Saturday, September 05, 2009

Islam & Malay, The Main Victims of the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu temple Fiasco

There two important lessons we must learn from the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu temple fiasco. The 21st century Malaysia is still a mirror image of its post-colonial self. It is crucial for all Malaysians to study the impact of the temple relocation issue to be fully aware of its cost and tribulation for the country.

First, the level of religious and racial tolerance in Malaysia is at its lowest ebb. It was made worse by racist and extremist politicians who want to continue feeding their supporters with sensitive and senseless race and religious issues to keep them fired up.

As a result, not only the issue was blown out of proportion but it was put on a global microscope for the world to see how senseless, intolerant and uncivilised Malaysians are. These zealots may continue to argue that what happened in Malaysia is not the concern of other outsiders.

They must be reminded that this world is interconnected. If we can criticize the Israel atrocities against the residents of Gaza, we should be able to do the same to protect our own minorities.

We should be able to deplore violence and threats and accept that a proper civilised discourse is a better option to help solve issues which involved different beliefs and races.

This was precisely the option taken by the Selangor state government headed by PKR's Khalid Ibrahim. Khalid's goodwill was instead reciprocated by insults and jeers. These protesters should feel ashamed of themselves for not being able to act reasonably and sensibly to help build a bridge of understanding and mutual respect with the minority Hindus in their area.

Both Khalid Ibrahim and Khalid Samad should be commended for showing a good leadership in managing the issue. The reaction and compassion of both Khalids should be able to help the other non-Malay Muslim Malaysians to understand that the rude behaviour and uncivilised mannerism of a small bunch of protesters do not represent the general attitude and behaviour of all Malay-Muslims.

There is now a real solid reason for many of us to believe that those involved in the 'cow head' demonstration were UMNO members or supporters. They were quick to get a personal attention from the Minister of Home Affairs Hishammuddin Hussien and other UMNO big guns such as Khir Toyo.

It is so unfortunate that these leaders had consistently defended all wrongdoings committed by various public agencies in the country e.g. the police, the Election Commission, the MACC, the judiciary and others.

Secondly, it is becoming evidently clear that the actions and deeds of these unscrupulous protesters and those politicians who had helped to defend and protect them are doing a great injustice to the good image of the Malays and Islam.

I can only urge all Malaysians to practice restrain in our responses and words and not to be provoked into making unfair and insensitive criticism against the other Malay Muslims.

In the holy month of Ramadhan, I am sure many of our Muslim brothers were equally upset and hurt by the action of these protesters who were too cowardice to step forward and accept responsibility for their senseless action.

Let the Bagan Pinang by-election become a valuable lesson to UMNO. They must lose the by-election to understand that this country wants to move away from the old ethno-religious politics which is senseless, irresponsible, shameless and violent.


shima said...

Lost in Bagan Pinang? Are dreaming? With 5000 postal voters...xixixi...any level playing field...sometimes you bloggers just write without thinking!!! Everything is as simple as A, B, C...

Anonymous said...


on the dot.

expect 99% postal votes in favour of BN. what more, the same army votes will vote again using normal IC. thats the only way for BN to win and EC will look the other way. Understandable coz EC has a role to ensure race supremacy of UMNO to prevail. Isnt it evident in Perak?

Photography Unlimited said...

If there is a will, there is a way. Even with postal votes, BN won by only 2000+ votes the last GE. Swing another 3000 votes PR/PAS way, and we will begin to see some light at the end of a 50+ year tunnel. I now have friends who had never voted registering to vote in the next election...

Anonymous said...

chances of winning bagan pinang wld be slimcoz the indian community had been told to abstain from voting!!!

Anonymous said...

Everytime when the ummo try to cover a hole for some government agencies actually they are making an even bigger hole for them to cover.Only when they start to do the right thing then only they can see many things resolved. It is just like someone get caught on a spider web,the more you try to get out the more you get stuck.Only the truth will set you free and Malaysia has got no choice that we need a powerful cleaning of the bad apples.The way things are going looks like ummo and bn will slowing be wiped off.Already there have been many weak-up call and not to wait anymore before the country collapse and it would not be good for everybody.Hidup Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Just a few points to make this morning.

