Saturday, August 15, 2009

UMNO, Pork, Islam & A Traitor

Umno Youth stepped up its attacks against the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government, accusing PAS of abandoning its Islamic ideology, and of becoming so liberal that “pork would soon be sold openly on the streets here.”

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin also called Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a traitor to the Malays.

Umno Youth exco member Lokman Adam questioned why the Shah Alam Municipal Council (MBSA) now controlled by PR did not revoke the license for Carlsberg brewery to operate in the district. Is UMNO prepared to close down all gaming companies, breweries, clubs and pubs in the BN controlled states?

I would like to ask these UMNO Youth leaders a few questions. Which is more dangerous? Allowing the sales of pork or condoning corruption, abuse of power and mismanagement?

If eating pork is not 'halal' to the Muslims, the act of polygamy is wrong to the non-muslims. We just have to tolerate and respect each other's religious belief and norms. UMNO Youth is acting mischievously for linking pork to non-Muslims. To many, pork is just a source of protein. Many of us do not consume it regularly because of hygiene and health reason.

If a vote for PAS is a vote for DAP, a vote for MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the rest is also a vote for UMNO. With UMNO continuing to behave this way, there is not much hope that BN could convince many non-Malay and non-Muslims to vote for them.

The aftermath of March 8 general election should have seen a major deradicalisation and deracialisation of BN politics dominated by UMNO. It is sad to note that the quality of politics in BN has stooped even lower. The other component parties did very little to help their own survival and to ensure that BN continues to become relevant.


Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

UMNO is a wounded tiger. It is getting insane due to extreme pain caused by March 8 and by-election defeats.
Now it does not care a damn about non-Malay support. All it wants to do is win back some Malay support , destabilize the country and probably start another May 13.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, "prevention is better than cure". Meaning if there are no listeners', people can talk and talk and talk until the cows come home.
PR has to do groundwork from bottom up. Demonstrasi serves it purpose to a certain extent only but it doesn't reach everyone .PR must go to the people.

Build loyalty through sincerity and humility.
PR should have a VISION and Mission Message.

Anonymous said...

ask the morons in UMNO to close down Genting.

Khairy, just to let in know, Genting is located in Pahang, which is governed by BN.

Also, close down the all the Sports Toto outlets in BN States. See what will Vincent Tan do after paying off the crippled to jump over to BN.

Then, we will say you are not a MORON and HYPOCRITE.

A product of OXFORD? gee, its a disgrace to the institution actually.

With such hypocrites in UMNO, I rather vote for a COW than someone from BN.

Anonymous said...

The whole world is penghinat,biadap,malu etc EXCEPT umno.Surely, it's time we should knell before them because they are so holy.I think they are actually angels you know.

DIASPORA said...

UMNO has lost its balance. It has no credible leader not stainted by corruption and bias to lead it out of harms way.

The way the Oracle reads - the days of UMNO and BN seem to be numbered.

The MCA is in deep shit but the Chinese are quite smart to keep things from going over board unlike the MCA or UMNO who think that they survive on publicity but in reality make 'fools' and laughing stock of themselves.

The more the Police and MACC continue killing and maiming people - the more people they are adding to the vote bank of Pakatan Rakyat.

Malaysia is in a rudderless mode. No respected leader. Leaders telling the same old rhetorics in different fashions ably assisted by their mope eyed spin writers.

UMNO has not changed. Its DNA will not allow it to change. It will change only after it perishes and a new generation of decent uncorrupted Malays take over the Party and work selflessly in the interests of the Nation and the People. We can day dream on this.

But there seems to be evidence that many young Malays are finding their balance and looking in this direction. They already feel that they are privately called 'beggars' because of the crutches they are given to survive.

Matthew said...

What the Umno youth wing is doing is to hasten their demise. Some of them just do not what they are talking about. Carlberg's and Gusiness plus Anchor have been around even older than this Khairy's age & his machai & here what is he trying to show. To add salt to injury, both Carlberg and GAB consist of Malay directorship.
I hope Najib will order the police to nab him under ISA in order to finish him off but just dream on. I don't know but I think he is doing Najib a disservice.

Anonymous said...

To use race and religious rhetorics over few small issues speaks of politicians who not only are bankrupt of ideas but becoming a scum of society! Creating anger among the masses to win votes is low! Malaysia is doomed if these people rule for the next five years!

James Khoo said...

You are just too kind, Khoo Kay Peng.

I am not just offended by polygamy but I am also offended by INCEST just as I am offended by corruption and abuse of power.

