Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bar Council & Parking Tickets

Muhyiddin Yassin hit out at the Bar Council today for having an agenda against Barisan Nasional’s (BN) candidate for the by-election here, after it was revealed the Umno man was a disbarred lawyer.

The Bar Council had issued a statement following queries from the media yesterday confirming that Rohaizat Othman, the candidate, was a disbarred lawyer.

The Bar Council also clarified that Rohaizat had been found guilty of personal misconduct and had lost his appeal against the decision in the High Court last Wednesday, five days before Umno nominated him for the by-election.

The Bar Council’s statement contradicts Rohaizat’s version of the events. The candidate blames his partner in his law firm for committing the misconduct.

But the Bar Council says it does not hold lawyers liable for the actions of their partners.
Speaking to reporters today, Muhyiddin said: “We don’t know what is the agenda of the Bar Council.

“It is as if they are on the side of certain quarters. I am sure they have some agenda.”

Muhyiddin is not fit to become a deputy prime minister if he does not appreciate the role of Bar Council to reprimand errant lawyers. What the Bar Council did was merely to clarify Rohaizat's status as a lawyer. Rohaizat can challenge the Bar's decision at a higher court.

If Muhyiddin is worth his salt, he should apologize to the Bar Council for taking a pot shot at the organisation. This explains why the deputy prime minister cannot appreciate the fact that he should not misuse the military helicopter for his party's work.

UMNO has itself to blame for picking such a controversial candidate. It should be blamed too for picking such an arrogant and ignorant chap as the deputy prime minister of this country. What a joke!


Anonymous said...

Well, they are all so used to lies and cover-ups that they were hoping the Bar Council will support their lies and agree with their manufactured version of events.

The Bar Council has a reputation to maintain and a responsibility to ensure that the truth prevails. If it had chosen to hide the truth then it will just tarnish its image...just like all the BN "leaders".

What agenda???.....The DPM's agenda is to hide the truth from the people but the Bar Council's agenda is to maintain their credibility, stupid!

However did Malaysia managed to come up with such a dumb DPM????

Anonymous said...

if he is the BEST of all umNO has .....well, PAS, congrats !

Anonymous said...


This is the joke of the month delivered by the BN/UMNO animal farm.

That Moohidin always acts tough, spouting nonsense with no respect for others. He doesn't behave and speak like a 2nd in command in M'sia. He showed no respect for the Bar Council. He is so used to corruption, bend rules to suit BN/UMNO's agenda. This is reflected in his casual way of defending and spouting nonsense.

The Bar Council is a professional body but Moohidin is trying to belittle it.

Rakyat can see Moohidin's ugly character. . He looks and moos like a cow. His fat cow face tells me that he will soon suffer a heart attack. Let him be finished this way......there will be one evil less in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Any intelligent Malaysian can surmise on the quality of competency that our DPM, Muhyiddin Yassin possesses.

He is no brainer, only good at making political potshots.

Indeed his DPM tenure of office will be numbered.

This DPM hat is too big for him to wear.

On a scale of 1 to 10, he scores - 1.

telur dua said...

Between stupid and joking, I'll give MOOhyiddin the benefit of the doubt. But he insists on proving me wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Rohaizat can challenge the Bar's decision at a higher court."

Indeed the was brought to the High Court for revision but was dismissed early this month.
Which means even the court found him guilty of misconduct.
UMNO has no more men of integrity so that explains the position of Muhyiddin and Rohaizat.

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin seems to want the Bar Council to apply a different standard for 'UMNO' lawyers!

Leithaisor said...

Just how desparate can UMNO, Muhyiddin, Zahid and all the other mouthpieces be?

Facts are facts, and no amount of spin will turn black into white.

Perhaps at one piont in time they can rely on controlled press and media, and loud party machinery to keep the propaganda machine pulling wool over voters' eyes.

And with the help of kain pelekat, sewing machines and development promises / lack-of-development threats, keep their hold on seats more by crrok than by hook.

Dulu lain, kini lain.

Such tricks only serve to prove to the people how vile UMNO is. Another nail in its coffin.

Anonymous said...

long long ago, my parents ran a sundry shop.

there was this racist teenager who came to the shop and took whatever he wanted without paying. but luckily, the items he took amounted to a small sum.

in refusing to pay for what he took, he reminded my parents that this land belongs to them and that they will one day grab back everything that belongs to them. he never failed to remind my parents that they were the TUAN and that they were the owners, the boss of this land.

my parents dared not oppose as he seemed violent. they tolerated.

my parents never fail to keep on repeating this story to all of us, especially their grandchildren.

however, my eldest brother and my eldest sister bore witness to the said repeated scenes and they can relate well how such instances took place.

never mind that, this racist is now a big shot in this land, someone very important and he continues his racist way ... as well as the plundering way ...

oh erm, i was born in muar and am still in muar ...

