Monday, September 07, 2009

I Support Zaid Ibrahim's Challenge to Najib Razak

Barisan Chairman and UMNO President Najib Razak has said that Pakatan is getting a taste of its own medicine. A number of UMNO leaders have said the same thing. They said that the newly minted coalition is breaking apart.

The UMNO leader is using the Hindu temple relocation issue in Section 23 and other issues including the recent resignation of Lunas assemblyman from the PKR as examples. However, his party's thumb prints are all over these incidents - pointing to a conspiracy bring down the PR states.

I support Zaid Ibrahim's call to Najib: "Well, why doesn't he turn our discomfort into presumable misery by calling for snap elections in Perak to allow voters to rectify the mistake they made in March last year?" challenged Zaid.

Zambry and Khairy were so confident that Perakians have accepted the power grab. Why don't Najib and his gang try to prove Nizar, Zaid, Ngeh and the rest wrong by calling for a fresh state wide election in Perak?

Talk is cheap. I hope the newly appointed and very expensive PR consultant, APCO, was not involved in the prime minister's latest speech. The consulting fee is going to be paid from our pockets. I can assure you that I will scrutinize every move made by this PR consulting firm.

Hopefully, I will not be ambushed by another Indonesia based PR consultant again.


Anonymous said...

Yup talk is cheap

Anonymous said...

they do every thing to spoil & tarnish the PR rule coz they r just silly humans and they said they fear their god some more pula !

Anonymous said...

He have to say that to boost the morale of his men who are running for cover after their failed attempts to destablised the Selangor Government. Putting his money where his mouth is? No way. When a person have so much money he will put it in the Swiss banks, not where his mouth is. Cakap cakap sahaja tetapi tak buat. Yup talk is cheap. Self denial will be their downfall. We just have to wait.

Anonymous said...

BN is Barisan Actionless

Anonymous said...

Don't think they dare to call a snap election in Perak. Just be patient =)
Perakians know what to do in the next general election. Hehehe

marcus63 said...

the 2nd generation feudal princes grew up in the comforts of the loot that their plundering king amassed. this dulls the senses of these princelings to take risk, as they are fed with a silver spoon. so why risk it when they can enjoy all the luxuries while it lasts. and they never dreamed that it wont last because they have never faced hardships in their lives. what they want, gets served on a platter. so much so that over time, these princelings lost their manhood...rumors swirling around that the keris wielding guy is a pondan, and he needed a phallic symbol to mask over what he does not have between his legs.
imo, najib will never call for early elections, and leave it until the very last day of the 5-year tenure. pity though, because if he had snatched the opportunity during his 1st 30 days, or even before the manik urai elections, to call for ge13, the breath of fresh air would have carried bn to victory, even without 2/3 majority but it would have gained him confidence and solidified his premiership. its too late now as that air has turned stale as his 1malaysia crumble all around him and people begin to see through his doublespeak.
no balls, no guts, no glory.

Anonymous said...

You know what Najis is. He can only spew shits from his mouth just like his name is. Call for the Perak election, he just have no more balls left

Anonymous said...

To start with, this "spoilt brat" Najib di not become PM through the Rakyat but through his own people in UMNO after shamelessly displacing AAB! With his reputation in shambles, both in Malaysia and abroad and with the kind of reputation he created after the Perak debacle, do you honestly think he will take up Zaid's challenge?!!!! To start with this is probably the only PM in Malaysia's history who feels very uncomfortable working and having people of intigrity in his government!

So my dear brothers and sisters! Practice patience as in the end the truth will always prevail!

To put it bluntly! UMNO/BN's days are over!!!!!!!!!!!


Jajarbink said...

This goons stll think we are in 70s.
They can fool some not all.

Anonymous said...

how can they call elections at perak at this stage?...still they need time...they are adjusting votes lah.....they want make sure they must win atleast one seat more than study carefully last election results ....look where they need to induce more BN votes ( postal or freshers..whatever lah )....then they will challenge PR............honestly this is the fact that is going on

PeoplePower said...

Ya, bubarkan DUN Perak and face the rakyat again through another election(the demoncratic process)and not grapping power through these lompating KATAK(Toads)!(I use the word 'toads' is bcos toads are uglier than frog and they have poisons).Moreover,the three toads even are questionable in characters and dignity!

Anonymous said...

Yup talk is cheap.

Najib mou choon-toi ler, if he calling snap election in Perak. sure zelo-zelo one.

simple election in Najib constituency is good start see if people actually support Najib or not, if cannot call by election, call by-erection oso can one... Tuya Tuya more than happy to make comeback woh.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, look at this scary scenario if BN continues to win/govern : Najib can last 20 years as PM till 2020, Muhyddin takes over to last 10 years to 2030, then maybe HiSHAMEmuddin become PM lasting 15 years till 2045 and the loose cowboy Khairy finally takes over lasting 20 years or so..tillyear you think our country have got so much reserves left for these guys to spend wildly before a white knight PM saves us all from further bleeding.Scary isn't it?I really hope when I bade farewell the country is not bankrupted.

Anonymous said...

kami rakyat malayia yang cintakan negara kita, akan menentang habis-habisan cubaan syaitan-umno untuk memecah-belahkan melayu,cina,india,iban,kadazan dll...

kami rakyat malaysia sehati.
kami rakyat malaysia sejiwa.
kami rakyat malaysia LAWAN TETAP LAWAN!!!


Anonymous said...

Waah 216 aka fortuneteller, I think I better cheat somemore these malay natives so i hv ots of money n migrate to austolia

picktotell said...

i can only express my anger through my cartoons.
Title: Pig-Cow-Heads

Anonymous said...


Won't take challenge lah...! Oredy know the out come.

Why slap own face with own hand..??
Just use other's hands to slap other's face mah...!!!

Kautim lah...!!!
I so stoopid to get my hands kotor kah....????

What lah u KKP..!!!!!!!!!!!!

umno forever said...

apa kat kita bubar skli DUN selangor... brani ka PR..

Anonymous said...

All these years the Rakyat has been taking in a lot of 'medicine' from BN via cheap slogans which numb our senses. It is only the antidotes from the PKR that is healing, sustaining and strengthening us.

Work on, PKR ,till the day when BN's rot has no medicine to cure themselves- the last straw will be a fresh state election in Perak.