Monday, August 24, 2009

Permatang Pasir & Old Tactics

The ongoing campaign for the Permatang Pasir by-election shows that political parties, especially UMNO, are still embracing and breathing their old habits - inciting communal hatred and manipulating religion.

UMNO, as a leader of BN, was expected to change their way and adopt a truly Malaysian political model to help revive the waning support of its coalition partners. But its political campaign, including the onslaught of its mouthpieces (Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, paid cybertroopers and a Chinese Muslim convert), implies that the party has given up on its partners to help revive the coalition.

BN as a multiracial and truly Malaysian coalition is dead. BN, with a dominant race based party and its hostile racial agenda (now overtly and openly) hopes to recapture the Malay community support by propagating 'Malay Unity' and by instilling a false sense of fear that the Malays are losing their political power because the non-Malays are now rejecting UMNO/BN.

It will be a sad moment for the country if a large segment of the Malay community accepts the argument. UMNO is still taking the community as a herd. The leaders are using the old tactics of misleading the rest and lead them to help protect the party's own political interests.

So far, there is no vital sign showing that the Malay community is reacting positively to the party's propaganda. Nevertheless, the PR coalition should shoulder some blame if the Malay community is spooked by the 'Malay unity' rhetoric. Malaysia needs the Malays to lead the way. Many leaders among the community were the first ones who would leap to defend and protect the country's fragile democracy.

Hence, the PR coalition should learn and learn quickly on how to build the confidence level and capacity of the Malay community to embrace a new people driven and Malaysian centric political model. It is a fact that the Malays were victims of unfair racial blame game and had faced unwarranted cynical remarks about their status and privileges - a fact now disputed by analysts because many Malays have not benefited from the NEP.

Non-Malay leaders in the PR coalition should recognize and play a greater role in forging a strong mutual partnership with their Malay counterparts. DAP Lim Kit Siang had warned that the coalition may be a one-term wonder if disputes are not sorted out quickly. Leaders such as Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Khalid Samad, Khalid Ibrahim and other are working relentlessly to make this multiracial coalition work.

Are the DAP leaders making the same kind of sacrifice? Its leaders are still reacting unnecessarily to show that they are protecting some symbolic 'struggles' which are closely related to the rights of Chinese e.g. the demolition of pig abattoir in Kedah, beer ban in Selangor and others. Their reactions, without considering the merit of each case, are bound to be manipulated by their opponents to benefit their own racial game.

DAP must accept the fact that the party does not have a Malaysian face yet and it must work on it. If PKR elected representatives are the weakest link in the PR coalition, the DAP is the easiest target for UMNO's racist game. The party must act swiftly to stop some unscrupulous politicians from using a lethal combination of race and religion to wreak its partnership with PAS.

Some BN leaders have predicted that a doom is near for the PR coalition since the defection of PKR's Lunas assemblyman. A few defections, mainly from tainted bad hats, will not spell a doom for the coalition. In fact, it is a good thing for the PR coalition. But a possible ideological clash between PAS and DAP, manipulated by their enemies, can prove to be destructive to the nascent coalition.

In the event PR does not survive, we must remember not to put the blame squarely on the shoulders of PKR leaders. We have to acknowledge the fact that the coalition, despite its intention to fight racism, is a victim of its own ethno-religious egoism.


Anonymous said...

I rather embrace Islamic Laws then to let BN continue to rape us. BN is finished.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anonymous, what is so wrong about Islamic law? I am Malaysian Chinese, I support Pas rather than MCA/Gerakan who are parasites living on stolen rakyat money together with Umnoooooo.

Anonymous said...

As a Chinese, I pick PAS over UMNO anytime!!!!

priory of jenin said...

This article simply the best that i could find today in numerous PR/BN Blogs. But i beg to differ with ur conclusion that if PR destinied not to last long, I would still blame the leaders,be it PKR,DAP and PAS big guns. Time is movin so fast but they still "terbawa2" dgn so called "tsunami politik" GE12, n to see Anwar finally admit PKR is the weakest link in PR ,something that he shud do earlier rather than be so boastful..

Anonymous said...

Well it's was never too late for Anwar to admit his flaws rather than the BN/UMNO GOMEN... Atleast he is humble and honest enough..

