Thursday, September 17, 2009

With an Advisor Like Dr M, No Wonder the Tourism Industry is Half Dead

The value of advertisement benefits derived from the country’s F1 team is 100 times more than the cost of investment for the team, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

He said it was not a waste of money to invest in the country’s F1 team as the advantages, including tourism and technological advancement, had always outweighed the disadvantages.

First, advertisement alone is not enough to attract tourists to Malaysia. This is the greatest fallacy practiced by the Ministry of Tourism and now we know who taught them to just advertise and appoint celebrity ambassadors but did little for everything else.

The ministry spends almost RM150 million annually on tourism roadshows and advertisements. How many tourists actually visited the country? 20 million or more but 75% were weekly visitors from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Second, if the government can invest more than RM250 million a year on the 1Malaysia F1 team why can't the same government invest RM25 million to help improve the amenities in Georgetown, Penang which is now a UNESCO World Heritage city?

Why can't the government spend more money annually to help improve the public transport system? One of the main grouses of tourists is the lack of good and reliable public transport to help them to move around?

Is advertisement alone enough to attract visitors to come back to Malaysia again or to recommend this country to others if there is very little effort to create more tourism products? Or to make the streets safer for tourists? Johor Bahru is so notoriously famous for crime that at one time Dr M and MM Lee Kuan Yew had a spat over the latter's remark on the issue.

Would the foreign tourists be impressed with the level of our cleanliness? Hospitality? Service quality?

Yes, go ahead and spend more on advertisement and all the hoo ha about 1 Malaysia and all those crap stories.

Lets see if we are going to get 100 times more dividends from the investment. Are Dr M and his rich sons, or Tony Fernandez and his partners going to be responsible if the investment is a failure? Will the investment create more jobs locally?

The minister of tourism should resign if her recent investment on Jean Todt and Jimmy Choo does not yield any positive results for Malaysia.

Enough crap. Malaysia really need to Think 1st. Act Later.



Anonymous said...

1Malaysia F1 Team = 1Malaysia FAILURE(number)1 Team

Anonymous said...

dunno about value of advertisement or just another way of getting one hand into the cookie jar.. but as for malaysia being a tourism centre.. that's a fact.. i work and live in the middle east...and malaysia is the premier holiday for people here going to the far east...and they really love going there.

so khoo get your facts right ..
dont get clouded by other issues..

Anonymous said...

Squandering our money so that some rich fellas can have a new toy at our tax payers's expense.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you! Took the words right out of my mouth!!

Keep it up!

najib manaukau said...

The pariah Mahathir 'forgot' to mention
that his son is involved in FI ?
How come he has no reply to Dr. Jeff Wade's blog under CPI on the many policies
he implemented ? Is there any one else in Malaysia more hated than the pariah ?

Anonymous said...

Will it be another Commonwealth Games fiasco? I think the account for that event have not been close. Now we have another somebody-making-money mega project that will not benefit the rakyat but someone's BIG ego!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, eh,... don't like that lah. Our Tun wanted to build a bridge that could have brought in Indonesian visitors by the tons every day and night, but you all complain complain, and then his successor axed the idea. So now you don't get the Indonesians. And then some more you all complained about the crooked bridge, which also got the axe. Otherwise you would have gotten Singaporeans by the tons too. Maybe we can build a tunnel into Golok so that we can get the extremists coming by the tons.

Anonymous said...

We could have paid the French spiderman a lot less to just wear the Malaysian flag everytime he climbs a building somewhere. Or we could just get RELA to do some stupid things and we will get a lot more publicity. Or we just get JAIS to raid some 5-star hotels and arrest and flog some foreigners for khalwat or drinking alcohol, and we would get more free news.

colorless said...

Malaysia was already given free advertisement about snatch thieves, car jacking, human trafficking, abuses against Penans, human rights violation...the list goes on. Do the government think that by jumping into this F1 and spending billions in years to come will help improve Malaysia's image and bring in tourists dollars? Is the government asking the tourists to enjoy our horrendous traffic condition and viewing dirty rivers??

Anonymous said...