1. When foreign diplomats come to malaysia for study trip on racial integration, i think they are not here to learn what we have done so as to go home to adopt our ways but more so not to fall into the same traps that have been set upon minority malaysians.

2. We have not progressed beyond "tolerance" Far from it when the authorities are not serious about this 1 malaysia concept. Perhaps we have to redefine what this concept is all about. Unless it means either you are with us or your are our sworn enemy.

3. Non muslims at best have tolerated the traffic jams caused by the fridays prayers. I say tolerate because if they have the right to make any noise without jeopardising their security/safety then I am sure many would have lodged complaints. However, the law of this land prohibits "humans" from complaining about the traffic situation on Fridays. Why, you can even park in the middle of the road, up on the diverder and no policeman in the right frame of mind will book you. Is this acceptable? Does one religion get to break traffic laws in the land?

4. Lets face reality, the malay muslims have been indoctrinated for over half a century to behave like this; they are not to be questioned when it comes to their religion. Whether they are breaking the law or whether they are causing inconvenience to others is a totaly different matter; one which is insignificant. Hence, the rest of the community has to shut up or ship out or locked in. 3 options.

As for me, I dont see that this current govt is ready for the big change to move towards developed status, their mind set has been set in the stone age and will remain so until new blood is brought in.

marcus63 said...

i agree that the chances in bagan pinang are slim. however, if there is a will there is a way. everyone eligible to vote must make their vote count. the fight is not over until the last man standing is accounted for.
here is the math. in ge12, approx 15% did not vote. if we can get this 15% x 14,000 to vote, there is another voter bloc of 2,100 votes, which is equal to the majority that umno got. and if you can swing 1-2% of the votes, then you have an equal fight.
impossible? no. just hard work. take heart that in the lord of the rings, when all hopes failed, and giants fall, the little hobbit saved the day. now lets hear it from the little or silent voice of every single voter to crescendo into a resounding NO to umno.

Anonymous said...

Few things of concenrs to the muslims as reported:

1. traffic congestion
2. noise due to the ringing of bell can affect them.

ok ok ok, I personally accept these 2 reasons as genuine. Surely they must know that big turn out at the temple will cause massive jams and those noise is not acceptable as they muslims are praying or sleeping.

Hey, wake up la. The gibbest culprit in the whole of Bolehland is the mosques. They cause the worse traffice congestion and they do so every Friday without fail.

And they mostques also is the most inconsiderate to blas their systems every morning to wake the whole neighbourhood to call the sleeping muslims to prayers.

Just take a look a the mirror beofr eyou next give your reasons why the temple should not be there. And I can tell you for certain that for every reason you give, we can say the same to you and much more. You lot are the most inconsiderate religious people in this land.

Furthermore, in this day and age, only certain people in this Bolehland are allowed to threaten blood shed in the name of god and get away with it. If the hindus, christians would to even think of saying this, they will end up in kamunting immediately.

This people in authority has alot of accounting to do when judgement day comes. I wonder what they will tell god.

Please do not use the name of god in vain. If youwant to protect your turf, just do so but leave god out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

These are ugliest Malays I have ever seen. The cow head demo is one thing but the uncouth behaviour before the MB. They behaved worse than animals. I call them barbarians.
Thank God such Malays are very few.
Hussein Onn referred to the Malays as 'nature's gentlemen'.
He will know the truth that even his son isn't one!

katdog said...

I believe PAS' Khalid Samad to be an excellent leader. unfortunately i think Khalid Ibrahim panders too much to popular sentiment.

His decision to cancel the relocation sets a bad precedent. It is sending a message that racist intolerant goons like the 50 cow head protesters can 'control' government policies through nothing more than disgusting revolting behavior. When a hindu resident of section 23 remarked why the Hindu's and Muslims could not live together, one of the dissidents charged angrily at him, as if such a remark was insulting to a Malay muslim.

