Friday, September 11, 2009

Joseph Salang Gandum - When Silence is Better than a Few Words

Before this report was published by, I did not realise that Josep Salang Gandum is the Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Culture.

Joseph Salang Gandum defended the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission's (MCMC) investigations into Malaysiakini's airing of the cow-head video protests.

"The MCMC is acting within the parameters of the law," said Joseph. "The issue is hot. I don't think anyone should contribute to make it hotter" The MCMC is the custodian. The public won't like it if they (MCMC) did not take any action," said Joseph.

What did Malaysiakini contribute to make it hotter? Did the deputy minister realise that the same report/video of protesters spitting and stomping the cow's head was reported by media organisations worldwide?

Malaysiakini is an online news media. This is a common duty for them to provide such a report. The deputy minister should just stick to the law and not trying to pull the public into the investigation to support the agency's action against Malaysiakini.

Is the government trying to act like the Iranian government in blocking access to all videos of the recent mass protests against the elected president and his government?

To Joseph Salang, it is better to keep a silence than to speak a few words - that sounded completely unreasonable and intellectually limited.


A poll on Malaysiakini and the cow-head probe is up on the side bar. Please let us hear your voice.


romerz said...

Public support? My ass! Very typical of our ruling elites.

Unwilling to go down to the ground for it would be unbecoming of a deputy minister but instead relying on the bodeks they surround themselves with!

Our ruling elites are so out of touch with reality! Or are they incapable of digesting the true situation on the ground?

SANSIRO said...

I guess the civil society bloggers like you or Art, Haris Ibrahim or some one else should put on an online poll to determine how many people were offended with Malaysiakini videos. MCMC should stop this garbage intimidation and childish behaviour. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that MCMC is carrying its duties on 'selected' investigation to justify their actions on Malaysiakini and has been instructed by the government. The attitude of government agencies and departments in Malaysia is they are appointed with power over everybody and exercise the big stick in the way they want to. There is no consideration whatsoever that they are set up to keep order and are actually paid by the common people. Anyone who wears a badge or uniform has authority over the common people. The standing over attitude and accepting bribes come with the job. All the talks on service to the people are just public relations.

Anonymous said...

When one did something wrong, consequences are natural things that follow. When I said something nasty to someone, I can't take back my words but what I can do is apologise and do the right thing until people no longer be affected by my wrong doing but only remember my goodwill gesture to make things right. MCMC, let the videos live out its usefulness and sting by telling the wrongdoers to make things right and do it consistently. - RON, Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

The public expected action to be taken...who are these public ah? I asked around almost all supported malaysiakini honest reporting unlike those newspapers which pen to please their bosses.

bennyloh said...


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When you want a media buster who do you call? M'siakini!
When you look for a truth buster what do you read? M'siakini!
When you see an action video buster what do you view? M'siakini!
When you seek for a trash buster what do you look for? M'siakini!

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 140909
Mon. 14th Sept. 2009.

telur dua said...

Hey, Lalang, didn't anyone tell you that it is better to keep quiet and let others think you are a fool than open your mouth and erase all doubts?