Thursday, August 20, 2009

The One Concert - A Tribute to Michael Jackson

The undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away suddenly recently and the world is clamouring once again for his music, his ‘moonwalk’, his brilliance and his ‘presence’.

There are a good number of Michael’s fans in Malaysia. A tribute concert in the memory of MJ will be able to bring all of them together for one last remembrance and celebration of the work and life of one of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen.

‘The One Concert’ is a totally Malaysian production. It attempts to offer the audience a taste of Michael Jackson interpreted in a unique Malaysian way. The producers felt that Jordan Sam, the winner of Pepsi and Sony Music Search Michael Jackson competition in 1990’s, is the most suitable person to play the lead role.

In one of his many international performances, Jordan was dubbed the Michael Jackson of Asia by none other than the Sultan of Brunei.

The One Concert is a unique MJ musical which features many of his hit songs such as ‘Beat it’, ‘You are not alone’, ‘Billie Jean’ and many more. Audience will be thrilled by the exciting and high energy dance choreography. Jordan will be backed by more than 24 professional dancers, a live band, back-up singers and a spectacular stage production.

The concert is organized by Nuovo Entertainment and jointly produced by JS World Entertainment, CMG and GFW. It is supported by Sony Music. The One Concert will be held at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands Resort on this coming 20th September 2009.

Ticket can be purchased starting from 24th August 2009, at the Genting Box counters. The prices are (VIP) RM300, (R&B) RM120, RM80 and RM50 (free seating). Early birds are entitled to 20% discount. This offer is limited to only the first 1000 tickets. For ticket reservation and promotion, please contact Genting hunting line at 03-27181118 or visit



在馬國, 我們有一群愛護著麥可的歌迷,期待一場又一場的麥可悼辞音樂會以紀念及贊賞這位才子的一生。因此,這一場盛大的雲頂MJ悼辞音樂會, 非去不可!

為了獲得真正的MJ迷的認同及可以表達對天王的敬重, THE ONE CONCERT邀請了亞洲MJ之稱音樂才子JORDAN SAM 為這場音樂會撐腰! JORDAN SAM 曾榮獲PEPSI & SONY MUSIC 舉辦的MJ搜尋比賽冠軍。 除此之外JORDAN SAM 也在一個國際舞台表演獲得了汶萊蘇丹的讚賞,並稱之為亞洲MJ!

這場悼辞音樂會將會以MJ 音樂為主題,並由JORDON SAM 及24個專業舞台助手一起呈獻多首名曲如 “ Billie Jean”, “ Beat it”, You are Not alone”都會一一回味! 我們可以期待麥可的舞台表演將再次出現在馬來西亞!

這場麥可傑生悼辞音樂會由Nuovo Entertainment主办,JS World Entertainment精心制作, CMG 及 GFW協手合作, 並獲得Sony Music支持,日期訂於 2009年9 月20日在雲頂雲星劇場隆重舉辦。

《悼辞麥可傑生 “THE ONE”音樂會》的入门票于2009年8月24日正式在全马公开发售,大众可以通过云顶销售中心购买到入门票,音乐会的票价分为VIP RM300、摇滚区 RM120、RM80及RM50(自由入座)。此外,主办单位也带给歌迷们另一个喜讯,大众预先购买可获得20%折扣,只限首1000张,欲知更多悼辞麥可傑生 “THE ONE”音樂會的优惠配套或详情,可拨电致云顶热线03-2718 1118 或游览


ajoyly said...

Music is one way, all Malaysians can unite. And the Michael Jackson concert is an appropriate vehicle to achieve just that.

Malaysians are talented people and hopefully the producer and director will also do a Michael Jackson, Malaysian style in addition to the original version.

This, as it were, would show how Michael Jackson would do his moonwalk and other dance sequences had he been a Malaysian.

In other words, it would be the Malaysian interpretation of his great concert performances and Jordan Sam, the Asian MJ including other cast members will I am sure, be able to present such acts brilliantly.

That would be truly a fitting gift for this year's Malaysia Day celebration.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, the dead king can still generate profit and money.