=Freddy Toh=

IPOHKIA said...

Rakyat Malaysia,
What do you expect from a lowly educated Deputy Prime Minister, can't even put the right things in the public perspective on UMNO, the worse part is he blame the Bar Council, all lawyers in Malaysia, has a mass protest on the DPM and demand him to apologize to the Bar Council, this is the result one I Malaysia, I think Najib need to seek advice from the "pompuan puaka" to handle the situation in a more evil way.

Anonymous said...

I started a joke which started the whole world crying and the joke was on me.

It's the system whereby Merit is based on seniority but not on credibility which make a junior clown to be promoted to a senior clown.

A clown is still a clown.

kopitelp16 said...

We have a DPM of the highest quality! Everything that that came out from his mouth is ammo for the opposition!

Anyway, it's funny when the No:1 is trying to project the Government as clean and efficient and yet, his No 2 is endorsing a tainted candidate for the BE. And to make matter worse, he's trying to justify and defend and hit back at the critics!

Just admit that they made a wrong choice.... Own up to your mistake and stop blaming others for having agenda against you!

What about MACC? No agenda against PR? PDRM no agenda against PR?

DPM is sinking into a new low.

najib manaukau said...

What can anyone expect from UMNO ?
UMNO is a bunch of thieves and corrupted
It takes one to recognise another !

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Have you noticed? He's polished his English pronunciation and appears in well cut suits.....but that's all it is outward gloss inward gross. He is morally bereft of truth. Take a look at the white elephant of an "AgroPolis",sitting on the landscape of Serdang,his mark as Minister of Agriculture. Who after all were his role models? Whose ways does he imitate?

Anonymous said...

Rohaizat is not only an embarassment to Muhyiddin but also to UMNO.

The Bar Council did right in stating that Rohaizat was a disbarred lawyer. What other agenda would come from this? And why blame others for the misconduct?

Surely, the true quality of the UMNO candidate is finally surfacing. Like, Muhyiddin said, the voters of P.Pasir will finally decide whom they vote. The day will truth will come and we shall see.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the past............It is a surprise to know that Najid's performance has exceeded Muhyiddin's since the day both became our leader.

Muhyiddin has become the worst from worse.........SHAME ON YOU!

wandererAUS said...

UMNO DPM Muhyiddin is trying very hard to defend the indefensible!
This disbarred lawyer Rohaizat
is just a small crook in the company of BIG BIG crooks in UMNO, so to these ARROGANT UMNO swines, what's the problem? THEY HAVE ALL THE TAINTED INSTITUTIONS BOUGHT, LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL!
Since when morality, integrity and dignity are highly treasured in "UNITED MURDERERS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION"
Shame is a alien to them.

David BC Tan said...

Embarassment is ultra vires understanding of UMNO

Anonymous said...

Khoo it is not just "what a joke", it should be "what a shame"!
How arrogant when they said they have the absolute right to decide which candidate to contest. I hope the people of PPasir will do the right thing, cast him away!

Anonymous said...

its just a confirmation of facts.

typical of UMNO mentality that all their skeletons must be kept in a cupboard and they are above the law.

i cant wait for GE 13 and vote these morons out.

Anonymous said...

This is 1Malaysia. Have you forgotten?

Anonymous said...

And Mo Hai Din likened the debarment to a parking ticket. He can really stooped so low to defend him. Getting debarred by the Bar Council is because of Proffessional Etiquettes(making use of clients money. ie dishonesty). A parking ticket is because the motorist forget to pay, forgot the time, cannot find parking attendant, do not have enough coins etc. This is a minor offence. Getting debarred from the Bar Council is a serious offence. I cannot see how anyone can be so dumb as not to differentiate the difference. I just cannot beleive the poor quality of leaders Malaysia have, who cannot tell right from wrong. This is sad and embarassing day for all Malaysian

Wizzerd said...

Mr what do you expect Bar Council to do? Lie through their teeth to tell the public that Rohaizat was not guilty of misconduct but his partner was the culprit? Then DPM won't say that Bar Council has an agenda towards BN.

Truth is the truth..come on lah..Even a kid can see through this hypocrisy of the highest order..Shame on you Mr DPM!! You are showing that people should lie to serve your interest. SO much for your leadership.1 toes are laughing

Anonymous said...

Just read Najib came back from 2 weeks vacation. Have you noticed that whenever he is out of the country, the country is on fire? It may be a coincident. Or it is that some people in his party is causing fire to sizzle his 1Malaysia. He may have to watch his backside constantly.

ETHAN said...

HONESTY is such a lonely word, it is hardly ever heard… among UMNO members...