Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Tough Choice for MCA - Dogged or Tainted?

So, the second biggest party in Barisan is going into the mother of all battles on 10th October. The EGM will decide whether Ong Tee Keat will be able to remain as MCA president.

The same EGM will also decide on whether his sacked deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek will be able to return to the party. Indirectly, the EGM can be seen as an extended presidential election for MCA.

A vote of no-confidence against Ong and a support for the return of Chua can potentially put the latter in-charge of the party.

Chua is right to say that the Chinese community is no longer bothered with their tussle. There are many issues which both Chua and Ong did nothing to address e.g. the Teoh Beng Hock death, continuation of the NEP, reform of public institutions, racism in Utusan Malaysia and others.

Chua is evidently an old school leader who believes, like both Lim Keng Yaik & Koh Tsu Koon, that his party needs to use a soft and persuasive approach to deal with UMNO. This action over the years has contributed to the hegemony of UMNO in the coalition.

Chua should refrain from being a pot calling a kettle black. It is evident that his leadership of MCA (more than 30 years) did nothing to help this government to rule more justly. Take a poll now and many non-Malays will be able to tell him that they feel like 2nd class citizens in their mother land.

It is unbelievable that leaders of MCA and Gerakan continue to tolerate UMNO after the Ahmad Ismail, cow head, Utusan racist articles and others.

How different is Chua leadership? What can Chua do to help the Chinese?

The verdict of the March 2008 general election should serve as a good lesson to MCA. The people expect politicians to respect their constitutional rights. No point referring to the Rukun Negara everytime, like Tsu Koon, to point out to UMNO that they should observe respect. It is a cowardice act.

The people want an outspoken, courageous and decisive party to represent their interest. It is time for the MCA leadership to do two things - first, turn multiracial and second, clean up their image and lose the baggage.

Otherwise, Chua can steer his MCA to become more buddy buddy with an unrepentant UMNO and suffer a sorrow destruction in the next general election.

I have an advice for Chua - repent. He said in his interview with Malaysiakini:

Our readers are asking: In view of the sex scandal DVD, why are you fighting? Why didn't you retire after that?

Somebody taped me. I didn't tape myself. If I tape myself and it leaks out, I should go off. Nobody is talking about the person who taped me and why he taped me. Why? Are we going to have this political culture where we film their secret life, or trap them.

No, the problem is not because you did not tape your sexual exploit. You should go because you were caught on tape having an illicit sex with another woman who was not your wife. What can Chua expect the Chinese community to learn from his leadership if he cannot understand such a simple fact?

To Ong and his promise to investigate the PKFZ financial fiasco; a promise is a promise. The people especially the voters of Pandan will know what to do to you come the next general election if this promise is not being fulfilled.

My support for Ong is conditional. He wants the people to help him fight corruption, create a benchmark for managing public projects and to hold the government/contractors etc. accountable for their action.

Good. He got it (the support). Now, lets focus on the delivery. He should start by telling us how he can continue with his endeavour since the newly established Special Task Force does not include him.

Oh ya, please ask for my permission if MCA (under Chua) is going around claiming to represent the Chinese community.

I can live with an arrogant and aloof fellow who does his job well and handle my money responsibly. Who wants to have a MCA president as his karaoke buddy anyway? Maybe, except Tiong.


F**K around leader said...

Chua is telling us we can go f**k around, and it is ok if it is not tape.

Adultery is standard operating procedure for his kind of leadership. Role model??????????

What kind of leadership he has? Please go lead other creatures and not human!!!

francis said...

Well said,my sentiments exactly

Anonymous said...

i fully agree.


wong said...

what he is saying he can fxxxk yr wife yr daughter yr sister its long u are dato , m c a deputy president ,..minister .that come with perks ...

Anonymous said...

A tainted "leader" is a useless leader who would be unable to perform his duties to the best of his abilities because of the baggage that he carries!

His mentality is obscene. If he thinks that just because he did not process and release the video tape, then, he is not guilty of his wayward behaviour,.....he is gonna be shock to learn that the public holds a person of his position to a certain standard of behaviour.

What he is claiming is similar to saying that a thief is not guilty of stealing even though caught red handed because he did not personally admit or reported that he was stealing. What stupid logic is that???

That's another reason why he should not be appointed to any responsible position because his illogical claims of innocence is not befitting of a person in any position of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the chinese were smarter than the other races. But they have proven me wrong...How the fuck you guys can vote for a porn star? I just cant believe it. I think MIC is better off than you guys. You guys have really become stupid.....

looes74 said...

You are sure that OTK's going to fulfill his promise. What a tangled web we weave. Reminds me of some the Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister episodes.
As for Chua, I believe he's repented by resigning from all posts before last GE. It's the delegates who resuurect Chua's political's career.
Anyway, I would stay back & enjoy the brawl going on. Better still, accelerate the further demise of BN. Great!