Yes, it would be nice to teach UMNO a lesson. Unfortunately Bagan Pinang is not going to be that lesson. UMNo is practically guaranteed of victory there due to the massive number of postal votes. The most PR can do is hope for a reduced majority.

Anonymous said...

Rev KKP, I think it is ridiculous to have a house of worship which do not serve the resident ma, just my humble opinion

Anonymous said...

Despite all we hear Malaysian emigrated to their own community and always remaining migrants in Australia, let me highlight religious tolerance the Aussie has for many religions brought into the country to help change your view on how Malaysian migrants are living in down under. In Sydney metropolitan you find an extensive mosque in Auburn; a huge Hindu temple near Pendle Hill and Sikh temple in Glenwood. The followers of these religions are ethnic minorities. There may be protests before these places of worship are built but the fact that there are standing at their rightful places today shows the majority Aussie are very tolerant people. Migrants are always given a 'fair go' - a term often used, which is only felt and understood here.

Anonymous said...

Yup 'fair go' means 'ok we concede but no more so we dun look bad'. Nah aussies are not tolerant lot, they hate the asians especially lawless and dirty chinese and lately the noisy and smelly indians . The greek are both lawless, dirty, noisy and smelly but they are white, so thets ok

Anonymous said...

Your narrow mindset is rather intolerant of other races than your own. I am sorry that you hold your own interpretation of 'fair go' to fit in the context of your view on Aussie.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 823, but I am true blue aussie. R u? Its a fact that we are tolerant but up to a point - upon the floodgate to all chinese migrants and maybe indians? Big No my friend. We have enough asians and dont intend to upset the balance - see what u have done to yr country!

Anonymous said...

who support for candlelight vigil for seksyen 23 residents charge with sedition Act, all thanks to PR menace.


Anonymous said...

I don't need to be true blue Aussie to have my say. You've changed to accept the fact that Aussie is tolerant but up to a point and followed Howard's argument on balance immigration policy. Mate, you are still behind in the bush. Please check what is the Asian percentage in the Australian population. There is no point in using this blog to point out the facts.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again mate, we dont accept chinese migrants but just 'tolerate' them and up to a point. And they must behave and think like us. Yup we have tighten the immigration laws especially for the asians, but we cannot be seen as doing any profiling right? So you Malysians dreaming to come here pl note you are really third class pr ,nothing more

Anonymous said...

As I have said, it is no point in using the blog to talk about Aussie immigration. We can find another platform for that. Two things: The Aussie immigration policy is never based on race now and multiculturalism is not a word in your limited vocabulary. The day of White Policy in immigration is gone for a long time.No one is dreaming of Australia as paradise. Migrants have always contributed to the country in a small or big way. They are hard yakkers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 824 policies can also be unwritten rules,itis not politically right to proclaim White Policy bcause whites r the rouge immigrants anyway. Multiculturalism yes but limited non-white adulteration.True migrants contribute to what Austrlia is today - ask the abos if they appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

It is really difficult to see where you are coming from or going and your expression of 'Nah aussie'. The exchange of words started from religious tolerance to Australian immigration to Aborigines. You even said: Policies can also be unwritten rules(?) and ...b(e)cause Whites (a)r(e) the rouge immigrants(?) - do you mean they rouged their skin red. According to your use of the term "non-white adulteration" it seems to me that different ethics cultures can be altered despite a long history of social development. Is this true? Why are we asking the Aborigines about appreciating migrant contributions? Aussie is not thinking straight.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon642, it is very amusing that you have no inkling of the Australian society but choose to make comments instead. Ok mate, my suggestion is you just stay put and dont for God's sake dream on coming over to our unpolluted paradise.

Anonymous said...

I wish to tell you that you can amuse yourself thinking you are an informed Aussie and knowledgeable on the Australian society. By the way, I have worked for the Commonwealth and a pensioner been living in Sydney most of my working life. For what you have written shows who you are rather than trying to cover yourself to be somebody.