But like you say, I am tolerant to a point.

Malachi said...

Kay Peng,

It's look like UMNO is losing more Melayu support!
They behave like "Gangster dictatorship" rather than compromise leadership to lead country!
I was surprised too to our lovely BN components party, especially, President of Gerakan and MCA, what their stands on this issue?
What do we mean of "1" Malaysia?
What say you our PM political secretary Dr Oi?


Anonymous said...

Respect all religions and take the moderate path. By logic if each had their own gods, by now the lesser gods would have been destroyed and left with the One almighty god. Call it Allah, Jesus, Siva or anything.

Anonymous said...

The UMNO Youth leader can't tolerate the way PR works as 3 equal parties; especially when PAS is working well with DAP. This is his problem. PR must work together as a cohesive coalition to be strong, powerful and effective to face the coming GE and beyond.

The PM has advised Malaysians not only to tolerate one another but also to accept each other as they are, including food, religion and other cultural norms. Why then is the UMNO Youth leader is still harping on food and religion?

8 March is a 'pantang' date for BN, who is getting ruder, rougher, and repulsive by the day. Another political tsunami will 'buang sway'. So,I guess, the people must be ready and brace themselves for any aftermath.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, u either shut the fuck up or we'll get Anwar to fuck your ass!

Anonymous said...

That is the way to kowry. Talk bull till the next GE. I will vote for a cow rather than for you. Some of your old bosses talk like that even before you were born. Racist talk is not the way to go in our current generation in Malaysia and the world at large. Is ur oxford degree fake. How can you be so dum, as not to see the truth. Money and Power can blind a person without high morals and integrity.

Simonek - Voice Of Suppressed And Oppressed said...

The emergence of the once acclaimed most influential and powerful man in Malaysia.

It's a classic example of a 'loser' deploying a desperated act, without a constructive agenda in regaining the confidence of voters.

Like a loose canon, more of this are expected to come forth.

Let's wait and see.....



Anonymous said...

They don't learn and they don't repent. Soon they will be asking Selangor why they don't ban non-Malays and non-Muslim from Selangor. There's only one way to get rid of these racists and bigots. Vote them out.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


One man's meat may be another man's poison
But please don't lump everything in your mental prison
And behave like one without grey matter or reason
Just to be noticed or heard during the dusty season

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160809
Sun. 16th Aug. 2009.

copy&paste said...

When the PM said" Win Back Selangor", my message to Pakatan Rakyat is " Win back Malaysia for our children and our children's children.

marcus63 said...

indonesia is the world's largest muslim country, and by comparison, they have 10x the population of malaysia and in any city muslins are even more so the majority than our tiny shah alam. however, indonesia allows muslims and non-muslims to eat next to each other, sharing the same table. a good example is at all hotels in jakarta, they serve both pork and halal food side by side. and yet the muslims and non-muslims co-exist harmoniously with each other.
organizations like umno youth will be lumped together with jemaah islamiah and branded extremist over there.
on the same token, najib and gang went to china to beg the chinese leaders to buy more and invest in malaysia. they share the same table, eat the same food. the chinese leaders eat pork. why does not umno youth condemn that?
in malaysia, hotels cannot serve pork, but you can consume alcohol to kingdom come. see if they dare ban alcohol at hotels, then fdi's and tourists will really boycott the country.
do right thinking malays want the country to regress back to the 19th century while the whole world move forward into the 21st century?

thunderheader said...

oh dear.. oh dear.. here we go again.. well, since these KJ and his BN keep on harping on the issues.
ok, fine. let's start by first: close down Genting as it is the place of gambling& alcohol let's see if they BN pahang dares to do it..
next, all 4D and sports toto all over m'sia as they suck every cents from your pockets- gambling. we'll see what Vincent has to say to you..
then, pull the plug on Carlberg's, Guinness and Anchor- we'll see who's gonna feed those workers family once the factories are closed..
if they can do these 3.. we'll see who's the real deal or the [best] big mouth talk c**k 'pussy' in whole of bolehland..

malayamuda said...

all talk cock like they are good Muslims....

UMNO prostituting Islam for personal materialistic gains !

Anonymous said...

This Oxfart kid has many characters. I remember once, he said he is sad as BN and happy as malaysia for the March-08 GE results. His principle is very adaptable, it changes to fit into situation and audience. He is no leader, he make use of issues to get spot-light, that’s all his ability. With only this capability, he has to work harder to get another status of son-in-law of PM, he has 3 more slots to fill. Good luck khairy!

levelend said...

