Saturday, September 05, 2009

3 Stooges & 1 Apple Polisher

First, it was the Election Commission which was accused for usurping the power of Perak state assembly speaker by refusing to accept a notice of vacancy in the Dewan. The case is still being argued in the court. The verdict will not surprise many.

Next, the police force (PDRM) has been acting very weird lately. The IGP who recently got his term extended by another year was only energized to combat crime after the prime minister announced his KPIs - one of them is to combat crime. The rest of the time was he napping or too busy playing a security director to some politicians?

The third stooge, MACC, would go after 'ikan bilis' but not the 'buaya'. The biggest of the crocodiles is still moving freely and even cooked up several allegations against a minister who was tasked to investigate his scandal. An innocent person was instead found plunged to his death at the MACC office. What a shame!

And the icing on the cake is an apple polisher who claims that IGP Musa extension has received the support of 'all' except for a few opposition politicians. This goon is of course enjoying his fat pay cheque every end of the month dishing out the same rubbish.

Amazing! I hope the new KPI Minister Idris Jala will not find his impressive corporate track record being tarnished with dirt not being able to implement the right KPIs. In Malaysia, the goons are being rewarded. All you need to do is to praise the PM, UMNO and to talk silly, act tough and being totally unreasonable just like the MCMC warning letter to

Malaysians, kick these goons out before it is too late!


Anonymous said...

Yes kick them out. Very sad. The meeting in shah lam is chaotics. the temple relocationis shelved. Fai1 1Malaysia. Win 1UMNO. Hopeless malaysia. Kick them out.

Anonymous said...

WaneMalaysia! WaneMalaysia!

1Racist! 1Racist!

Wan Mustafa, Wan Hashim, Wan Fatimah, Chef Wan, Driver Wan, ...........these people are called WanMalaysia

Anonymous said...

Stupid to even build temple in area with only handful of indians there.Since indian only 8% and not all are hindu and hindu religion not in constitution therefore hindu house of worship should not exceed 2% of total number of house of worship.

Anonymous said...

The whole problem lies with the Policy Makers who are self-conceit.

You are not judged by CREDIBILITY but SENIORITY.
It's a matter of time (just like taking a queuing number at a clinic waiting for your turn)-

Whether you are Blind , Deaf or Dump to the are the chosen LEADER & SAVER when it's your turn to sit on the throne.

No wonder we have so many AILING flip flip flop flop there...

Anonymous said...

Unlike many reporters, you are not writing to advance your career man,you are writing the truth and it won't get you a title or a fat pay cheque.Listen to me young man.Write to please the powers and rewards will be fortcoming.

Anonymous said...

So, minorities have no rights as citizens? What if there are only five Hindu families in Section 23. Don't they have the right to have place of worship? I am no racist. But by the same token, how is that in an area which is 99.9% non-Malay, non-Muslim, a huge mosque can be built? Did anyone ask the non-Malays, non-Muslims, their permission to build such a place of worship which has its own disruption to their lives.Noise, trafic jams. It's all present in the places where mosques exist. I live in one such area.But believe me, I live with it not because I have to (maybe) but due to the fact that I worship the right of the few Muslim families in the area to have a place of worship of their own. I was brought up to respect the rights of others and not threaten anyone with death if their beliefs are contrary to mine. Sadly, this was never the case in the 60s and before. We were nation that beleived ALL its citizens had a place under the Malaysian sun.Now, the sun shines for just some. For the others, they face a sunset of uncertainity. God save Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The fact is there already too many temples - does not justify the number of indians. Maybe we should work out a ratio of number of place of worship to poulation?

Anonymous said...

I am not anti-Indian but please for crying loud there are only 8% Indians in the Malaysia.
Just ask and expect everything in that same percentage and no more. From what I can see the Indians are asking for more than the 8%. I will surely support you if you do that but you are expecting more than that these days in most issues.
You are beginning to loose a lot of support and soon you will be ignored if you continue to do this.

Anonymous said...

8% for hindu temples is way too much. Many indians are now abandoning hinduism and turning to christian and even to Islam. So 4% in number and size is more than enough.

Anonymous said...

Anon 305, tell us where the mosque is, otherwise consider yr blabbering as another gibbish and a disrespect of Bro Khoo's blog