Thursday, October 29, 2009

1Malaysia Camp: Supposed to Unite Not Divide Forever

The camp was supposed to help unite Malaysians of various races. But it turned out to be a tragedy which had separated parents from their children forever.

Here is another tragic news:

T Nathan, 45, father of schoolgirl N Dina Deve, 11, who died on the night the suspension bridge collapsed, was devastated over the news of his daughter's death.

Broken-hearted, he could not take any meal and had to be put on the drip. On Thursday morning he passed out at his house in Mambang Diawan, near here, and died.

Yet, DPM Muhyiddin is adamant that these camps must go on. This programme is a waste of money, poorly planned and directionless.

Since Muhyiddin is so adamant, he should send his grandchildren there too. The same goes to all BN ministers and politicians.

If we have to depend on politicians to help unite the people, it would be a wait in vanity.

Muhyiddin should ask for UMNO to be more inclusive and cease being a racial party and stop championing race supremacy.

Dina Deve, Devatharshini and those who lost their lives in the National Service camps are worthless souls. These politicians treat our children like toys to satisfy their inability to stop abusing religion and race for their own political mileage.

Shame on you!


Anonymous said...

atlantuya, Kugan, teoh beng hock, 3 young victims in Kampar and 16 youths that died in National Service.


Remember this before you cast your vote in GE 13

Anonymous said...

I doubt if they have any children or grand children studying in Malaysia. Even if they do, they will most likely be in some private school. After some many tragedy that Malaysia experience, how many people who are truely reponsible were brought to justice. Sigh! Malaysia Boleh.

Wealth Within said...

Pls vote MPs and leaders who have common sense.... this DPM has no common sense only cow sense!!! no wonder M'sia is heading nowhere

Ag said...

Its really a sad day for Malaysia coz of the mismanagement of UMNO and those in BN. Countless have died in NS and now 3 victims in the 1Malaysia camp.These UMNO/BN politicians are there not to serve but to enrich themselves. Sad day

Anonymous said...


never forget about land grabbing in johor.

these crooks only want more and more. those that died are just stats.

you think BN cares?

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Shame on all these people!!!

Anonymous said...

may be this DPM should go back to his land grabbing days. at least, our children are safer without him around.
how many more kids will have to die before they put a stop to all these nonsenese 1BULLSHIT camps?

Anonymous said...

In your elements - criticise, citicise and criticise. And zero ideas. A pure blockhead!!!

Anonymous said...

wat !? more ONE-malaysia camps ah ?
@#$%^&* !!
whose turn to die now ?

Anonymous said...

Please check your facts about Nathan's death, I did not find such news from any other source. To avoid embarassment, do delete this comment after reading.

All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

DPM: why should I send my grandchildren to 1Msia camp? It would be better to send them overseas for education, holidays, shopping, enjoying life.........