So wat's up muhyiddin and Co.. still think u guys are the best? haha.. Carry on dreaming.. When u wakes up u will find everthing is gone.. trust me.. better take few more trip in the army copper cause u might not have the chance anymore

Viva Malaysia

marcus63 said...

kkp, umno is strategizing and pushing the agenda that the ends justifies the means. they will go to all lengths, from intimidation, macc threats, bribery all the way to murder, to stay in power. they have the $$$ and the power (in pdrm/macc/tainted judiciary, umno trust). look at perak, its all about gamuda, greedy frogs. the same strategy is deployed in kedah, selangor...
umno never changes. but the rakyat and electorate has. quote victor hugo, "no army can stop an idea whose time has come". the path taken is becoming more and more divergent. and history has shown us that when force clashes with idealism, the end result is
either bloodshed or banana republic darkness over the country.
it is very sad...i dont blame the long queue at foreign embassies applying for migration.

Simonek - Voice Of Suppressed And Oppressed said...

Whatever, BN WILL NEVER win this Permatang Pasir by election.

Anyone disagree with me ??



Anonymous said...

Ther is no such thing as malaysian chinese nor chinse malaysian, only 'other' for people like you hahaha

BC said...

I agree with you that genuine efforts have been made by those Malay leaders of Pakatan that you named; at the same time sadly, there are many still in the background who have not been able to shed their mental yoke of fighting for narrow communal interests. This could be the bane that Pakatan will have to carry for some time still.

But does it have time to wait? The ebb and flow of politics will engulf the rakyat one way or another. And with BN having the upper hand in terms of reach and machinery, I feel worried.

Anwar has in all humility admitted that there have been some cases of (s/)elected representatives of his party, after being measured and weighed, have been found wanting. However, Datuk Seri, the excuse may not be good enough for those less forgiving. In that light the time is now to take another look at who make up the front liners of this struggle for a better tomorrow.

Chauvinists in the form of PKR's Zul (Kulim) - not sure about PKR's Mike Manika (Kapar)- has he changed his tune?

And Kedah's Thomas Su (DAP) and PAS's Hassan Ali (Selangor) indeed have to really engage in some introspection.

How sincere are Pakatan representatives who have beem entrusted with this struggle for a better future for us and our future generations?

Are they Malaysians or are they respectively Chinese, Malays and Indians first in making a better Malaysia? If the answer is a hesitant one, then please go away.

Or are they there just to grab opportunities that come along?

And then there are non-performing ones, like the bad rubbish who had decided to go independent; the one with 4 wives.

To all Muslim brothers and sisters, forgive me if it seems that I am casting aspersion on Islam. It is not at all my intention.

A man with four wives, must either be a saint or a rascal, to pull it through during these modern times. Let's be human and totally frank about it. In all aspects - physiological, financial, emotional, social and psychological - it is a daunting task to carry.

A saint or a rascal? And even without the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to see which category the person falls under.

With four wives, and to meet the demands of them all, simply makes it impossible to be fair. And being a wakil rakyat at that, a public figure whose time is not his own anymore. That Datuk Seri Anwar, is a blunder, at best a poor choice.

Had I known it, I would not want to have my wakil rakyat having to juggle his time among his four wives and the rakyat. Something's got to give.

And provide for so many households, where to get the moneylah? Temptation is great to go astray where pickings are rich.

Times are different now. The spirit and intentions in which that command (of the eligibility to marry 4 wives)was given were so different compared to now.

So, shall we propose that a checklist be made?

Four wives, turun sikit saham, pasai dia tak dak masa nak jaga rakyat!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The people shall vote and they will vote intelligently; bearing in mind the pros and cons of the candidates. PKR or UMNO? It is the people to decide, despite what politians may say, promise, or predict. Let the truth prevail as the truth lies in the hands of the people.

In my opinion, PKR stands a better chance as it has a more sincere face, truthful and willing to serve the people.

Wizzerd said...

For a racist regime like UMNO, it will never change. What other platform can it survive if not for the race/religion? I would see that it will continue to use these to the hilt as their only strategy, much to the detriment of its partners in the coalition.
A zero sum game no doubt, MCA/Gerakan/MIC & Sabah Sarawak parties are getting weaker by the day as UMNO ride roughshot over them.
As these little brothers paled into oblivion, these parties will default PR parties will gain a walkover in more areas in the Peninsular, leaving only Sabah Sarawak parties to prop up the regime.PKR is slowly making inroads in the East, support will be consolidated..They might win a few seats there,, east Malaysians would play a crucial part in getting rid of BN.
By then, UMNO will run out of ideas..

It is just a matter of time before BN/UMNO's demise.
Just be patient, PR.