Friday, August 21, 2009

Nation in Distress? Find Out What You Can Do

I was at a social networking session last night and met a few new friends. One of them told me that he would have joined politics ten years ago if the situation was like after the 308 tsunami. I told him it is never too late.

He expressed his apprehension to do so fearing the safety of his family. His reason, which may sound trivial to some, is a reflection of the current political situation. The constant hostility and violence faced by some of the politicians and their aides is acting as a big deterrent to those who want to serve the nation through a full-time political career.

A young political aide and a remarkable student shared with me her family's objection for her to continue serving in the position. Their objection has since escalated after the death of Teoh Beng Hock and the constant harassment faced by several others.

My new friend told me that he had read some of my articles and has been following my blog regularly. He told me to be careful of my own safety. I told him that this government can no longer be kept in power if it cannot accept and accommodate open criticism. As a citizen, it is my right and duty to voice out my dissatisfaction and disappointment with the ruling regime.

A Korean expatriate who is going home this coming September told me that the previous regime in the 1980's was brutal and had killed many South Koreans demanding greater democratic rights. He told me that the sacrifice and brutality did not deter more Koreans from their efforts to seek greater democracy. The late president Kim Dae Jung was a symbol of their struggle.

Malaysians must continue to speak up without fear or favour. We must send a clear and unequivocal message to the ruling elites that we do not condone corruption, abuse of power, arrogance, racism and non-performance.

For those who fear the consequences can contribute by getting more friends and family members to register as voters and make sure they vote for a real change. Let our voices be heard at the ballot boxes.

What is more important is Malaysians must be willing to tell these politicians loud and clear that we no longer tolerate their antics. The failure for us to do so, to reclaim our rights and the past glory of this country, is going to cause a catastrophic damage to the next generation and the future of Malaysia.

It is time to ask ourselves if we are ready to move forward and leave the old, outdated and parochial political model behind us.


Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

Individually we can do out bit to get our friends to register as voters and VOTE. I have been doing this for years.
But I would prefer Churches,Temples, Clubs, Chinese guilds, associations, NGO to also make similar announcements to members and their families.
Start a chain email, sms, and sticker campaign.

Anonymous said...

These are at least 1 million Opposition supporters working, studying or living overseas because the racist and corrupt BN government would not provide them jobs or carrer opportunities here.

I would be too costly for most of them to make a trip back just to vote. If only the Opposition could secure them the right to make their vote at the nearest Malaysian embassies...

At least they could help Malaysian workers and residents in nearby Singapore to make the trip home and back to make their vote. I know that BN pays JB taxi drivers a lot of money to ferry voters for free during election days.

Anonymous said...

Ask not what the country can do for you, but what YOU can do for the country...John F Kennedy

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let's make good use of the ballot box
To help remove any foul political fox
To mean real business beyond shadow box
To remind everyone to pull up his socks

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210809
Fri. 21st Aug. 2009.

Eric said...

Where can you get people to register?

Main places to register:
- Most Post Offices and it will only take a few minutes,
- all SPR offices throughout the country.

Here are a few additional options for the Klang Valley:
- get to your favourite shopping places when the SPR is running a booth there on the weekend. For instance at Masjid India's Perkarangan Wakaf Buta Jalan Masjid Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 from 12 to 6 pm ( or,

- get to PJ's Taman Paramount Pasar Malam every Sunday evening or PJ's SS2 Pasar Malam every Monday evening and look for the booth.

Anonymous said...

Amen. When people think like that, it means the country is in deep deep shit.

Anonymous said...

Since last year I actually stop reading the newspaper as I found more lies than truth in it. Then I came across this website and I have been following you blog and what I read make more sense than the newspaper which is and will always be controlled by no other than our so called GOVERNMENT. friends and relatives from oversee also notice that so called Bolehland is a disgrace to the whole world. Please keep up the good work and there are lots of people who really wants to topple the so called government of ours. WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND...

Simonek - Voice Of Suppressed And Oppressed said...

"Justice may be delayed, but it can never be denied" by RPK

Anonymous said...

Good idea. We should do our bits by encouraging youngs to register as voters.
Believe its the newer generation that has grown smarter & wiser. They are not easily manipulated & very much educated.

Toyol Perak.

ahoo said...

Thank you for your quest to see a better Malaysia through your writings. Yes, indeed FEAR paralyse the mind to think and the body to function effectively. FEAR can be catergorised as " Falsified Experiences Appearing Real " and we are our own greatest enemy.

That's why those politicians with evil intention always threaten us with 513 and gets away with it. Our muslims brother today are far more educated than many of us and they are the ones who are more liberal minded than us too. They know exactly what they want from a good govt with proper governance and not any govt of the day.

Anonymous said...


SetiaSelalu said...

The World and Malaysians of all races can see how the MACC,Polis and other enforcement agencies are being used to deny the RAKYAT their Rightful chosen Representatives by intimidations & threats.
Until today the MACC will NOT investigate the corruption of Khir Toyo and the Crooks in Umno/Bn.
Not even ONE Question asked from those stealing the Country's wealth in millions & some cases Billions of Ringgit.
Yet Gestapo tactics was used on Teoh Beng Huat for investigation until early morning -all for a paltry few thousand Ringgit to buy Malaysian Flags !
Each and everyone has a role to play for the sake of our children & future generations of all Races.
Register to vote,join a party, volunteer service,comment on on internet,press,letters,turn up and march for change,spread message of change & reform and keep hope that future will be better.
For Evil to suceed, Good Men & Women Do Nothing !
There are many Good Men & Women in PAS,KEADILAN,DAP and even some in Umno/Bn and MACC,Polis etc.
R E F O R M A S I !

Anonymous said...

We want change, therefore review the social contract- but not citizenship. But if britain accept us as british then its ok

Anonymous said...

What is worrying is that people in BN are aware of this too. Do you know what are they doing about it?

Before 308, they used shovel to dig money out from govt projects. Today, they are sending in bulldozers. They have started to plunder left and right.

So, the evil empire is also preparing to do something about it.

aDeLiYn said...

One thing I realised even though I've been alive for about two decades is that we Malaysians (in general) like to sit back and watch the world go by and bitch about it at the coffeeshops.

If we really care for the next generation, WE have to take the first step.

The change of the world does not start in the person across you. It starts WITH you, taking that first step.