Anonymous said...

I have only one word for Chua...You are a disgrace to the Chinese community. Supposedly you have won in the coming EGM, what does it prove?? Remember, you are tainted and so are the followers who follow you... all for their personal gain. For the Chinese community....fat hopes.

Stop the fight and get your goons to toe the line.

Chua is still putting his stick in places where it should not be!! He totally ignorant why MCA failed in the last erection.

Bee Leong said...

MCA is doomed and need a major overhaul..

Please ask MCA to check their member, those with 'dato or tan sri' title.. There are few involve in gangsterism, illegal operation and so on..

Ask Dr. Chua, did he ever attend to a dinner organized by the gangsters in Batu Pahat?

Did Dr.Chua ever reported someone to the authority who he knows is dealing with the illegal business such as ah long or illegal gambling?

MCA doesn't represent all Chinese.. I hope they wake up.. Next going to fall is JOHOR!! so call their strong-hold..

pinsysu said...

not dat anybody fancy much abt OTK, but those MCA delegates who voted the porn actor back & now still support him are saying to orang cina that being unfaithful to one's wife is ok. time travelled back to old Cina days, CSL wud hv been punished by drowning in a pig-basket together with his lover ... wat makes him think dat he still be a community leader? oh ya, money politics learned from the old master UMOO ... his supporters are equally rotten! can't wait to annihilate MCA come GE13!

Anonymous said...

Chua should retire and not continue. I think that's the consensus but Superman is not superman either. Both should step down. Superman is not fit to be a leader, he has failed to explain the jet rides and show his personal account when challenged. He is free to make accusations behind closed doors and make police reports when stand accused. He has nothing in history as a leader who bridge goodwill and unity but a trouble maker even in 2003 when he behave like a hero taking on the incumbent. We don't need heroes in politics but leaders who positively contribute to the betterment of Malaysians. Do you see his 100 days in office dynamic? What reforms? What blueprint for transportation? Please wake up, Malaysians.

charleskiwi said...

May be Chua thinks he is an electric pot calling the kettle black ?
All he wants is to be the President of MCA so that he can continue to be a porn star.
He still has provided me with just one, just one, name of a Chinese Director General of any ministry. Also what did he do to get a more senior portfolio ministry for the MCA after Tun Tan Siew Sin in the years when he was a minister ?

Anonymous said...

What a shame & disgrace if CHUA is voted back! If the Central Delegates are so 'stupid' & not able to differentiate right from wrong, time for MCA to really pack & go!
ONG can't do anything if CHUA is around- like LIM CHONG Yu v. TAN's GANG in the early part of MCA.
I still remember the famous phrase: the Chinese War in Malaysia is lost. To me, it is not just the Malaysian Chinese but the whole nation under BEEND.

Anonymous said...

Superman has two allegations he failed to explain. The first allegation related to millions of properties worth including shophouses, double-storey linked houses and semi-D bungalows. The second are the jet plane rides. Would you pay for RM8000 for a ride on emergency. What emergency? Did he explain and elaborate? If this thing was not brought up, where would he transfer the charges to? The third and worse allegation, collecting RM10 million for his campaign as president? Is he more morally clean than Chua? One is sex and the other is money. MCA is dead

Anonymous said...

Whoever is the president of MCA, he will not be supported by the Chinese electorate. Then we may ask, if that is the case, why are people fighting to be the MCA president? Well for a start, the president can preside over an organization with a multi billion ringgit asset base, and a media organization that can bring benefit to the president. Also, he gets to preside over the PKFZ thingy, where he will be courted by people who wants the whole thing to be covered up, and thus that seat of influence does bring some benefit. So I say to Ong TK, if all those bast&%$s out there are shitting on you for blowing open the PKFZ, I think you better bare all the dirty linen on PKFZ while you still have time to do it. Yes, exact your revenge NOW while you are still in that seat. AT least the rakyat will remember your good deeds on PKFZ if all those bast%$#s go to prison for stealing our money.

Anonymous said...

Rumor that the police has finally traced.........payoff.

julian said...

forget about all these clowns just convince your friends and relatives to vote PKR in

Jeffrey said...

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During the tenure of this players, Real Madrid have not won and prestigious trophy…. In return this players has given Real Madrid good money……..from selling theirs shirt, advertising & etc...

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He bought AirAsia for on RM1……How many people can do it? But you also need to have very good network in order to that…..he does got very good network…
If he able to bring Malaysia of specialty……..Just like you said AirAsia, we know is low cost carrier…

looes74 said...

OMG! You know in Singapore, F1 racing is done in Shenton Way to boost up CBD areas. I mean more sales, hotel booking, makan & so on.
I am not sure spending plenty of money of having F1 in deserted area would help Malaysia to earn tourist income
It's more of a shabby trade

justice4otk said...

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