down the racial barrier
She was often wrongly deemed to be controversial
But she was simply honest in her cinematic career
Whether it was a romantic movie or a touching commercial

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 270709
Mon. 27th July 2009.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 12.32am,

Who do you mean? Yourself? Please do not post anything on my blog if you do not have anything really useful to say. I am being nice to allow anonymous posts. Do not abuse this freedom.

Anonymous said...

KKP, Don't let this "Anon" fella bother u....

Just "delete" the post. NO 2 ways about it...!!!!!!

Anyway, may Yasmin's soul rest in peace...!!!

let's pray for this "Anon" fella soul to be a "NICE" person....!!!!!

What say you, KKP..?

clearwater said...

Yasmin Ahmad was a true multicultural and talented Malaysian. Am sad that her film making skills will no longer grace our screens with her passing. I shall miss seeing her at our favorite chicken 'hor fun' shop in Seapark, Petaling Jaya.

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Ahmad was a Malaysian in the true sense of the word. This trait is reflected in her artful works of her films. No doubt she possessed the overwhelming desire to love all Malaysians, and people as a whole. This example is hard to emulate and is so unique of her.

May her soul rests in peace.

ajoyly said...

We need more film directors like Yasmin Ahmad. Able to capture the reality of life of the various races in Malaysia and how they relate to one another in love, work and play. Having that gift of getting into the essence of the issues. And presenting them to audiences in a true to life situation.

Not afraid to untangle sensitive matters for the public to view and interpret the message being coveyed accordingly through her films.

Truly a giant of a lady, at her peak with her potential not fully realised yet. Other directors should take up the challenges and benchmark she has set as their goal in the attainment of success in the world of cimematography.

Though she was with us only for a while she has left a lasting legacy to all Malaysians - that when we trust and love one another as ordinary human beings,not in terms of race or religion - we are laying the foundation of the future of a great and united nation. I believe this is what Yasmin dreamt and desired for her beloved country.

ajoyly said...

ajoyly's comment of 1:14am
-paragraph two line two, the
word ' coveyed ' should read '
conveyed '.
-paragraph three linefour,the
word ' cimematography ' should
read ' cinematography '.
Sorry for the oversight and inconveniences.