Friday, October 02, 2009

Before F1, Can Tony Make Sure That Air Asia is Punctual?

I was on a flight back from Brunei on 30th September. The flight was scheduled at 8.20pm but was delayed for an hour.

I reached here past 12 midnight (after collecting my luggage). I ended up having to pay an extra midnight surcharge for a taxi service.

In the taxi, the driver insisted that I pay him extra because my condo's name has a 'Damansara' in between although it is situated in SS2. This moron registration number is HWC 9052 (Proton Waja).

The ticket clearly says that the fare covers SS1 to SS24.

With a moron like this, who needs F1 to promote Malaysia as a tourist destination?

Tony Fernandez should work on keeping his planes on schedule first. F1 can wait.


Anonymous said...

I had the same bad experience. I was back from oversea arriving LCCT after midnight. I told the taxi counter my destination was Taman Megah, he said he didn't know the place. I said it is near SS2. In the taxi, the driver charged me RM5.00 extra because he said SS2 not TMN Megah.
I heard most of my friends had the same bad experience.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you there. Let me relate to you my experience. My nephew who is an American citizen came back to Sarawak to celebrate his uncle birthday in Sibu. Upon his arrival in Kuching from KL, he reported to Air Asia that his only suitcase was lost. Apart from his personal items, presents from relatives for his uncle were in it. Air Asia suspected that a group of VIP wives took it by mistake. Instead of trying to trace the missing suitcase, he was told to make a claim for the missing suitcase, never mind that the value inside the bag far exceed the claim limit.

Apart from me who personally drove him to Kuching airport 7 times to see the officer-in-charge to make the claim, another of his friend did the same a few times. And on each visit, we were given the run-around. On one occasions, we were told that the officer was not working. Knowing that they ied, we barged into the office only to see him sitting there chit-chatting with the ladies. After nearly 4 weeks of this, he was informed that Air Asia cannot issue a cheque (no cash) to him but can only do it through a local 3rd party account. Now, what kind of screw-up logic is that? What if he doesn't know anyone in Kuching? The poor guy has to cancel his trip to Mulu and Kota Kinabalu because of the mess created by Air Asia. He swore he'll never travel on Air Asia again.

Airasia sucks

Anonymous said...

There will be some technology transfer from Air Asia to the f1 team.....late off the starting block!

najib manaukau said...

To begin with you are very lucky the flight was not cancelled.
Tony is saving up to buy more planes and most of all Singapore airlines lah !
That is why he is raising more funds what a sick joke he wants to buy SIA !!
It can only come from a very sick man like Tony.

charleskiwi said...

May be Tony is saving for the next one million years to buy his first A380 from SIA ? Such audacity !
Or may be he should approach pariah Mahathir to get his multi millionaire son to sell his investment in the beer company to invest in Air Asia instead. Or get the pariah to, in the name of one of his proxies , invest in Air Asia instead of going to the public ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the tickets for F1 will be lowered to reflect Tony's low cost policy. We welcome such a move. Book early to get cheap tickets for F1.

Anonymous said...

Air Asia- Everyone can fly!
F1 - Can Everyone drive a F1car?

Anonymous said...

AirAsia schedule will never be on time and you bet!!!! lots of problems...crew duty time and rest time in other words shortage of crew is too glaring, maintenance is another and This Tony fler is full of bullshits>>>>you bet brother.

Anonymous said...

Everyone taking AirAsia needs to be mentally prepared for delays of up 1 hour - it is the NORM (especially for last flight of the day). Leaving punctually for the last flight is an EXCEPTION.

Lin said...

Same thing happened to me about the taxi. I bought a taxi coupon to go home, and on the way home, the taxi driver asked for directions as to where it was. Then I told him its near Mutiara Damansara. So he said I had to pay extra because it is not under the catagory of my coupon! I had a heated argument with him and refused to pay the extra. The taxi driver had also radioed his friends to ask for directions. When they found out what I said, they said "pandai naik kapal terbang, tak erti naik teksi" The gall!!

Old Fart said...

When you travel budget there is the expectation that not everything will be according to promise. A delay, when expected, you discount for it and, therefore you don't get into the kind of angst that you are presently displaying. It is the low expectation level that is raised that Tony is able to charge you so little to fly on his aircraft. You want to pay peanuts you be happy with what you get. After all it is a challenge to keep to schedules after all. I flew to Melbourne 5 months ago and came back via Gold Coast. Timing was as any that I have experienced with the full service airlines. As for in-flight entertainment, for RM20 i could have had many movies and games and whatever not. But I did not need it...saved the cost. to be fair you misery should be with that cab guy who conned you. Can't blame him for doing it. After all with your baby face you naturally invite such things to happen to you. They don't happen to me!! But hey, i flew int gold Coast from Auckland on Pacific Blue..was the only Asian looking guy travelling alone. And even before I boarded the flight, I expected to be picked up by the Aussie immigration/Customs for an 100% check...and that they did. Why? I guess I fitted the profile!! Had a good time letting them go through all my stuff and asking me some ridiculous questions and all...and that customs officer was cute actually. She even told me where I could stay nearby at a YHA. But was I angry or pissed off like you are? no! why? Because what happened was already expected. So I had fun!! And I was the last to leave the airport from my flight after everyone else just breezed through.

Anonymous said...

Why not you lodge a formal complain against the taxi driver? Let's see what the authorities will do.
In Singapore his taxi permit will be withdrawn immediately.

wetbenang said...

Say what you want about Tony and AirAsia but nobody can deny the fact that the guy is a marketing genius -- in selling his product and himself!

Otherwise, how would one explain his ability to convince people that his F1 idea would work?

I feel sorry for those who are so into this guy, when he's clearly out there only to make money for himself.

Yes, jump into the 1Malaysia bandwagon and you're sure to get endorsement from those in the Government.

Yes, get the backing from the Government first, then put pressure on the GLCs to come in sponsors, as Tony would really need their money to run his F1 team. His own money? Well, he keeps it safe in the equity of the company that owns the team.


Y2K said...

I used to stay in that condo (or the one near it, there is a few condos there). I always tell the taxis to drop me off outside the guardhouse. If they try to insist that I pay extra, I will remind them that they are dropping me outside the condo, which is on Jln SS2/xxx! So they cannot try to bill me extra.

The actual problem is not with the taxi drivers, it's the airport taxi operator who classified the condo as being in Damansara simple because of the name. When I booked an airport limo to bring me to KLIA, they wanted to charge me extra. Then I told them, fine, pick me up opposite No xxx, Jalan SS2/xxx (house in front my the condo), they clammed up and charged me the SS2 fare.

Burung said...

Plus remember to always use a suitcase with a hard shell. This prevents airport crooks from slicing open your luggage and stealing your stuff! This happened to a friend.

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