Wednesday, August 05, 2009

True Love Still Exist...

‘‘MY love is only for you. Let’s get married even if you have only one day to live.’’

Sin Chew Daily front-paged a poignant tale of a couple who got married last Sunday although doctors had given the bride only a few months to live.

The couple – Shi Zhen Wei from Yancheng City and Song Xin Ran from Lianyungang City in Jiangsu province – met via the Internet and fell in love with each other.

Two years ago, Song was diagnosed with colon cancer and Shi and his family used up all their savings to pay for her treatment.

In June, doctors told Song that she was dying and that she would only live for probably another two to three months.

That was when Shi decided to marry her.


Anonymous said...

True Love obviously exist, especially so for the one who missing dearly of his Aminah. of course he would probably be forced to let go Aminah, and now is the time he hoping the fat babe turn to get some sort of cancer, whatever cancer that be.

True Love for Aminah remains. may Aminah rest in peace blessed all time by GOD.

Anonymous said...

Ow...! So sad.
Why do good people die fast & young...?????????

Moreover the good always suffer before they die..???

While the "evil" ones enjoy their "spills" & die peacefully..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why like that...?????
It's not fair!!

Anonymous said...

KKP, It is old fashioned love which we do not often find among the younger generation holding different values and outlook nowadays. Perhaps I may not be wrong to say true love and self-sacrifice take a second place to material benefits in relationships today. It also brings a tear or two in reminiscence of the good old days.

Anonymous said...

# good people die young and fast...# that also don't know ah. Chinese got saying ma....Hao Ren Bu Zhang Ming. So that's why lor..Ren Zuo Shi, Tian Zai Kan. Let's wait and see the ending...

For the two chinese lovers, I hope they will change into two lovely butterflies and fly away to the horizon and live happily ever after....sniff...sniff.

Anonymous said...

who cares about this two animal from faraway l;and