Christian Preacher Says "STOP EATING PORK"!

najib manaukau said...

Vincent is the proxy of pariah Mahathir,
the pariah is fighting hard to protect his investment! He will never retire for this reason alone.
He is not fighting for the Malays, wake up Malays, with Vincent's wealth and the money hidden somewhere in Europe ,which the pariah Mahathir goes to very regularly, to check on his ill gotten wealth. It will be more than the target of 30% the NEP is hoping to achieve. How come over the 23 years of his tenure as P.M. he only achieved only a mere few percentage ? He must think we are all retarded to believe that.
With all his NEP and corruption the NEP only managed to achieve the few percentage , even a moron or a Malay from Indonesia can do better. Man made rule to allow this Indian is an insult to your Allah. Only Allah can decide who can be born a Malay, Chinese, Indian or European not those half breeds in UMNO.
That is if you believe there is an Allah or God !

Anonymous said...

My people lets stop mockering the Malays and Islam accusing them of poligamy and incest, this only shows our stupidity, and true kiasuship. I suppose if they all call us bastard given that teoh have fucked the girl before marriage is normal thing to what have we to say as a bastard race. I have no answer to that

Anonymous said...

Mrcus63 , cannot compare with Indonesia maa chinapeople less than 5% and they dun show off they r power crazy. Pl dun bring up indonesia here because when rupiah devalued we r the biggest loser and more , they even ransack our properties'. I hate thinking of indonseia

Anonymous said...

UMNO becomes more and more racist and Islamic. They care about their wealth only not the Malaysians.

lunbawang said...

Hurray to MARCUS63...If Malaysia is heading for trouble it is because of UMNO.Why do UMNO have to instigate the Malays to hate the other races by bringing the issue of Islam, ketuanan melayu everyday! up to the extend that a lot of people do not want to see TV1 and TV3 because there is nothing else in the news UMNO..UMNO.UMNO..ISLAM..ISLAM.ISLAM.. MELAYU..MELAYU.. I get fedup!. UMNO should emulate the people in Sarawak and Sabah where the citizens mix without prejudice. Halal and Non-halal food are serve on the on adjacent table or even on the same table. Halal and Non Halal stalls are selling food side by side and the muslims in Sarawak and Sabah havo no problems with that. shame on you UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Akhbar2 milik UMNO-lah yang memperkecilkan Islam dengan menyiarkan keputusan2 NOMBOR EKOR(JUDI)dalam akhbar2 tersebut.
Mungkin juga difikirkan untuk edaran dikawasan majoriti Melayu/Islam, ruangan untuk NOMBOR EKOR tersebut di”gelapkan” agar tidak menyinggung perasaan pembaca MUslim.
Utusan kalu bab ARAK, BABI memang juara tapi bila tang JUDI yang merosak/mufliskan Bangsa senyap je malah menggalakkan nya pula.!!

UTusan dan lain2 akhbar Melayu/Islam lah yang khianati bangsa dan mencemarkan kesucian agama kerana PENYIARAN KEPUTUSAN2 NOMBOR EKOR (JUDI.
Mohon Tuan bangkitkan isu ini dalam tulisan2 Tuan kelak.

Anonymous said...

We also very racit, dun accept Mal;ay as friend, always try to cheat and sell more expensive to Malay customers, after that we laugh and proud. That why they call us kiasu and dun want us to live here

surferbee said...

Anonymous 2:39pm
You're talking abt yourself only i hope cos I have some good Malay friends/customers. I don't cheat/lie to them. In fact, they enjoy my company more than some other Malay colleagues/friends. Most right-minded Malays make great friends. It's those who are power-crazy/dog-not-pork eating ones who give Malays a bad name.

Thinking back to the olden days when all races can sit & eat together, tanpa was-was, with much respect to each other. Now these bastards expect us to respect them while they slam our races/religions. Pls grow up! P.Ramlee would jump from 15th floor if he sees the mockery Malaysia has become!

Anonymous said...

Each and every statement must be hatred of Malays. Y r u so hate Malay? Y r not fit to be here. Err not even china accept u because u will also find fault and refuse to accept the good in people. But try the US they may treat u well , by their police force

Tired Chinaman

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you ought to know that Ketuanan Melayu has far greater implications for Peninsula Malaysia and its majority than Lee Kuan Yews acquisition of the Iskandar corridor.

Ketuanan melayu is the start of the end of a White Mn's constitution imposed on an unsuspecting majority and witthout its consent:

Read and comment or become a victim of your own ignorance.

Miriam Aburrahaman