Monday, August 31, 2009

There is a New Name for 'Denial' = Koh Tsu Koon

There is a new name for 'denial': Koh Tsu Koon. At his party's state conference, the 'out-of-favour' KPI minister hit out at his successor Lim Guan Eng for not telling the whole truth about the Kampung Buah Pala land issue.

“He has told only the partial truth, and is good in twisting facts about the issue.

“He said he had the chronology of the minutes during the state executive council meeting related to the issue by the previous government, but he had only revealed partial information.

“This is unfair, and if he wants, we can answer all his allegations. We had found solutions to the problems faced by the villagers but it was the Opposition that then tried to create problems,” he added.

Koh and his party leaders are still adamant that they did no wrong in the fiasco. Koh should have volunteered to tell the whole truth without even asking the permission of Lim Guan Eng. He is answerable to the people of Penang and the folks of Kampung Buah Pala.

Koh's insistence that the current state government should be blamed for the fiasco has only proven his irresponsibility as a former chief minister of the state.

Since Koh has volunteered, he should answer these questions:

1) Why was Kampung Buah Pala land taken from the villages although the land was held in a trust specially created to allow the descendants of the families to reside there?
2) Why did Koh allow the sale of the land to a cooperative of the state civil servants without seeking the approval/agreement/views of the residents?
3) Why was the land sold at a huge (50%) discount?
4) Did the ex-state government include the interest of the Kampung Buah Pala folks so that they can also benefit from the RM150 million redevelopment of the land?

Koh's record on accountability and transparency was controversial. The self-proclaimed 'Mr Clean' has more than just a sprinkle of dirt on his body.

Koh's reluctance to clear the air on Kampung Buah Pala will drive the last nail on the coffin for Gerakan. Koh should not even start talking about the PGCC and other dubious and costly land scams which may cost the state government millions of ringgit in court settlements.

Lim Guan Eng's vision to develop Penang may be a bit hazy but his commitment to run a transparent and clean government is undisputed. Then again, can any of us name the legacy of Koh's 18 years leadership of the state?

Koh said the party was training many young leaders who could take on Lim. Hopefully not those who had made several MACC and police reports against Lim for not wanting to disclose the address or the tenancy contract of his temporary rented home.

Some of his 'highly enlightened young leaders' even insinuated that Lim should catch the white ants infested his official residence on his own to prove that he was capable of running the state.

The fact that the PM has appointed a new KPI minister shows that it is better for Koh to focus on his own performance or risk being booted out in the next cabinet reshuffle.


Anonymous said...

Having Koh Tsu Koon as CM is the single greatest tragedy to befall Penang in the last 20 years.

We, penangites, are still waiting for this eunuch to explain how a piece of Kampung Buah Pala state land he sold for RM3.2m can shoot up to RM150m in just 4 years.

Koh Tsu Koon should stop pretending as if nothing has happened on this and other land scams.

Shanker said...

Dear Khoo

Perhaps the ultimate slap on KSK's face is the appointment of Idris Jala to "report" to him in the KPI/KRA dept.

It's funny cos we all know that KSK's boss - Najib - himself has enough baggage to drown the Titanic all over once again; and yet, even Najib does not seem impressed with the present KPI minister's performance. Tak sampai 6 bulan pun on the job, it would appear that the first "performance appraisal" is on the KPI minister!!

I shudder to think that if KSK can't seem to perform less than 6 months in office, then what did he do with 10 years as CM?

Greenbug said...

Kay Peng, is this Koh Tsu Khoon fella back in Penang? If he is, please do tell him many of us in Tg Tokong / Tg Bungah want to "yum cha" with him over the many hill slope projects he approved which are endangering our lives....

Anonymous said...

Why point finger at each other. Find way to resolve the issue together, does not matter who was right or wrong. The people should not be the victim of the political game. One Malaysia, people first and performance now.

Anonymous said...

I was vomit yesterday while watching the news on KTK hit out at state leadership regarding Kampung Buah Pala issue. I think KTK will remain a history in Penang as the worst CM after 18 years performance. Like Penang people remembered MCA as failed political party since losing state power in 1960s, KTK and Gerakan have no chance to make a comeback coming next election. Only Umno's devide and rule strategy will save Gerakan from diminished. Kampung Buah Pala residents committee turning to Umno help means they allowed themselves exploited to the core.

Anonymous said...

Koh TSU GOON is really a lameduck

Lai said...

Mr. Denial, please keep your mouth shut! The moment you opened your mouth, it stinks and do you think Penangnites will believe your words?

You had done so much............... HARM, during your 18 years tenancy as CM. I am not anti you or anything, but, we need politicians to be those who dare to speak for the Rakyat to work for the Rakyat, but you always speak half truth and 3/4 lies!!!!!!! That is the problem with you and it sickens to see you acting as a Minister and talking when on the MSM, when in actual fact you know fully well that you will never be able to launch a comeback again in Penang! Just enjoy your stint as a Minister and trained the Jala guy.

You had a group of young trained guys to take over the administration or to win over Penang? Those guys who protested over the usage of other languages for road signs in Penang? Those that asked LGE to catch the termites on their own? Come on, KTK, you know politics today is more than the petty stuff your young guys are trying to drum up. As far as we are concerned, Gerakan had seen better days and perhaps you can do better in KL, as Penang, does not need you!

