Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Escala Means "Sophisticated, Beautiful & Intelligent"

Escala in an interview
Tasya, Izzy, Me, Chantal & Victoria

I have discovered a gem while I was in Hong Kong to attend a new album preview show by a hugely talented group, Escala. The trip was made possible by Sony Music.
The quartet comprises of four highly talented, classical trained, beautiful and sophisticated ladies in their mid twenties. They are Izzy Johnston, Tasya Hodges, Chantal Leverton and Victoria Lyon.
Escala first captured the imagination of the British audience when they participated in the final of ITV's Britain Got Talent 2008.
They did not win the competition but their performance was enough to thrill Simon Cowell, one of the judges and creators of the reality show.
He says, "They are completely original and they have got it all; remarkable dedication and training, looks, intelligence, the right attitude to make it big and music that has wide appeal. With their amazing stage presence as well, they are a very rare talent and I believe there will be a huge interest in them, particularly America."
When asked if they were disappointed for not winning the BGT 2008, the ladies said they were relieved not to have won because both the expectation and pressure would have been overwhelming.
However, the competition had allowed the ladies to showcase their talent. Izzy added, "Without the opportunity, it would have been difficult for the audience to accept something new."
Of course, Simon wasted no time in taking the ladies under his wings. Apart from America, where the group has appeared as special guests in the popular Oprah Winfrey show, Sony Music has decided to launch the ladies in Asia ahead of other continents.
During a live preview on the show, the ladies were surprised that the audience gave them a warm round of applause at the middle of the performance. We did that too at their preview showcase in Hong Kong.
The ladies also have another musical mission - to dispel the misconception about classical instruments. They wanted to prove that classical instruments are not meant for only classical performance or orchestra. They have proven this fact quite convincingly.
The instruments can only be used to create fusing contemporary sounds like the ones contained in their debut album produced by the legendary Trevor Horn. Personally, the track "Kashmir" is my favourite. (Click here to sample their astonishing music)

There is an obvious reason why the group wants to focus on live performances and to put instrumental music at the forefront. They have performed with some of the best musicians in the world namely McFly, Led Zeppelin, Take That, The Streets and The Arctic Monkeys.
I was not only bowled over by their music, talent and beauty but also by their friendliness and charm.
The ladies have a message for the listeners in Malaysia, "We look forward to come over." With the support of Sony Music and other corporate sponsors, it may just happen in the next few months.
Be prepared to be enchanted!
(Escala debut album is available in the local record stores.)


joenathan said...

Hmm,they are gorgeous.Looks like Lady luck is shining on you.Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Aiya Khoo, I know the chicks are beautiful and all that, but let's stick to dirty politics issues ok bcos that's the reason we come to you,not the chicks.Now,what's your take on the cow head?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 1.56pm,

Shows that you don't here very often since you are asking my take on the cow head.

Want just dirty politics issue? Try Utusan Malaysia, this blog might disappoint you.

Anonymous said...

Envy Mr Khoo. Surrounded by pretty chicks. Help to take his mind off the cow for a while. Moo!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I don't know if those chicks are talented or not, but they sure look gorgeous and have got our hearts pumping fast. No wonder you little rascal have strayed from doing politics, and dabbling into entertainment. But can't blame you lah. Those chicks would be more exciting to hang out with than those dirty old men in politics.

clearwater said...

Khoo Kay Peng,

You lucky man, you. Interviewing 4 gorgeous talented ladies all by yourself. Their music is easy to listen to but not quite cutting edge. My personal favorite track mirrors yours - 'Kashmir'. If they come to Malaysia, I will certainly go to see them perform.

Anonymous said...


You lucky devil. What did you do right?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm I don't know about you Mr Khoo, but if I have my arms around those stunning looking girls, my knees will grow weak, my heart will pump on overdrive, my body temperature will burst the thermometre, and I would forget all those ills of the nation. And trust me I would never C4 any of them. That would be a sin! And I would never delete their entry record from the books! In fact I would advertise that they had been with me!

Anonymous said...

I want the two blondes next to you.
I will trade my PM, DPM, the Minister of Misinformation, and the Home Minister for them.
OK you can also have the Selangor PAS chief and the PAS President and his sidekick as bonus.

Anonymous said...

After srewed up in politics, trying to screwing the chicks?