Friday, September 25, 2009

TI Report: The Right Step Forward for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng

Global corruption watchdog, Transparency International (TI), has ranked Malaysia as the 47th least corrupt nation in the world and commended the island state of Penang for its anti-corruption efforts. The results is disappointing. The country should strive to be ranked among the top 10 if it wants to attract more investment.

The CPI is part of TI’s Global Corruption Report (GCR) 2009 released yesterday.
In its report on Malaysia, TI highlighted the Malaysian practice of the “revolving door” whereby individuals move from government to business, or business to politics, and back again, and estimated that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year.

“Significant government participation in the private sector and considerable business participation in politics means that the movement of gatekeepers to players and players to gatekeepers has a negative influence on the concept of checks and balances,” said TI.

“The complexity of the relationships between politics and the public and private sectors means that corruption may take place with impunity. Until drastic action is taken to separate the cosy relationship between government, business and politics, the anti-corruption effort will remain no more than a token gesture,” said TI.

It also recognised the state government’s directive barring administrators and state executive councillors from making any new land applications and efforts to attract professionals to serve on various boards, such as the Penang State Appeals Board.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says he is “humbled” by the recognition by TI and added that he was concerned over the fact that that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year – an amount equivalent to 1 or 2 per cent of GDP as pointed out by the GCR when it cited the findings of the special government business facilitation task force Pemudah and the World Bank.

He added that the two local authorities in Penang are expected to save another RM34 million over three years from a “transparent” negotiation over the price of solid waste disposal that reduced the rates agreed to by the previous Barisan Nasional administration by a further 42.4 per cent.

Corruption is the mother of all ills in this country. I would like to commend CM Lim for a job well done. His administration has taken the right step forward to ensure a better accountability of public funds.

In contrast, PAS Selangor State Exco Dr Hasan Ali has taken the exact opposite action in trying to undermine the effort of Selcat to investigate abuse of public funds. Agencies, departments and ministries which tasked with the responsibility of managing the taxpayers' money must be subjected to a strict due diligence.

The PKFZ fiasco is a prime example of a lack of such mechanism and financial discipline.

Lim also today announced that the state has managed to cut about RM36 million or 12 per cent of in operating expenditure this year due to its efforts to curb corruption.
Kudos to CM Lim and rotten eggs for Hasan.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Penang. Sad Perak is unable to catch up with the states especially since the present has MB no capability & strongly rely on outsourcing for brains.
Anyway, Perak MB is there merely for convenience, cant complaint.


KY said...

LGE, keep it up. All Rakyat are supporting you. Ah Bang Koh, what you want to say now? Gerakan so long in Power, apa lu but?

Anonymous said...

Finally LGE is getting some recognition for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

You see the RM10 billion corruption didnt go to many people except the same gang of bastards who are now the super rich, while the majority of us are still living from hand to mouth.But they cant bring the money to hell unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

It is a small step in the RIGHT direction but make sure LGE has to remind himself along the right track. If not, the outcome will be the same like his predecessor KTK i.e. sesat jalan! So, KTK has to use the back-door route for his cabinet position!

How can we expect a man who does not keep promise to his word to outline good KPI plans for Malaysia?

Anonymous said...


when DAP critics the procedure/torture of Police/SPRM investigation, people like you said we must allow freedom of expression/critics/whatever

but when hassan ali critics the procudure, he is a traitor, what a double standard, people like you sucks

Lim guan eng care more about pigs than kg buah pala residents

Anonymous said...

We still support LGE and Pakatan. As far as the Buah Pala thing is concerned, we know it is Gerakan's fault, and we know the Hindraf is making a run to join BN and is creating all kind of crap to discredit Pakatan and confuse the Indians. As for Gerakan, it should just close shop. It is totally irrelevant to us now. The so called "leaders" of Gerakan are still hanging on in there for self glorification, and still daydreaming about making a comeback. That is just fantasy. It is already Dead. Long Live Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

LGE,congratulations ! ksk & gang r jealous & disgusted !

Poh Lam Pah said...

Abang Koh itu carry UMNO's balls. Bila orang UMNO marah dia(dengan poster disuatu temuan rakyat) dia tak berani cakap apapun!

Anonymous said...

Selcat's manner of interrogation is being questioned here. Why ?
Perhaps, SELCAT should video tape the questioning sessions.
It would be beneficial
First, as proof of the conversation taking place and the answers given were not made under duress.
Second, it would give us the public an opportunity to view how the questioning was done and the reaction of the person in question.Body language says a lot.

Nobody can than point fingers that the other is being unproffesional in carrying out their duties.

Malaysians want answers and accountability.

Anonymous said...

ksk balless = umno ppl tore his 18in.
photo pun dia tak berani marah !!

Anonymous said...

they shouted at him pun tak berani retaliate !!

Anonymous said...

...and NOW keeps blaming LGE for the sale of reserved indian land !!

Anonymous said...

Corruption takes many forms.When DAP has taken funding from the developers of Penang and returns favours by establishing policies favouring them, I call that corruption too. LGE is guilty of that kind of corruption. So not all that good eh!