What have you done for Penang during your 18 years of tenureship as the CM? Making Penang flounder further in the economic world? Cukuplah! Cukuplah! Just enjoy your salary and perks as a Minister.

The sight of you on the MSM makes us sick. What are you doing? You know fully well, but for reasons best known to yourself you continue to harbour and give false hopes to your political masters of a political comeback in Penang. Gerakan is dead and buried for Good KTK!!!!

You had put the KBP folks in the position where they are today and you are blaming the present Govt. for their predicaments and the problem is you always speak half truth and 3/4 lies!!!!!

Gerakan is gone for good, again, I stress that you should milk what you can while you still can and do not create more land scams in Penang! We are sick of you, after placing our trusts in you for 18 years but you chose to screw us all up.

I am sorry if my comments hurt, but is how the people of Penang feel about you and Gerakan, at least the politcal results showed! Please retire at the end of your tenure and fade away gracefully. Look at some of your ex- Gerakan colleagues in Penang, trying to be saints when they are the real devils?

Goodbye KTK!!!!

SimoneK - Voice Of Suppressed And Oppressed said...




K B Mah said...

As usual, KKP - Khoo Kay Peng @ Kueh Ka Pek - is grousing because this self-proclaimed super consultant didn't get appointed to run the KPIs or eben to head MAS, Bitterness is bad for you, boy.

adolf said...

The term 'Denial' suits KTK well.

The Mr Clean would likely just shake his head and act like a clown(just like during his debate with LGE over the TV) and I don't think he's able to answer any of the posted question.

A disgrace to Penangites to have such ex-CM in the cabinet...

Mangkuk@Kg Melayu,Pg

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...




Anonymous said...

KTK, we are waiting for your whole truth for months already. You only can talk nonsense in front of those stupid Gerakan members.
Who is actually twisting the truth. You are the the one twisting until you dare not talk to the penang public until today. Always hiding at the back door of Putrajaya.

David Lee said...

.....useless...boneless....which party president???? tiu niamah!

Bentoh said...

According to 5xmom:

22 March 2007: The cooperative released a compensation offer to Kampung Buah Pala residents, offering each family a 850 sq ft house worth RM75,000, relocation payment of RM1,000 and rental subsidy of RM750 per month for a period of 36 months until the houses were constructed. For residents who were were not interested in the offer, the cooperative offered one-off payments of RM90,000 per family.

Such suggestion was blocked by MP Karpal Singh as it was deemed unfair. One could compare a recently suggested compensation with the one in 2007.

Anonymous said...

hi, Denial Koh , how r you ?

Anonymous said...

Koh had his chance when he was running Pulau Pinang. But the whole world knows he did not do a very good job, did he? Now he is also not performing well in current position. He should just retire la.

joshua said...

The denial syndrome is synonymous to BN.

Barisan Nafi.

Anonymous said...

Najib must have realised that KTK comes with a lot of unsavoury baggage viz: Kg Buah Pala, loss of millions to the Penang people on land scams etc. That is why he is buying insurance by appointing another KPI minister! Won't be long before we see the last of this back door Minister!

Yew Joon said...

Gerakan strong hold is penang.. during the permatang pasir election .. gerakan not able even to attract any 10% of chinese votes .. all chinese vote went to Lim Guan Eng which only rule less than 2 years ..

All i can say .. Gerakan will be gelakan for penangties ..

Anonymous said...

I thought he is Mr KIV (Keep in view).
Penang has been KIV for 18 years!

Anonymous said...

Defeat after Defeat at the PKR , Tong Lasap also try to avoid him and now he got to look for another Taker.

Any Head Hunter interested ?

Highest qualification attained-

colorless said...

KTK = Kerana Takut Kebenaran

Always wonder why Gerakan members still wants him after the embarrassment last year in Penang.

Anonymous said...

I am still wondering why no action from MACC after already 2 cases reported to them on the kpg buah pala issue/ scandal ?


Anonymous said...

After reading all these comments, I realize that only & "only" Penang people knows best about Koh...!!!

If Koh has done no wrong, then he should defend himself.
Why wait & wait for LGE to comment...?????????????

Speak for your rights Koh...!!!!
And you are training the young leaders to take over Lim.....

That's a laugh...!!! Are you a "good" example to follow...??

Even Idris Jala is roped in to under see your KPIs...

Hahahaha....! Are you all having a nice day today???

Bob said...

Toh Tsu Khoon stop twisting and turning like coconut tree.

A disgrace to the chinese community for carrying ummo balls.

If you got nothing better to add, better shut your big mouth.

Better if you go and close down your whole Gerakan. Stagnant and rotting away!


Anonymous said...

Koh, you sit is getting redundant.

Formal MAS CEO is taking over.


Anonymous said...

LGE should not waste his time debating with that eunuch KTK.

If KTK has any self-respect, he would have quit his post the moment PM Najib appointed Idris Jala to the KPI Ministry.

KTK is a real disgrace to Penang.

CKSF said...

Anonymous said...
If KTK has any self-respect, he 1:37 PM

does any camel face any self respect?

Anonymous said...

Bend over Koh Tsu Koon. Kick him out on the buttocks. You barnacle.