So much of the tourist advertisements about Malaysia is utterly dishonest and so far removed from reality. Tourists are preyed upon by crooks, bag snatchers & other unsrupulous types. They are overcharged, fed mediocre to low quality food. I won't go into staff attitude, quality of service or the state of the toilets in local eateries. All reasons for 1Malaysia (read once is enough!!!)

julian said...

i should have recordered every time your next space tourist appears on tv here in singapore,
lollucky i got the remote and spend the time to read about programs on other channels with the volume on lowwwwwwwww. lol

Bee Leong said...

With that kind of investment on F1 is sheer waste of our taxpayer money.. The fund could be used elsewhere like those noted by Mr.Khoo here..

Look what happen to our football?? Aren't we used to invest in them too?? RM250 million can be well spent on many things, events and sports that can bring glory to Malaysia..

Or are we gonna see this situation arise again?

1) RM50 million consultancy fees to a cronies company??
2) RM50 million PR fees to another gomen company?
3) RM100 million IT fees to another capital paid-up of RM2 of a BN politician related company?
4) Finally the remaining RM50 million to invest in a Malaysian F1 Team who will finish last and without atleast a point for constructors or drivers category?

I think we had done more than enough to promote Malaysia by being a host in the F1 yearly race.

Are we Malaysia being label as "hor kua bo hor chiak" meaning looks good but rotten inside?

Shanker said...

Here's one thing I've learned about Mahathir over the years:-

When he tells us to do something, or when he asks us to be enthusiastic about a project, Malaysians would do well to do just the opposite.

Think about it.

Jeffrey said...

If look at bigger picture Tun could be right.......the return could more 100 you guys a football fan? I am.........Real Madrid, during the President Perez, when he bought players like Zidance, David Beckham, Luis paying huge money. All this players had give Real Madrid good money return.
During the tenure of this players, Real Madrid have not won and prestigious trophy…. In return this players has given Real Madrid good money……..from selling theirs shirt, advertising & etc...

Tony Fernandez is someone very special. Maybe the one and the only, before that AirAsia was under DRB –Hicom, no one know about this company. Now you mention AirAsia……….everybody knows is Low cost carrier.
He bought AirAsia for on RM1……How many people can do it? But you also need to have very good network in order to that…..he does got very good network…
If he able to bring Malaysia of specialty……..Just like you said AirAsia, we know is low cost carrier…

Anonymous said...

Wow !! 100% agree with you....

"Malaysia really need to Think 1st and Act Later."


Anonymous said...

1st time full Minister Ng Yen Yen is making a fool of herself by trying to lay claims to certain food as "Malaysian". Trying to be one up on Indonesia?

Anonymous said...

When she was deputy tourism minister, ask her how many times she went to China and how much taxpayers money she spent? Now she is tourism minister, just imagine how much more she spent? Using RM10 to chase after RM1? Nothing seems to work here, pollution, snatch thieves, crime rates...etc.

Just look at Korea or China, the people and government really making tourism work, beautiful landscape and real effort to improve the environment. Here? Only money and money and greed.

parameswara said...

Another thing in the lop-sided jaunty way of looking at things in M'sia : how come they have this money to spend on a team that might NOT have a chance in hell of making it to the podium ; whilst they left Karamjit Singh and his Off-road team go begging bowl-in-hand for sponsors - when he was the lead racer in this region. tis team could have made our flag fly in glory.

Pelik bin ajaib

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, can't we start with something smaller scale and sustainable ? Investing in F1 cost a lot and I don't agree it will be sustainable. We need skills in terms of drivers and technology. Our Malaysian football cannot even reach higher standard minus technology not required.
Why don't Tony concentrate in football instead. If Malaysian football can reach world class standard, Malaysians would be confident we could pull of an F1

Anonymous said...

One is an in word nowadays.
Slogans, songs, schools sing about it.
One is drawn into it inevitably
as many want to jump onto the band-wagon.
To have one piece of the economic pie,
baked by the toil and tears of all people of the nation.

Anonymous said... much MUCH has our bloodied $$$$$$$$ been wasted on alex yoong !!??

red1 said...

I think your maths may be flawed. The investment amount does not flow out but into local contractors who setup campaigns, events and signboards. The visitors money flows in. Thus it is a net inflow of funds.

stephen ks said...

Has anyone noticed that Malaysia must be the only country in the universe that muddied up its own name? Now, who are we? Malaysia? Or 1Malaysia? Or 1-Malaysia? Or 1 Malaysia? Talk about branding and advertisement benefits. Sigh!