Monday, September 07, 2009

Hip Hop Battle, Koreans versus Sabahans, Who Will Prevail?

Breakout: World Renowned B-Boys

Sabah B-Boy Champions

The Dejavu crew has issued a challenge to the visiting Korean B-Boy team from the popular Breakout group. They wanted a fierce do-or-die battle. But I reckoned it will be more of a friendly competition.

You know b-boys la...they kiss and make up very quickly - all for the love of their music and art.

Come join us at the 1Borneo Central Atrium on the 25th September at 3pm to watch the battle between two teams.

It will be exciting and explosive...


Anonymous said...

KhooKhoo, I definitely have to reclassify your blog from "political" to "entertainment". Now instead of writing all those serious stuff, how about giving us some comedy or satires to make fun of our stupid BN government. Who kbows, it may even lead to a new profession for you as a comedian. You may even get a better income if you become famous. I don't think they have thrown any political comedian into prison yet, so it should be safe for you.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

relax lah u i need to earn my rice bowl. these events are managed by my company.

if u can take some light stuff how u expect us to have some fun..? our politics is a mad house..

Anonymous said...

Bro Khoo, yeah we need a break too much politics is sickening